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European Commission approves state support for football stadium

The European Commission has approved Slovak state support of €36 million for the construction a national football stadium – planned to hold more than 22,000 visitors – in Bratislava. Compiled by Spectator staff ,25. May 2017, at 13:10

Plot of the National Football Stadium

Slovakia vies for medicines agency

What chances does the country have at winning the seat of the prestigious European Medicines Agency that needs to relocate from London? Radka Minarechová ,24. May 2017, at 16:00

Illustrative stock photo

EC: Focus on education and labour market

Some recommendations remain the same as last year. Compiled by Spectator staff ,23. May 2017, at 21:46

Illustrative stock photo

Slovak diplomat to become EU ambassador to Moldova

Slovak Ambassador to Greece, Peter Michalko, should become the European union ambassador to Moldova, the Politico website informed in mid-May. Compiled by Spectator staff ,15. May 2017, at 14:46

Peter Michalko

Sauerkraut from Stupava achieved Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

The dish received protection from the European Commission, being only the second product in Slovakia with this distinction. Compiled by Spectator staff ,11. May 2017, at 14:16

Stupavské zelé has to be treated in a traditional way, before fermenting.

Quote of the week

“If it should hurt one side more than the other, then it should be more painful for the UK, because they’ve made their own decision to leave.” Compiled by Spectator staff ,5. May 2017, at 6:30

Prime Minister Robert Fico

Fico: EU leaders are determined to act jointly in Brexit

The participants in an extraordinary summit showed no reservations to the so-called negotiation guidelines, the Slovak PM claimed. Compiled by Spectator staff ,2. May 2017, at 14:11

A general view of the round table meeting of EU heads of state at an EU summit in Brussels on April 29, 2017.

EU parliaments to create joint group to supervise Europol activities

Its first session is planned for the autumn. Compiled by Spectator staff ,24. Apr 2017, at 22:34

The family photo of representatives of EU national parliaments meeting in Bratislava.

KPMG: Slovakia among EU countries at greatest risk after Brexit

Slovakia's economy is among those that will be most impacted by Brexit, the latest studies have shown. Compiled by Spectator staff ,29. Mar 2017, at 23:15

EU-UK, illustrative stock photo.

Fico: We want the UK to fulfil commitments

The prime ministers of the Visegrad Group commented on the UK’s obligations linked to its departure from the EU. Compiled by Spectator staff ,29. Mar 2017, at 13:27

Slovakia's Prime Minister Robert Fico signs the Warsaw Declaration, as his counterparts from Czech Republic, Bohuslav Sobotka (l), Hungary, Viktor Orbán (center), and Poland, Beata Szydlo (r), watch behind.

Most young people trust the EU

Slovakia has the highest share of young Eurosceptics among the surveyed countries. Compiled by Spectator staff ,28. Mar 2017, at 14:15

EU opens e-payment market to IT giants

People should benefit from stronger competition, faster and cheaper payments and higher security. Peter Adamovsky ,28. Mar 2017, at 6:30

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Fico: I cannot see another living space for Slovakia than EU

After the Rome Declaration was adopted unanimously at the ceremonial summit of 27 European-Union member states in Rome, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said that it has made it clear that the Union wants to carry… Compiled by Spectator staff ,27. Mar 2017, at 12:53

Robert Fico signing the Rome Declaration

Employment in Slovakia increases compared to eurozone average

The number of people employed in the eurozone in the last quarter of 2016 compared to the previous quarter increased by 0.3 percent, but Slovakia fared even better in this period of time. Compiled by Spectator staff ,15. Mar 2017, at 22:47

Illustrative stock photo.

Brussels will contribute €1bn for Slovak railways

The money will go mostly to modernise the trains, but also to build terminals and parking lots. Compiled by Spectator staff ,14. Mar 2017, at 22:20

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PM: Brexit talks should not leave EU only with disadvantages

If a multi-speed European Union turns into reality, Slovakia has to and wants to be at the core of integration, the Slovak PM said. Compiled by Spectator staff ,6. Mar 2017, at 13:39

Britain’s Brexit Secretary David Davis (l) and Slovak PM Robert Fico (r)

MPs approved exchange of information

The parliament transposed the EU regulation, whose aim is to secure comprehensive and effective administrative collaboration between tax administrations via mandatory automatic exchange of information. Compiled by Spectator staff ,6. Mar 2017, at 5:30

František Imrecze, director of the Financial Administration

The UK will close borders already in March

Restrictions will concern only people who would like to move to the country after March 2017. Compiled by Spectator staff ,1. Mar 2017, at 13:29

NGOs to get €250,000 to help use EU Funds

The civic sector will be able to supervise more effectively the implementation and use of European-Union funds, also thanks to extra state funding. Compiled by Spectator staff ,23. Feb 2017, at 13:51

Peter Pelelgrini

EC praises economy, but problems remain

The recent report highlights Slovakia’s economic development. The country however still lags behind in several areas affecting people’s lives. Compiled by Spectator staff ,22. Feb 2017, at 23:36

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