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Jana Liptáková has been with The Slovak Spectator since 2004. After three years of serving as a part-time contributor and freelancer for the culture section, Ms. Liptáková joined The Slovak Spectator full-time as a culture writer and photographer in April 2007. Before joining the Spectator, Ms. Liptáková worked with the TASR newswire and later Slovakia’s first private newswire, SITA, for more than 15 years. Ms. Liptakova covers culture and business and she is the newspaper’s photographer.Ms Liptáková graduated with a Masters of Sciences degree (awarded for extended study) from the Technical University in Trnava, majoring in materials science and technology.

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Discussion about road project becomes emotional

Analysts want more alternatives for the road from Zvolen to Košice to be assessed21. Aug 2017, at 6:10

The protest at Soroška

Bratislava growing highPhoto

High-rise buildings sprouting up in Bratislava17. Aug 2017, at 17:08

Visualisation of the future skyline of Bratislava

Bathing in Danube has its charm as well its downsidePhoto

Bratislavans used to bathe at the legendary Lido but also in unique floating pools11. Aug 2017, at 12:07

Lido during the second world war

Developer unveils its vision of a new Bratislava centrePhoto

J&T Real Estate is asking for a statute of important investment for its package of projects to speed up the construction9. Aug 2017, at 15:54

Proposed developments on the Old City's embankment of the Danube River.

Bills for utilities have a new boss

As the new head of the regulatory authority Ľubomír Jahnátek is already facing criticism for increased water bills in central and eastern Slovakia3. Aug 2017, at 14:44

Ľubomír Jahnátek

Slovak hauliers critical of EU Mobility package

They perceive some of the proposed initiatives as protectionist1. Aug 2017, at 11:01

More efficient logistics solutions are sought.

Bratislava has already forgotten the Pressburg ghost

The burnt prints of the penitential reeve’s right hand made Bratislava famous over almost all Europe. Now the story has been almost completely forgotten.28. Jul 2017, at 15:31

The wooden box with burnt prints.

Auto sector could learn from Austria

New fields are an opportunity25. Jul 2017, at 6:30

Twists in development of Vienna and Bratislava

At one point in the history Pressburg, now Bratislava, was bigger and more important town than Vienna.21. Jul 2017, at 12:30

The view from Belvedere palace in Vienna with Wienerwald in the background.

The time bomb of age is ticking in Bratislava

The Slovak capital will have one of the oldest populations in Slovakia as well as in central Europe.21. Jul 2017, at 11:43

Recreational vouchers may return

Slovakia is far from fully tapping its tourism prospects.19. Jul 2017, at 18:17

Sightseeing at a faster pacePhoto

A guided running tour is an alternative to traditional sightseeing by bus or on foot in Bratislava.14. Jul 2017, at 6:21

The Slavín war memorial is a popular destination of running tours.

First Slovak satellite is orbiting Earth and working well

Innovative technologies developed by Slovak experts and used in the satellite have already raised interest from commercial companies and other potential partners.7. Jul 2017, at 12:54

People watch as Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle with 30 co-passenger satellites, including the Slovak skCUBE, blasts off from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh, India, on June 23.

Bratislava gets fashion mapPhoto

Nearly 50 shops in the city offer local clothing and design products.30. Jun 2017, at 7:10

Fashion designer Dana Kleinert with the Bratislava Fashion Map.

Bus station Mlynské Nivy will move laterPhoto

Brand new bus station Nivy to be complete in 2020.29. Jun 2017, at 12:45

The temporary bus station on  Bottova Street.

Airports tighten security measures

The US ban of laptops and electronic devices from aircraft cabins on flights from some airports, applies to those from Košice airport to Istanbul.22. Jun 2017, at 12:11

Airport Košice

Birdwatching in Bratislava

The capital offers birdwatching localities reachable by public transport19. Jun 2017, at 15:17

Birdwatching in Slovakia

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