News digest: Camera traps show injured wolf surviving against all odds

Polls indicate Fico's comeback, Slovakia has another millionaire. Learn more in today's digest.

Good evening. Here is the Monday, March 27 edition of Today in Slovakia - the main news of the day in less than five minutes.

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Several reasons for extremely expensive eggs

A year ago in January, a package of ten M-sized eggs was sold for an average of €1.73 in Slovakia. However, the current price has almost doubled since.

Not even the agreement between the Agriculture Ministry and the retail chains on capping the prices of staple foods will change the situation.

Even in Hungary, the country with the highest inflation in the EU, eggs can be bought for less than in Slovakia.

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According to the Poultry Union of Slovakia, there are several reasons for the high prices.

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Feature story for today

The winter monitoring of large animals in Muránska Planina National Park covered 26 routes with a total length of 398 kilometres.

The monitoring often results in interesting findings, moments from the mountains that people can see thanks to camera traps.

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This time they showed the story of a three-legged wolf which, at first, appeared in dire need of help, but in the end survived because the pack did not reject the animal.

Three-legged wolf survives cold winters thanks to his wolf family's support Read more 

Culture tip of the day

Strong anti-Semitic sentiments can be seen in Slovakia in autumn 1938. The Jews are in danger as there is no one to protect them.

The Pressburger Fight Club is a theatre play showing the life of Imrich Lichtenfeld, a famous and successful gymnast, boxer and wrestler who took it up on himself to protect the minority. Today, he is recognised for developing a self-defense system known as Krav Maga.

The play can be seen in Bratislava's Theatre of P. O. Hviezdoslav (DPOH) on Monday, March 27, and later on April 15 and 24. Follow the link for more information (in Slovak).

In other news

  • More 10,570 students from Ukraine attend Slovak schools, as shown by data published by the Education Ministry. Most of the students - 7,162 - are primary school pupils.
  • "Slovakia needs to maintain a public consensus on where it belongs as a society. It is particularly important to maintain calm and value integrity in connection with the upcoming snap election, where Slovakia's foreign-political orientation is becoming a prominent issue," President Zuzana Čaputová said in a speech she delivered at the 21st annual conference to assess Slovakia's foreign and European policy on Monday.
  • The Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAV) has announced an urban planning competition as it wants to create a top-notch scientific campus in Bratislava's Patrónka district, where many of the institutes of the academy reside. The new campus should not only attract more scientists, it should be more open to public to promote science.
  • Slovakia has another millionaire following the March 26 draw of the Loto lottery. A lucky person from the Nitra Region is set to pick up a whopping €1.088 million. They spent just €45 for the ticket. The person became the 75th millionaire in the 30-year history of the national lottery company.
  • The second of the 15 Leopard 2A4 tanks that Slovakia should receive from Germany will be delivered in April. Germany is expected to ship one Leopard per month from April until September. In October, two tanks should be delivered, while the remaining six tanks should be split into two shipments of three tanks in November and December. The first one was delivered in December last year.
  • The Bratislava police is investigating the physical attack of a man from New Zealand followed by displays of extremism. The attack occurred on Saturday evening.

Weather for Tuesday

Throughout the day, cloud cover over Slovakia will change and over time snow will start to fall in many places. Night temperatures may drop to minus 10 degrees Celsius in valleys, daily temperatures will reach three to eight degrees Celsius.

Level 2 wind warnings apply during the night to the Košice and Prešov Regions, level 1 wind warnings will apply to west and east Slovakia during the day.

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