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Spectacular Slovakia Podcast

Spook-free and sugar-filled: How to celebrate Halloween in Slovakia

An American talks about how she includes her Slovak neighbours in Halloween celebrations.Anna Fay, 31. Oct 2019, at 10:54

Children celebrate Pumpkin Saturday at the Košice Children's Heritage Railway on November 2, 2013
Spectacular Slovakia Podcast

The Černová Tragedy: 15 people killed for consecration of their church

Slovaks overlook the 1907 massacre, although it is a red-letter day.Anna FayPeter Dlhopolec, 24. Oct 2019, at 21:05

The Slovak Post issued the Andrej Hlinka stamps on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the Slovak Catholic priest and politician's birth in 2014. Hlinka was a key figure in the October 1907 Černová Tragedy, although he was not present
Spectacular Slovakia Podcast

The High Tatras hide the most spectacular outhouse

Mountaineer Ľubomír Mäkký shares tips for easy hikes in the majestic Slovak mountains on this week's episode.Peter Dlhopolec, 16. Oct 2019, at 20:37

The best known bus stop in Slovakia's High Tatras is placed near Chata pod Rysmi(Hut below Rysy)
Spectacular Slovakia Podcast

Spectacular Slovakia: Where to find handsome Slovak men

Slovak folk songs may guide you to the right places.Anna FayPeter Dlhopolec, 9. Oct 2019, at 19:24

A folk group performs at the Spiš Fair in eastern Slovakia
Spectacular Slovakia Podcast

His paintings were sold for lots of money, but Benka dreamed of career in music

Martin Benka became Slovakia’s national treasure for his artistic craft.Anna FayPeter Dlhopolec, 3. Oct 2019, at 16:46

People attend the Martin Benka exhibition at the SOGA auction company in Bratislava on September 10, 2019
Spectacular Slovakia Podcast

People in the Hont Region pulled a bull up on a tower

“Why?” you may ask. Find out in the Spectacular Slovakia episode.Anna FayPeter Dlhopolec, 26. Sep 2019, at 17:48

The "Hontianska paráda" folklore festival takes place every August in Hrušov in the Hont Region
Spectacular Slovakia podcast

Slovaks boast of halušky, but what are the Welsh proud of?

Cardiff-born Mike Valek will compare Wales to Slovakia this week.Peter Dlhopolec, 19. Sep 2019, at 14:07

What do Cardiff and Bratislava have in common? Visitors can find castles in both. But what else?
Spectacular Slovakia Podcast

Gemer: The poorest but spectacular region remains undiscovered

Explore the region with US graduate Hannah Falchuk. She spent one year in Revúca, one of the region's centres.Peter Dlhopolec, 12. Sep 2019, at 14:13

Cyclists ride through the Great Plain (Veľká lúka) in the Muránska planina national park, central Slovakia. Tourists can rent an e-bike in the village of Muráň, which lies in the national park.

Expats: Three things that will improve your mental health

Talley Sjoberg Varney is featured in this week's Spectacular Slovakia.Anna Fay, 5. Sep 2019, at 13:49

How to handle a new life in a new country? American T. S. Varney talks about mental health and more.

History class: The SNP explained in under 30 minutes

J. Thomson breaks down the Slovak National Uprising for foreigners.Peter Dlhopolec, 29. Aug 2019, at 1:04

The German army parade in Banská Bystrica after the SNP Uprising failed in October 1944.

Sit down places in Bratislava for breakfast

Peter & Anna also exchange views on US and Slovak breakfast.Anna FayPeter Dlhopolec, 22. Aug 2019, at 13:00

Bratislava offers some splendid breakfast cafés and restaurants. Find out more in the Spectacular Slovakia podcast.

Zealous about zen? Discover your peace of mind in Bratislava.

American Talley Sjoberg Varney takes us into her ‘potions room’ to explain why aromatherapy matters.Anna Fay, 15. Aug 2019, at 19:08

American aromatherapist Talley Sjoberg Varney chats with us on this week's episode of Spectacular Slovakia.

What (not) to expect from rail travel in Slovakia

If a train traveller has to, for some reason, buy a ticket on a train, they cannot pay by credit card, and they will be charged an extra fee.Peter Dlhopolec, 7. Aug 2019, at 18:15

This week's Spectacular Slovakia episode is all about rail travel in Slovakia with James Thomson.

Piešťany: A bike-friendly town famous for its spas and wafers

Mike Valek features on this week’s Spectacular Slovakia to talk about his second home.Peter Dlhopolec, 1. Aug 2019, at 13:32

Piešťany is the only Slovak town with an island.

Jedáleň: The remnant of socialism that people rightly go back to

The self-service canteen offering affordable meals is one of a few socialist things to rediscover.Peter Dlhopolec, 24. Jul 2019, at 21:55

Gastro u Jakuba is the jedáleň near the Old Market, but there are more scattered across Bratislava.

Which of Bratislava's galleries is the best?

This week’s Spectacular Slovakia episode will be about visits to the best art galleries in Bratislava.Peter Dlhopolec, 18. Jul 2019, at 19:02

To get to Danubiana, outside Bratislava, tourists must get on the bus at the stop behind the Slovak National Theatre new building.

Dreaming of rafting down the Mississippi? Let’s start in Slovakia

The Dunajec River is a picturesque spot for traditional rafting. Let's enjoy the rocks, peacefulness, and legends in the latest Spectacular Slovakia podcast.Peter Dlhopolec, 10. Jul 2019, at 21:03

The Dunajec River in the north-east of Slovakia was used for timber rafting in the past.

Vilnius & Bratislava: From food and pubs to views and parks

Lithuanian Ugnė Mažonaitė and American Anna Fay compare the two capitals in the latest episode of the Spectacular Slovakia podcast.Peter Dlhopolec, 4. Jul 2019, at 9:52

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

Spectacular Slovakia #41:The things you need to know about Pohoda Festival

Keep the venue clean and green while enjoying three days of music in Trenčín. Waste sorting is one of Pohoda's commandments.Peter Dlhopolec, 27. Jun 2019, at 14:23

The 1975 and Liam Gallagher are some of the headliners at this year's Pohoda Festival, which starts on July 11 at the airport near Trenčín, western Slovakia.

Spectacular Slovakia #40: What do Slovakia and Scandinavia have in common?

It has something to do with four articular Lutheran churches in Slovakia. Listen to the latest episode below to find out more.Anna FayPeter Dlhopolec, 20. Jun 2019, at 13:35

The articular Lutheran church in Kežmarok.