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Roma community

What Slovakia loses when it neglects the Roma

If the employment rate of Roma matched that of the majority, the labour market would get 150,000 people it badly needs. Roman Cuprik ,15. Mar 2017, at 6:30

Despite som community projects, the lfie of Roma seems to be harder now, illustrative stock photo.

Amnesty International slams Slovak discrimination against Roma

The organization's report also points to Fico and anti-migrant rhetoric. Compiled by Spectator staff ,23. Feb 2017, at 14:53

PM Robert Fico

Action plan for Roma integration to bring financial literacy

The action plans approved by government for 2016-2018 aim for better financial literacy, Roma children studying at common elementary schools and also fewer long-term unemployed. Compiled by Spectator staff ,22. Feb 2017, at 23:16

Government Proxy for the Roma Communities Ábel Ravasz.

Roma civil patrols will continue

The Interior Ministry allocated €10 million for the project. Compiled by Spectator staff ,22. Feb 2017, at 13:31

Roma patrols in Veľká Lomnica.

Analyst: Society has the tools to prevent the worst from happening

Robert Fico did not appear in the Washington Post story about European far right by accident, says political analyst and director of the Institute for Public Affairs Grigorij Mesežnikov. Michaela Terenzani ,1. Feb 2017, at 15:47

Grigorij Mesežnikov

One step forward, two steps back

Roma patrols were one of the few examples that brought actual results for the minority and the majority. But at some point the project was allowed to drown during the change in governments. Michaela Terenzani ,26. Jan 2017, at 13:18

Plan to fight Roma criminality questioned

The Interior Ministry defends its plan to increase the number of police officers in problematic localities, but mayors would welcome other measures. Radka Minarechová ,25. Jan 2017, at 16:39

A police officer charged in the Vrbnica case

But the investigator failed to accuse concrete police officers who reportedly beat the local Roma. Compiled by Spectator staff ,20. Dec 2016, at 13:28

A man from Roma settlement Vrbnica shows his bruises allegedly caused by police.

Not everybody has access to water, ombudswoman warns

Roma settlements also face problems with insufficient fire-fighting means. Compiled by Spectator staff ,16. Nov 2016, at 13:36

Illustrative stock photo

Police do not confirm vote buying

Instead of Smer MPs, the police prosecute Roma from the village of Lomnička. Compiled by Spectator staff ,15. Nov 2016, at 14:02


Jourová: Europe cannot waste potential of another Roma generation

Slovakia hosts Empowerment of Roma Youth as a Driving Force behind Change. Compiled by Spectator staff ,10. Oct 2016, at 21:46

EU Commissioner Věra Jourová (R) and Slovak Justice Minister Lucia Žitňanská

Employers: Roma, do not call us!

Slovak ad websites publish numerous discriminatory advertisements. Roman Cuprik ,27. Sep 2016, at 10:36

Blog: 8 surprising things I've learnt at a camp with Roma kids

When you are sending Roma to gas chambers, are you also sending the eight-year-old Anička from Veľká Ida who has a bigger Charisma than the whole coalition government? Peter Nagy ,12. Aug 2016, at 12:00

People of Roma Kin event starts at Roma settlement

The 15th year of a multi-region event with international participation called Ľudia z Rodu Rómov (People of Roma Kin) kicked off its first day on August 3. Compiled by Spectator staff ,4. Aug 2016, at 6:33

Ara Art group perform Čiriklóro at People of the Roma Kin event August 3.

Parliament and SNP museum remember Roma Holocaust

MPs open exhibition, while the museum unveils commemorative plaque. Compiled by Spectator staff ,3. Aug 2016, at 13:41

The commemorative plaque was unveiled at SNP Museum in Banská Bystrica.

Roma from Moldava turn to the Constitutional Court

If not successful, they can still turn to the European Court of Human Rights. Compiled by Spectator staff ,2. Aug 2016, at 13:18

Town of Moldava nad Bodvou

Fourth biggest Roma festival opens in BratislavaVideo

A Night at the Roma Camp, a parade along the Downtown Bratislava, gala-concert in the Main Square and more – this all will bring the 2016 edition of the World Roma Festival – Gypsy Fest. Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská ,20. Jul 2016, at 23:21

Sare Roma 2015

Jobless rate in Slovakia continues to fall

To push the jobless rate below 7-8 percent will be difficult, said PM Fico. Compiled by Spectator staff ,24. May 2016, at 5:42

Labor Minister Ján Richter, ÚPSVaR head Marián Valentovič and PM Robert Fico, from left

State took half of Roma student's incomeVideo

A mistake by the Labour Office risks forcing Roma Milan Hudák to stop his studies, end dream of becoming a teacher. Roman Cuprik ,9. May 2016, at 10:13

Milan Hudák

Moldava case is heading to court

Police officers are examined by their colleagues. Compiled by Spectator staff ,28. Apr 2016, at 23:54

Settlement in Moldava nad Bodvou

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