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Jana Liptáková has been with The Slovak Spectator since 2004. After three years of serving as a part-time contributor and freelancer for the culture section, Ms. Liptáková joined The Slovak Spectator full-time as a culture writer and photographer in April 2007. Before joining the Spectator, Ms. Liptáková worked with the TASR newswire and later Slovakia’s first private newswire, SITA, for more than 15 years. Ms. Liptakova covers culture and business and she is the newspaper’s photographer.Ms Liptáková graduated with a Masters of Sciences degree (awarded for extended study) from the Technical University in Trnava, majoring in materials science and technology.

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Passat and Superb make up half of the €1 billion Volkswagen is investing in Slovakia

Production of two new models will balloon the labour force by 2,000 from current 12,100 people.19. Nov 2020, at 19:32

Oliver Grünberg, chairman of the board of Volkswagen Slovakia, bringing details about teh €1 billion investment to Bratislava.

Process innovations allow Slovak innovators to shine

Slovak-made innovations make their way to the world through transnational companies.19. Nov 2020, at 16:52

The CEIT’s automated guided vehicle in action at the Volkswagen Slovakia plant in Bratislava.

Bumpy, twisted, but always beautiful. A tip for tree-lovers around Bratislava

Pollarding is a win-win solution for willows as well as farmers.19. Nov 2020, at 16:02

Pollarding was a traditional way of growing willows also in Slovakia.

Passat returns to VW plant in Bratislava after 30 years

Moving production of the Volkswagen Passat and Škoda Superb to Bratislava will account for half of the planned €1 billion investment.16. Nov 2020, at 18:02

The very first VW Passat produced in the Bratislava VW plant in December 1991.

Dolly Kováčiková paid her dream of freedom with her life

About 50 runners commemorated the 42 people murdered while trying to flee the communist Czechoslovakia on November 17 last year.13. Nov 2020, at 18:14

The Kováčik family with Dolly, left and Bibiana, in the middle.

Five tips for outings in Bratislava during the lockdown

The end of the world is just a few kilometres from Bratislava.5. Nov 2020, at 8:10

Buffet at the End of the World

Production plants continue working after nationwide testing in Slovakia

Employers’ representatives call on the government to provide companies with testing kits and to set up testing sites where employers can test their employees.4. Nov 2020, at 8:10

Weekend testing at PSA Groupe in Trnava

Slovak car-plane developers look to cash in on changing views of flying cars

AeroMobil and AirCar among a handful of firms working on special concept.2. Nov 2020, at 15:02

A fly test of the AirCar prototype.

Greenery instead of asphalt on Bratislava’s Komenského Square

Transformation of square will serve as a model for other public places, say city authorities.29. Oct 2020, at 16:08

Design of Komenského Square as proposed by Totalstudio architects.

Companies fear drop in demand for their products and services the most

International chambers of commerce asked companies about their current situation as well as expectations.28. Oct 2020, at 17:54

Companies implemented anti-coronavirus measures.

Who are the biggest corporate taxpayers?

Companies with German capital contribute to state coffers the most.28. Oct 2020, at 12:33

Volkswagen Slovakia

No balanced budget for next three years, this time due to COVID-19

2021-2023 general government budgets lack consolidation measures.22. Oct 2020, at 15:40

Finance Minister Eduard Heger

One of Bratislava's oldest parks will regain its historical look

Decades of missing maintenance have left a mark on Rusovce park.22. Oct 2020, at 15:22

The manor house in Russovce with remains of terraces adjacent to its southern wing.

New parking policy around Horský Park planted a discord

Some applaud the idea of making the place safer and quieter, others complain that it is now less accessible.14. Oct 2020, at 16:26

Cars cannot park on Nekrasovova, Lesná and Novosvetská any more.

Bratislava offers river cruise passengers authentic experiences

2020 is specific for Danube river cruises due to the COVID-19 pandemic.9. Oct 2020, at 14:38

River cruise ships in Bratislava

COVID-19 pandemic accelerating new trends in the logistics sector

Online retail sales require more logistics space than brick-and-mortar stores.8. Oct 2020, at 8:35

Industrial and logistics premises have also been erected outside the most popular region of western Slovakia, like this one near Košice.

Parks and gardens will reveal their secrets despite COVID-19

The popular annual event takes place on an untraditional autumn date.7. Oct 2020, at 16:06

Dozens of parks and gardens will open across Slovakia during the weekend.

Bratislava’s iconic historical pharmacy may do its magic again

The city council is negotiating with the current owner of the pharmacy’s precious furniture about its return to Bratislava.1. Oct 2020, at 20:03

The former Salvator Pharmacy houses an exhibition about its history.

Higher demand extends work time at USSK

The situation in the European steel market remains challenging.1. Oct 2020, at 18:17

Work hours are extended at the coated products division.

Slovakia gears up for a new highway toll system

The controversial contract for the current system will terminate at the end of 2022.28. Sep 2020, at 14:05

Trucks have been paying for kilometres driven on selected roads across Slovakia for 10 years.