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Businesses largely want a free hand in employee remuneration

The Slovak Business Alliance conducted a survey on the proposed EU directive on posting employees abroad. Compiled by Spectator staff ,22. Sep 2017, at 1:57

Construction sector is among the sectors in the EU countries with the highest proportion of employed Slovaks abroad. Illustrative stock photo
Updated: 7. Sep 2017, at 11:12

Refugee quota lawsuit is dead

We respect the court, but our stance toward quotas remains unchanged, says Fico. Michaela Terenzani ,6. Sep 2017, at 12:13

Macron and Fico agree on commensurate salaries for workers posted abroad

Slovak government approves of the Posting of Workers EU directive prior to the Salzburg meeting. Compiled by Spectator staff ,24. Aug 2017, at 1:00

Slovak PM Robert Fico (l) and French President Emmanuel Macron (r)

19 cities vie for European Medicines Agency

The seat will be selected in November. Compiled by Spectator staff ,2. Aug 2017, at 5:56

Illustrative stock photo

Bahlsen reacts to pressure, cookies will be the same across Europe

Butter will now be used for products meant for the eastern-European market. Compiled by Spectator staff ,24. Jul 2017, at 14:15

Cookies. illustrative stock photo

What do you get in your washing powder?

The washing powder sold in Germany has 20 percent more active washing agents than the powder sold under the same name in Slovakia. Different regions have different laundry habits, the producer argues. Compiled by Spectator staff ,17. Jul 2017, at 21:43

Brexit is a new chapter, not an end

We hope that the deal the UK is offering will be reciprocated for Britons living in Slovakia, who have also made important contributions.David Davis27. Jun 2017, at 15:00

David Davis

Poll: Slovaks want to be at the core of the EU

Slovaks see the EU advantages of a higher living standard, a developed economy and the possibilities for self-realisation. Compiled by Spectator staff ,27. Jun 2017, at 6:27

Kiska voices support for Ukraine as visa-free travel launchedPhoto

Slovak President Andrej Kiska offered encouragement to Ukraine on the June 11 introduction of visa-free travel between the EU and Ukraine. Compiled by Spectator staff ,12. Jun 2017, at 13:47

L-R: Slovak president Andrej Kiska with his Ukrainian counterpart on Vyšné Nemecké-Uzhhorod crossing, June 10.

Brussels scrutinises the subsidy for Nováky power plant

It disapproves of the scheme subsiding power generation from brown coal. Compiled by Spectator staff ,6. Jun 2017, at 23:17

Hornonitrianske Bane mines

Why the war between Facebook and Brussels is inevitable

The first shot has been fired in the regulation war that will shape the future of Europe.Ondrej Podstupka1. Jun 2017, at 9:53

Mark Zuckerberg

Brussels seeks better protection of clients

The current mandatory insurance does not guarantee that clients receive their money back. Compiled by Spectator staff ,28. May 2017, at 9:00

Slovaks pick different destinations for summer holidays than in the past.

European Commission approves state support for football stadium

The European Commission has approved Slovak state support of €36 million for the construction a national football stadium – planned to hold more than 22,000 visitors – in Bratislava. Compiled by Spectator staff ,25. May 2017, at 13:10

Plot of the National Football Stadium

Slovakia vies for medicines agency

What chances does the country have at winning the seat of the prestigious European Medicines Agency that needs to relocate from London? Radka Minarechová ,24. May 2017, at 16:00

Illustrative stock photo

EC: Focus on education and labour market

Some recommendations remain the same as last year. Compiled by Spectator staff ,23. May 2017, at 21:46

Illustrative stock photo

Slovak diplomat to become EU ambassador to Moldova

Slovak Ambassador to Greece, Peter Michalko, should become the European union ambassador to Moldova, the Politico website informed in mid-May. Compiled by Spectator staff ,15. May 2017, at 14:46

Peter Michalko

Sauerkraut from Stupava achieved Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

The dish received protection from the European Commission, being only the second product in Slovakia with this distinction. Compiled by Spectator staff ,11. May 2017, at 14:16

Stupavské zelé has to be treated in a traditional way, before fermenting.

Quote of the week

“If it should hurt one side more than the other, then it should be more painful for the UK, because they’ve made their own decision to leave.” Compiled by Spectator staff ,5. May 2017, at 6:30

Prime Minister Robert Fico

Fico: EU leaders are determined to act jointly in Brexit

The participants in an extraordinary summit showed no reservations to the so-called negotiation guidelines, the Slovak PM claimed. Compiled by Spectator staff ,2. May 2017, at 14:11

A general view of the round table meeting of EU heads of state at an EU summit in Brussels on April 29, 2017.

EU parliaments to create joint group to supervise Europol activities

Its first session is planned for the autumn. Compiled by Spectator staff ,24. Apr 2017, at 22:34

The family photo of representatives of EU national parliaments meeting in Bratislava.

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