Viliam Novotný

Doctors welcome Kiska veto of priority appointment ban

DOCTORS welcome President Andrej Kiska’s decision to return the amendment concerning paying fees for priority appointments of doctors back to parliament, the TASR newswire reported March 5.

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Štefan Volák, head of the Žilina hospital - one of the worst affected.

Hospitals are preparing for layoffs

REGIONAL hospitals affiliated in the Association of Hospitals of Slovakia (ANS) are preparing for possible layoffs because their financing has not been increased by health insurance companies. As of April 1, they…

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Businesses wary of labour code changes

Amid a lack of tangible statistical data, employer groups continue to insist that reforms to the labour code in recent years are harming economic and job growth. 

Jana Liptáková, 6. Mar 2015, at 6:00

Slovak carmakers unveil novelties in Geneva

ALL three carmakers manufacturing cars in Slovakia have introduced novelties at the annual Geneva International Motor Show amid hopes that the country’s production will surpass 1 million vehicles for the first time…

Jana Liptáková, 5. Mar 2015, at 16:26
RyanAir CEO Michael O´Leary (R) and chair of board and CEO of M.R. Štefánik Airport in v Bratislava Ivan Trhlík announce new route.

Ryanair launches new Bratislava-Berlin route

LOW-COST airline Ryanair announced a new Bratislava route to Berlin March 5, with a daily service commencing from October 27. New flights are on sale for travel in October, November and December 2015, available for…

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The first wooden Tesco opened in Rajec.

Eastern Slovak retailer interested in buying Tesco stores

THE INFORMATION on its sale, partial or total, has not been officially announced yet, but the British retail chain Tesco has already the first potential buyer: the Labaš company is unknown to western Slovakia but in…

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Footwear, illustrative stock photo

Honeywell to boost footwear output, double its employees

THE HONEYWELL Safety Products (US) plant in Partizánske in the Trenčín region is set to boost its production of safety footwear in the months ahead in a move that should result in 134 new jobs.

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Slovakia gets paid for its bonds

FOR THE first time in its history, Slovakia saw its five-year bonds to be traded on the secondary markets with a negative yield. 

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Peter Visolajský

Doctors threaten to quit Žilina hospital

FIFTEEN of 19 doctors of at the internal medicine department of Žilina Faculty Hospital have given their notices to the hospital pointing on lack of beds and bad hygiene conditions in the department, the SITA…

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Green line for tax crimes

SLOVAKS can announce their suspicions of tax frauds and other similar crimes at the free green line of the Financial Administration.

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Bratislava has less than 1 percent of real estate tax dodgers

ONLY very few people of those who own a flat or a plot in the Slovak capital and report it do not pay a tax.

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No risk of a gas crisis for Slovakia

The approaching end of the winter and remaining natural gas stocks mean Slovakia looks poised to finish this heating season without any major problems in spite of a renewed Russo-Ukrainian dispute over gas supplies.…

Jana Liptáková, 3. Mar 2015, at 14:07
Prime Minister Robert Fico (l) and Defence Minister Martin Glváč (r) during the visit at VOP Trenčín.

Fico considers the rent of military buildings correct

THE MODEL of renting former military maintenance companies (VOP) was a good decision and the government will continue with it, Prime Minister Robert Fico said during a March 2 visit to VOP in Trenčín.

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Slovenská Pošta may become close Swan Mobile partner.

Fourth mobile operator seeks cooperation

THE HIGHLY expected fourth mobile operator may provide its services in cooperation with the state postal services operator Slovenská Pošta. Swan Mobile, which obtained 4G network frequencies for €6.6 million last…

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Regional governments can no longer decide on road tax rates.

Regions adjust to tax changes

Loss of road tax revenue prompts complaints about potential loss of regional autonomy.

Peter Adamovsky, 3. Mar 2015, at 6:30

Tightening rules for employment agencies

The goverment decided to improve the system of temporary employment via agencies resulting in dispute between unionists, emloyers, government, and the president in the second half of 2014

Roman Cuprik, 3. Mar 2015, at 6:30

Real estate tax rates hardly change

FOR THIS year, the average rate of real estate tax has marked almost no change at all compared to 2014. It fell a mere 0.06 percent against last year, according to the analysis of the Business Alliance of Slovakia…

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Tesco in Zvolen

Tesco might quit Slovakia

BRITISH retail chain Tesco is pondering quitting Slovakia after 19 years and selling 155 outlets, 18 filling stations and two big distribution stores, the Sme daily wrote.

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KOVO union's Peter Pobeha (L) and Emil Machyna.

Union scraps strike alert after pay-rise agreement

REPRESENTATIVES of the KOVO trade union and the Bus Transport Association (ZAD) agreed on a guaranteed pay-rise of 2.5 percent in bus transport, the trade union's chief Emil Machyna said after talks on February 27.…

Compiled by Spectator staff, 2. Mar 2015, at 13:10

New rules raise questions

Tax experts point to several problems caused by revisions.

Radka Minarechová, 2. Mar 2015, at 6:31

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