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News on corporate responsibility and the NGO sector

Via Bona laureate: People in wheelchairs do not have to make compromises

Company Letmo SK wants to empower people with disabilities.Jana Hvozdovičová2. Apr 2019, at 22:05

Life does not end with a wheelchair.

Via Bona laureate: A single volunteer can inspire others

Accenture thinks about its employees as well as the community.Jana Hvozdovičová2. Apr 2019, at 22:04

People can also relax in a café.

Companies prove once again they care about people and the environment

Who won the Via Bona Award for responsible business?Radka Minarechová, 2. Apr 2019, at 22:04

President Andrej Kiska speaking at the April 2 gala.

Why should companies and NGOs help schools?

School graduates often do not meet the latest labour market requirements.Radka Minarechová, 19. Mar 2019, at 6:30

One of the trainings organised by Accenture.

Diversity is not an option. It’s a necessity

Ikea’s HR manager talks about how a diverse working environment can help withstand upcoming changes.Radka Minarechová, 27. Feb 2019, at 6:30

Alessandro Lagazio

Diverse groups are more innovative and more profitable

Many companies promote diversity, but a recent survey shows they are still just outliers.Radka Minarechová, 27. Feb 2019, at 6:30

The Diversity Charter has more than 50 signatories right now.

Our acts speak for us!

As part of its social responsibility strategy, Kaufland performs a number of good deeds.25. Feb 2019, at 6:00

More than 10,000 volunteers went on dates with their cities

Cleaning castles and painting fences. This is how people participated in the biggest volunteering event in central Europe.Radka Minarechová, 11. Jun 2018, at 21:18

Zvolen's park Lanice

Companies share their prosperity with those less fortunate

Slovakia held its first Giving Tuesday last year.Jana Liptáková, 3. Apr 2018, at 6:30

People could help deaf children during the #GivingTuesday event.

Thinking ecologically becomes trendy

Companies start taking more environment-friendly approach, but many are still not taking full advantage of it.Radka Minarechová, 29. Mar 2018, at 6:30

Most of Slovakia’s waste still ends up in landfills. Some initiatives want to change it.

Anti-corruption laws are toothless

Anti-corruption measures did not have a strong influence.Peter Adamovsky, 26. Mar 2018, at 6:30

Pavol Szalai and Zuzana Hlávková reported on dubious practices during Slovakia’s EU Council Presidency.

Is Slovakia still in the bosom of corruption?

Official statistics show less corruption cases are being solved.Peter Adamovsky, 26. Mar 2018, at 6:30

Tax assignation fetches record funds

More than one half of companies do not assign corporate taxes to non-government organisations.Jana Liptáková, 19. Mar 2018, at 15:38

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Chocolate maker in Slovakia invests in communities

Forget sheep cheese and liquor. Slovaks can also earn recognition in the chocolate industry.Hannah Falchuk, 10. Aug 2017, at 7:07

Illustrative stock photo

CSR reports should not hide failures

What standards should a good CSR report uphold?Radka Minarechová, 27. Jun 2017, at 6:30

Companies will report on the supported projects.

Volunteers from across the globe met in Hriňová

More than 30 volunteers from across the globe came to the town as part of the European Volunteer’s Week.Compiled by Spectator staff, 27. Jun 2017, at 6:25


Responsible business no longer concerns only charity

The most common activities in Slovakia include fair-mindedness regarding employees, health and safety at work, and environmental protection.Peter Adamovsky, 26. Jun 2017, at 6:30

Volunteers from corporate sector help to improve the environment within the initiative Naše Mesto (Our City).

Volunteers of the Year awarded

One of the awards went to a Slovak nun and doctor killed in South Sudan in May 2016.Compiled by Spectator staff, 26. Jun 2017, at 6:25

The award granted to volunteers.

Volunteering helps the young to get rid of stereotypes

Thanks to volunteering, young people make friends, improve their communication and organisational skills, and become more self-reliant and flexible.Compiled by Spectator staff, 25. Jun 2017, at 9:30

Young people can learn a lot from volunteering.

Ecuadorian tribe involved in chocolate production

Cocoa from the Taisha region is of the best quality, without any element of cross-breeding or artificial pollination.Compiled by Spectator staff, 24. Jun 2017, at 9:30

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