News digest: Learn four ways to serve Slovak noodles, according to Grandma

Translated documents to help in official communication, awarded film in cinemas. Learn more in today's digest.

Good evening. Here is the Monday, April 3 edition of Today in Slovakia - the main news of the day in less than five minutes.

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Breaking the language barrier

The Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family is preparing informative exemplars of official documents in select languages.

The translated electronic documents of the most frequently used forms, contracts, applications and more should help when filling official Slovak documents.

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Feature story for today

Many of us have nostalgic memories of food from our grandma’s kitchens. Grandmas have years of practice making the same recipes, years of honing her craft in feeding the people she loves.

Noodles in various forms are a popular food anywhere in the world where grains are grown, Slovakia being no exception.

Learn how to make Slovak noodles following this link.

Cooking with Babička: Slíže, sweet or savoury Slovak noodles Read more 

Culture tip of the day

If you have yet to see Everything Everywhere All At Once there are several options in the capital. This is an American absurdist comedy-drama film that led the 95th Academy Awards ceremony with eleven nominations and seven wins, including Best Picture.

Over the next three days, the film can be seen in Cinema City Aupark at 21:40 and on Wednesday at 19:50 at the Kino Mladosť cinema. Next week, the film will be screened in the Kino Film Europe cinema on Wednesday April 12 at 19:00.

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In other news

  • In the next few days, work may intensify at some sites where the tram line extension leading deeper to Bratislava's Petržalka is being constructed. Some elements are being manufactured away from the construction site, to be brought in and installed. The work is scheduled to be completed by the end of September 2024.
  • Interim Defence Minister Jaroslav Naď (Demokrati) was awarded the medal of the Ukrainian Defence Minister, for supporting the latter country in the fight against Russia and developing relations in the area of defence.
  • MPs Juraj Šeliga and Jana Žitňanská (both Za Ľudí) have announced that they are quitting the party, providing no further details as to their future political involvement. Šeliga added that more party members were leaving as well.
  • The Tepláreň attacker was not a lone wolf. The 19-year-old perpetrator of the October 2022 terrorist attack at the Tepláreň LGBT+ bar likely had help with his manifesto from a native English-speaker, write the authors of the report Terrorgram’s First Saint, by the Accelerationism Research Consortium (ARC).
  • The conditions for donating blood in connection with COVID-19 have been relaxed as of April, the National Transfusion Service reports on its website. More information in Slovak can be found by following this link.
  • A total of €107 million have been dedicated to joint cross-border projects of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, expected to increase the quality of life in the Czech-Slovak border area.
  • Bratislava has a direct regular connection with the Egyptian destination of Marsa Alam. The first flight from M.R. Štefánik Airport took place on March 31. The line will run twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, and operated by Air Cairo. The flight lasts approximately 4.5 hours.
  • The Defence Ministry wants to rename part of Kutuzova Street in Bratislava's Nové Mesto borough as General Viest Square. The renaming concerns the street section where the ministry itself and the General Staff of the Slovak Armed Forces headquarters are located. According to an explanatory report, it is inadmissible to name a street or other public space after representatives of the Slovak State regime of 1939 to 1945, or another regime based on fascist, Nazi, or communist ideology. Mikhail Kutuzov was a Field Marshal of the Russian Empire. On the other hand, Rudolf Viest in an important WWII figure in Slovak military history.

Weather for Tuesday

Cloud cover will change throughout the day. Snowfall is occasionally expected, especially in the north of Slovakia. Cold and windy, with daily temperatures between -2°C to +6°C, in the south up to 10°C. A Level 1 wind warning applies to almost all the country with the exception of the north and northern part of east Slovakia.

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