News digest: Three good news stories from Slovakia

Slovakia to get a new largest shopping mall, summer camps for children, and storm warnings in place.

Good evening. Here is the Tuesday, May 23 edition of Today in Slovakia - the main news of the day in less than five minutes.

Will MPs elect the president again?

Demokrati, a non-parliamentary party led by ex-premier Eduard Heger, claims that the opposition party Smer plans to change the presidential election from direct to indirect after the parliamentary elections held in September.

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"Its plan is clear - obtain power, win as many votes as possible, and change the constitution so that MPs, not people, elect the president," said Demokrati party member Juraj Šeliga last Sunday.

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At least 90 votes are required to change the constitution.

Find out more in the story, including Smer leader Robert Fico's response.

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Summer camps for English-speaking children

The school year is coming to its end, summer creeping in with warmer temperatures, and the summer camp season is just around the corner.

Several summer camps in English suitable both for Anglophone children and children who want to improve their language skills while making new friends are on offer in Bratislava and other Slovak towns.



Spend the last May weekend celebrating a new circus. The Cirkul'art international festival will take place in Stupava, western Slovakia, this weekend. See the full programme here.

Tickets can be purchased here.

In other news

  • After more than a year of negotiations, the Slovnaft and MOL refineries agreed with the Croatian company JANAF on the fee for the use of the Adria pipeline and concluded a contract for the transportation of oil. However, the contract is only agreed for one year and the price for transport exceeds the standard amount of charges in the EU by several times. (TASR)

  • There are currently 57 political parties and movements registered in Slovakia, the Interior Ministry said.

  • 10,441 pupils from Ukraine attend Slovak schools, the Education Ministry has announced.

  • Tourists can enter Croatia under the same conditions as before the Covid-19 pandemic, the Slovak Foreign Ministry said.

  • Apart from closed border crossings due to the international conference Globsec Bratislava Forum, restrictions will also apply to the area near the River Park hotel in Bratislava. Short-term road traffic restrictions may occur during the transfer of individual delegations between the airport, the River Park hotel, the Presidential Palace, the Government Office and Bratislava Castle, the police said. The conference ,which will focus on the war in Ukraine and its impacts on Europe and the world, will take place next week. Up to 1,300 guests from 63 countries, including French President Emmanuel Macron, will attend the event.

WEATHER FOR WEDNESDAY: Large clouds, rain in many places, showers, local storms. The highest daytime temperature will rise to 25°C.

The meteorological office issued storm warnings for central and eastern Slovakia, which will be in place from late Wednesday morning until Wednesday night. (SHMÚ)

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