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How will the new EU budget impact Slovakia?

The country will have to prepare for the changes proposed in the new EU budget. Its focus on subsidised areas is part of it. Radka Minarechová ,10. May 2018, at 17:12

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Culture and quizzes: How Bratislava celebrated Europe’s birthdayPhoto

Visitors can learn more about all EU member states. Compiled by Spectator staff ,10. May 2018, at 13:06

Third consecutive candidate for EGC judge rejected

The EU General Court in Luxembourg rejected the third Slovak candidate in a row, allegedly due to his professional skills among other reasons. Compiled by Spectator staff ,9. May 2018, at 22:49

Ivan Rumana

New EU budget: less for structural funds and agricultural policy

The European Commission also plans to condition the drawing of EU money for 2021-2027. Compiled by Spectator staff ,3. May 2018, at 0:05

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Slovakia celebrates 14 years in EU

Slovakia became part of the European Union on May 1, 2004 along with nine other countries Compiled by Spectator staff ,2. May 2018, at 14:02

EU funds will be allocated according to different criteria

Slovakia has benefited greatly from EU subsidies in the past but that may change in the future. Compiled by Spectator staff ,24. Apr 2018, at 22:57

Milan Nič

Will rum-flavoured spirit change taste?

Slovak rum gets temporary exemption from EU cancer-related ban Compiled by Spectator staff ,23. Apr 2018, at 22:10

The local rum-flavoured spirit is popular in Slovak pubs as well as kitchens.

I have never seen a France like this

Unlike the populists Macron offers a positive vision of where politics and Europe can go. Benjamin Cunningham ,20. Apr 2018, at 18:55

Emmanuel Macron

Our shared values are the cement of the European Union. Let us defend them!

Political evolutions in our countries have shown than we need more than ever to reassert our shared commitment to the respect for rule of law and of human rights, writes Belgium's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister…Didier Reynders4. Apr 2018, at 6:30

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Blog: Slovakia needs its Macron

"For a Decent Slovakia", where next ? Reflections from a Brit living in Slovakia.Alan Gillman18. Mar 2018, at 11:42

For Decent Slovakia, protest in Lučenec on March 9.

Slovakia and central-European region to receive millions from EU

A new special fund founded by the European Investment Bank is expected to increase capital investments for SMEs in central Europe. Compiled by Spectator staff ,13. Mar 2018, at 22:36

L-R: President of the International Investment Bank Nikolai Kosov and Deputy Chairman of European Investment Fund, Hubert Cottogni.

Poll: Slovaks trust EP and EC more than national institutions

As many as 75 percent of Slovaks feel like citizens of the European Union. Compiled by Spectator staff ,27. Feb 2018, at 14:37

Suspicious "rural entrepreneurs" involved with Smer emerge in Nitra

Successful businesspeople from the village of Babindol who have received subsidies from EU funds worth millions have connections to the ruling Smer party. Compiled by Spectator staff ,20. Feb 2018, at 13:52

Competition in goulash cooking Guláš CUP 2015 in Babindol: Police President Tibor Gašpar(L), ex-minister of Agriculture Ľubomír Jahnátek (R) and Labour Minister Ján Richter (2L).

Dual-quality food should be added to list of unfair business practices

Voluntary, europe-wide food testing project to begin in March 2018. Compiled by Spectator staff ,5. Feb 2018, at 13:38

Prices of foodstuffs and beverages rose in annual terms by 6.8 percent in January.

Judicial Council sends Ivan Rumana to Luxembourg

After several failed attempts, the Judicial Council wants to send a judge of the Supreme Court who had been an intern at the General Court of the European Union to the vacant Slovak chair in the latter body. Compiled by Spectator staff ,30. Jan 2018, at 13:52

Ivan Rumana

New rules for protection of personal data

Almost every company will be affected. Jana Liptáková ,29. Jan 2018, at 7:00

IT users' personal data can be used against them

Do the self-employed have a right to paid holiday? The EU court decides

There is a huge difference between a self-employed person who enters this status of his own free will and a self-employed person who has been forced to do so.By Martina Raábová24. Jan 2018, at 23:44

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Slovakia faces sanctions for polluted air

If member states do not demonstrate sufficient effort in solving the issue of air pollution, the European Commission will sue them in the Court of Justice of the European Union. Compiled by Spectator staff ,24. Jan 2018, at 13:08

Slovak heating companies ty to reduce the nitrogen dioxide emissions, illustrative stock photo.

Prešov has a new attraction, a model of the historical cityPhoto

The model shows how the eastern Slovak city used to look in 1768. Compiled by Spectator staff ,18. Jan 2018, at 13:56

Detail of the Prešov model

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