Police fine a Slovak bank €2m for counter-terrorist financing failings

365.bank does not agree with the conclusions of the police.

A fine was imposed on 365 bank.A fine was imposed on 365 bank. (Source: TASR/AP)

The police imposed a fine of €2 million on 365.bank, which wants to go to court.

The fine relates to cashless and cash transactions worth millions of euros. The police conclude that the bank did not pay special attention to the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing, despite the fact that the transactions were unusually large and of an unusual nature.

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The police also say that in several cases the amount of funds was clearly disproportionate to the nature of the stated business activity or the declared assets of the clients.

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In response, the bank states that the field of combating money laundering is an extremely complex and dynamic area, in which legislation and practical guidelines regarding transactions are constantly changing.

"Unlike the police, which evaluate these transactions after several years, the financial institution itself must evaluate client transactions exclusively on the basis of information available in real time," says the bank.

In 2021, a similar fine of €1.5 million for the same reasons was imposed on ČSOB bank.

At the time, according to the investigation, between 2016 and 2019 more than €500 million passed through the bank to Asia, Turkey, Belarus and the United Arab Emirates. Often clients from abroad set up accounts and used them to transfer money to other sanctioned countries.

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