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Prepare for the shutdown of Slovak Wikipedia

Wikipedia's decision comes a few days before the vote on a new EU Copyright Directive.Compiled by Spectator staff, 20. Mar 2019, at 14:40

Slovak Wikipedia shuts down on March 21,2019 to protest the new EU Copyright Directive.

Pellegrini to MEPs: My government is pro-European and committed to NATO

Slovak PM spoke in the European Parliament, faced criticism that lessons have not been learned in SlovakiaCompiled by Spectator staff, 12. Mar 2019, at 14:06

PM Peter Pellegrini at the European Parliament session in Strasbourg.

Eurobarometer: Trust in police has increased since spring 2018

Improvement in trust rate is also due to arrests in the Kuciak murder case.Nina Francelová, 20. Feb 2019, at 17:43

Slovaks trust more European institutions than the national ones.

Will Slovakia recognise Venezuela's interim president?

The ruling Smer sides with Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.Compiled by Spectator staff, 6. Feb 2019, at 21:19

Foreign Affairs Minister Miroslav Lajčák

Brexit has bolstered public support for the EU

Ireland, the smaller country, now negotiates from a position of strength — because of EU membership.Benjamin Cunningham, 1. Feb 2019, at 17:13

In a time when so much about the EU feels troubled, British backwardness is prompting reminders of what works.

Analyst: The euro helped Slovakia get over the crisis

Slovakia adopted the EU's single currency ten years ago.Martina Raábová3. Jan 2019, at 9:41

Vladimír Vaňo

Europe might not be just an innocent victim

While real estate bubbles in the US, Greece and Spain were partial causes of global crisis, irresponsible lending was also rife in places you hear little about.Benjamin Cunningham, 19. Nov 2018, at 11:05

Why do they let nobodies lead key EU institutions?

Quite a lot of the conventional wisdom about the European Union is simply wrong, yet political leaders across the continent continue to reinforce the public’s worst impressions.Benjamin Cunningham, 9. Nov 2018, at 12:54

Manfred Weber of Germany wins the race to lead the European Union's center-right parties into key EU elections in May.

Šefčovič will not run for the top EC post

European Socialists chose Hollander Frans Timmermans as their candidate.Compiled by Spectator staff, 6. Nov 2018, at 13:48

Maroš Šefčovič

Macron to Slovaks: Use every opportunity to take part in the European dialogue

The French president visited Slovakia on October 26, repeatedly refused division of Europe into east and west, old and new.Compiled by Spectator staff, 26. Oct 2018, at 18:06

When Daylight Saving Time is abolished, Slovakia will keep winter time

The Labour Ministry argues for keeping winter time once Daylight Saving Time is abolished but also points out the need of keep unity within the EU internal market.Compiled by Spectator staff, 22. Oct 2018, at 13:55

Sunrises and sunsets will be more fixed around the year - and years, but maybe not within the EU.

V4 presidents: Nord Stream II is a threat to Europe

Presidents of the Visegrad Group countries discussed, among other things, the rise of xenophobia, extremism and nationalism in Europe.Compiled by Spectator staff, 15. Oct 2018, at 15:07

Presidents of V4 countries, L-R: Polish President Andrzej Duda, Hungarian President János Áder, Slovak President Andrej Kiska, and Czech President Miloš Zeman at a summit, October 11-12, 2018.

The Spitzenkandidat process is nonsensical and dishonest

Electing at least some MEPs on a cross-border basis, for example, would force candidates to articulate a vision for Europe, rather than count on preexisting party loyalties, to get elected.Benjamin Cunningham, 5. Oct 2018, at 19:59

Commissioner Maroš Šefčovič

Financial Administration to be temporarily headed by Lenka Wittenbergerová

She replaces František Imrecze, who resigned last week following a scandal surrounding Chinese goods processed by Slovak customs.Compiled by Spectator staff, 26. Sep 2018, at 23:57

L-R New head of the Tax Administration Lenka Wittenbergerová with the outgoing one, František Imrecze.

Slovakia keeps narrowing its VAT Gap

It still lost €1.872 billion in VAT revenues in 2016, based on the latest report.Compiled by Spectator staff, 25. Sep 2018, at 21:29

Where Europeans want to be buried

What does the place we choose to be buried in say about our identity?Zuzana Kepplová15. Sep 2018, at 8:21

A European cemetery

Daylight saving time? We need a second referendum

Are you with Winston Churchill, beer gardens, freedom and French fries? Or do you prefer Putin, commuting to work in an icy black abyss and tyranny?Benjamin Cunningham, 14. Sep 2018, at 20:32

Lithuanian minister: If the EU wants to progress, it cannot start with a debate on ethics

Lithuania has discovered new markets after adopting sanctions.Zuzana Kepplová10. Sep 2018, at 22:07

Virginijus Sinkievichus, Lithuanian Economy Minister

Hungarian MP: We have saved Europe once, we are protecting it again

Schengen was discussed in the Polish town of Krynica.Matúš Krčmárik6. Sep 2018, at 23:10

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