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If Slovak celebrities raised their voices, we could help the dying director

Slovak director Kirchhoff commented on Slovakia’s stance towards a political prisoner in Russia, whose story will be shown on film in Bratislava.Kristína Kúdelová13. Jul 2018, at 17:34

Oleg Sencov, Ukrainian film director

Slovakia supports EU stance on latest findings on MH17 flight

FAM: Slovakia supports the EU’s stance on the downing of a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet over the Ukraine in 2014, asking Russia for cooperation and to accept responsibility.Compiled by Spectator staff, 28. May 2018, at 13:31

Reconstructed fornt part of the downed Malaysia Airline plane

Reverse Slovak-Ukrainian gas pipeline is at half capacity despite the season

The Slovak-Hungarian gas interconnection remains not widely used.Compiled by Spectator staff, 5. Feb 2018, at 22:30

Slovak Nafta eyes Ukrainian gas

The company has showed interest in joining the Yuzgas firmCompiled by Spectator staff, 25. Aug 2017, at 0:53

The central area of Nafta’s Gajary-Báden facility.

Russian propaganda spreads hoax about European sanctions against US

“Alternative media” produced a variety of hoaxes last week.Compiled by Spectator staff, 7. Aug 2017, at 8:17

Jean-Claude Juncker

Kiska voices support for Ukraine as visa-free travel launchedPhoto

Slovak President Andrej Kiska offered encouragement to Ukraine on the June 11 introduction of visa-free travel between the EU and Ukraine.Compiled by Spectator staff, 12. Jun 2017, at 13:47

L-R: Slovak president Andrej Kiska with his Ukrainian counterpart on Vyšné Nemecké-Uzhhorod crossing, June 10.
UPDATED: 9. Feb 2017, at 5:55

UPDATED: Slovak OSCE mission member is an extremist

The organisation has distanced itself from his statements, while the Slovak Foreign Affairs Ministry has cancelled its permission for him to serve in the mission.Compiled by Spectator staff, 8. Feb 2017, at 13:39

Illustrative stock photo

Wizz Air launches Bratislava-Kiev route

A direct air connection between Bratislava and Kiev has been resumed after three years of absence.Compiled by Spectator staff, 20. Dec 2016, at 0:07

The inauguration flight from Bratislava to Kiev.

European fears of Russian trolls are overblownPlus

It is a myth that Russia needs the EU to be divided, says Artem Malgin, vice rector of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), a school that trains most Russian diplomats and security…Matúš Krčmárik, 8. Sep 2016, at 14:22

"In the Russian discussion lot of people see each, even small, crisis in the EU as a sign of the coming breakup, but usually it is not on political agenda in Russia."

Orbán: Hungary is a fortress protecting European culture

"We feel the threat to our identity, culture and religion,” said also Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico at the economic forum in Krynica, Poland.Matúš Krčmárik, 7. Sep 2016, at 15:47

Meeting of V4 and Ukraine prime ministers in Krynica.

V4 Supports Ukraine’s EU integration ambitions

The Visegrad Group (V4: the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia) support Ukraine’s European integration ambitions, prime ministers of the V4 agreed on September 6.Compiled by Spectator staff, 7. Sep 2016, at 13:40

L-R: Slovak PM Robert Fico with his Ukrainian counterpart  Volodymyr Groysman during a joint statement.

PM reportedly called for abolishing sanctions against Russia

SANCTIONS against Russia for annexing Crimea are nonsense, said Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico in an interview with the Bloomberg newswire, as reported by the Sme daily.Compiled by Spectator staff, 24. Feb 2016, at 6:54

PM Robert Fico

NATO approved headquarters in Slovakia

NATO gave the green light to the creation of two logistics centres on the eastern EU border, one in Slovakia and one in Hungary, during its October 8 meeting in Brussels, the Sme daily reported.  Compiled by Spectator staff, 8. Oct 2015, at 23:15

Slovakia hosted an international logistics training attended by participants from NATO countries in June 2013.

President Kiska meets Ukrainian Prime Minister

SLOVAK President Andrej Kiska held talks with Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk at the Presidential Palace in Bratislava on September 10, the TASR newswire reported. Compiled by Spectator staff, 11. Sep 2015, at 0:18

Slovak President Andrej Kiska, right, and Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, left, pose before their meeting in Bratislava

President Kiska and NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg discuss security risks

PRESIDENT Andrej Kiska received NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Bratislava September 10 to discuss the world's worsening security situation and the risks that citizens and states are facing, the TASR…Compiled by Spectator staff, 11. Sep 2015, at 0:17

Slovak President Andrej Kiska

Prime Minister Fico on Nord Stream: “They’re making fools of us.”

THE ANNOUNCED expansion of the transport capacity of the Nord Stream gas pipeline is an anti-Ukrainian and anti-European project, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said after talks with his Slovak…Compiled by Spectator staff, 11. Sep 2015, at 0:15

Prime Minister Robert Fico

Kiska spoke with Ukraine’s President about gas supplies

SLOVAK President Andrej Kiska talked to his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko on the phone on September 3 and congratulated him on Ukraine's recent Independence Day which is celebrated annually on August 24,…Compiled by Spectator staff, 3. Sep 2015, at 22:37

President Andrej Kiska shares a laugh with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Kiev.

Analysts: Slovakia ill prepared to face Russian propaganda

RUSSIA has been developing ways how to spread lies and disinformation for years an Slovak civil society groups look to be doing more to combat it than the government, say analysts approached by The Slovak Spectator.…Roman Cuprik, 16. Jul 2015, at 13:38

Intelligence service head presented the annual report

CORRUPTION, shell companies, Ukraine and the Islamic State were among the topics head of the Slovak Information Service (SIS) intelligence agency Ján Valko discussed with MPs on July 3. Compiled by Spectator staff, 7. Jul 2015, at 13:45

Illustrative stock photo

Foreign Ministry: Three Slovaks expelled from Ukraine

THE FOREIGN Ministry is aware of Slovaks who have been deported from Ukraine, with the situation being monitored by Slovakia’s consulate-general in Uzhgorod on June 24.   Compiled by Spectator staff, 24. Jun 2015, at 23:06

Peter Susko