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European far right visited Bratislava. Activists protested in the streets

The conference held in the Slovak capital was attended by Marine Le Pen and other European nationalist politicians.Compiled by Spectator staff, 13. May 2019, at 22:04


How many foreigners in Slovakia are going to vote in EP elections?

The nationals of Cyprus, Estonia and Malta did not register.Compiled by Spectator staff, 13. May 2019, at 21:47

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This time it is different. But is it?

As EP elections are just around the corner, many are wondering who will show up to the polls.Oľga Gyarfašová13. May 2019, at 14:55

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Nice driveway! An occasional column on life in Slovakia

Send in the clowns

The poorly attended circus that is the European elections is about to come to town. Enjoy the show – but don’t expect too much of the performers.James Thomson, 12. May 2019, at 18:43

Exactly zero voters cast ballots based with EC leadership in mind

Why will so few Europeans vote in European elections? Because of meetings like the recent one in Sibiu.Benjamin Cunningham, 10. May 2019, at 18:36

Leaders of some EU member states in Sibiu, Romania.

Slovaks like the EU but they are not motivated to vote

In Slovakia, the remain vote would have it if there was a referendum on exiting the EU, sociologist opines.Nina Francelová, 9. May 2019, at 17:21

A man walks with an umbrella outside EU headquarters in Brussels.

Call of 21 presidents: Europe is the best idea we have ever had

The call issued ahead of the EP election was joined by the Slovak head of state.Compiled by Spectator staff, 9. May 2019, at 13:53

President Andrej Kiska

EP elections 2019: Slovak parties and their European families

The European Parliament election is nearing. Here is some basic information about the parties and their candidates.Compiled by Spectator staff, 2. May 2019, at 15:27

European Parliament

Slovakia joined the EU club 15 years ago

The Slovak Republic has been a member of the European Union since May 1, 2004.Compiled by Spectator staff, 30. Apr 2019, at 22:50

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Pellegrini: Slovakia supports the longest Brexit delay possible

Opposition SaS party welcomes Brexit delay to October 31. PM Peter Pellegrini hopes it is the last postponement.Compiled by Spectator staff, 11. Apr 2019, at 14:03

A British Union flag is flown behind a European Union flag, backdropped by Parliament in London on April 10, 2019.

Foreigners in Slovakia: How to vote in the European Parliament elections

Citizens of other EU countries living in Slovakia can vote too. The registration deadline is coming.Nina Francelová, 4. Apr 2019, at 21:10

Šefčovič: EU did not mind my campaign

Slovakia's EU Commissioner would like to continue in Brussels after EP election.Matúš Krčmárik4. Apr 2019, at 16:50

Maroš Šefčovič during the presidential election campaign in Slovakia, March 2019.

V4 parliaments' speakers: Closer cooperation is beneficial for both countries and the EU

Speakers of parliament from V4 countries explained their view on the functioning of the EU to their Benelux colleagues in Piešťany.Compiled by Spectator staff, 25. Mar 2019, at 22:39

Prepare for the shutdown of Slovak Wikipedia

Wikipedia's decision comes a few days before the vote on a new EU Copyright Directive.Compiled by Spectator staff, 20. Mar 2019, at 14:40

Slovak Wikipedia shuts down on March 21,2019 to protest the new EU Copyright Directive.

Pellegrini to MEPs: My government is pro-European and committed to NATO

Slovak PM spoke in the European Parliament, faced criticism that lessons have not been learned in SlovakiaCompiled by Spectator staff, 12. Mar 2019, at 14:06

PM Peter Pellegrini at the European Parliament session in Strasbourg.

Eurobarometer: Trust in police has increased since spring 2018

Improvement in trust rate is also due to arrests in the Kuciak murder case.Nina Francelová, 20. Feb 2019, at 17:43

Slovaks trust more European institutions than the national ones.

Will Slovakia recognise Venezuela's interim president?

The ruling Smer sides with Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.Compiled by Spectator staff, 6. Feb 2019, at 21:19

Foreign Affairs Minister Miroslav Lajčák

Brexit has bolstered public support for the EU

Ireland, the smaller country, now negotiates from a position of strength — because of EU membership.Benjamin Cunningham, 1. Feb 2019, at 17:13

In a time when so much about the EU feels troubled, British backwardness is prompting reminders of what works.

Analyst: The euro helped Slovakia get over the crisis

Slovakia adopted the EU's single currency ten years ago.Martina Raábová3. Jan 2019, at 9:41

Vladimír Vaňo