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Jana Liptáková has been with The Slovak Spectator since 2004. After three years of serving as a part-time contributor and freelancer for the culture section, Ms. Liptáková joined The Slovak Spectator full-time as a culture writer and photographer in April 2007. Before joining the Spectator, Ms. Liptáková worked with the TASR newswire and later Slovakia’s first private newswire, SITA, for more than 15 years. Ms. Liptakova covers culture and business and she is the newspaper’s photographer.Ms Liptáková graduated with a Masters of Sciences degree (awarded for extended study) from the Technical University in Trnava, majoring in materials science and technology.

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German investors keep coming to Slovakia, bringing more automation

Corruption remains to be a problem, companies say.13. Aug 2018, at 6:30

Established in 1991, Volkswagen Slovakia has developed into the biggest private employer in Slovakia.

The biggest car maker, energy company and family businesses have found their way to SlovakiaPhoto

Seven different stories of German investments in Slovakia.13. Aug 2018, at 6:30

Slovakia is revamping support of renewable energy sources

New legislation keeps a controversial tariff paid by electricity producers10. Aug 2018, at 5:17

Also Slovakia is harnessing solar energy.

Bratislava looks different from a kayakPhoto

The oldest water sports club in Slovakia organises a kayak school for the public.9. Aug 2018, at 13:20

The Dunajčík canoe club has been running a kayak school for the third year.

Slovakia welcomes the halt in the escalation of US-EU trade war

Possible increase of tariffs on European cars imported to the US would hurt Slovakia3. Aug 2018, at 15:30

Rare piece of architecture in Bratislava will return to lifePhoto

The historical town hall in Bratislava’s Prievoz from the Functionalism period will be restored3. Aug 2018, at 8:50

The former town hall in Prievoz

Expert: client prefers to build a personal relationship to a vintage Porsche than to government bond Nr 229

Paintings, archive wine and vintage cars also appeal to Slovak investors27. Jul 2018, at 16:50

The auction house Soga holds regular auctions.

You will not make good ice cream without lovePhoto

Bratislava offers a range of ice cream shops offering traditional as well as innovative flavours like pineapple with radish shoots or violet.27. Jul 2018, at 13:50

Luculus ice cream shop was launched already in 1954.

Movies under an open sky feel differently than in an air-conditioned cinemaPhoto

The popularity of outdoor cinemas is increasing in Bratislava19. Jul 2018, at 9:10

Bažant Kinematograf on the Magio Pláž beach

Creator of the Krav Maga self-defense system was from BratislavaPhoto

The versatile athlete Imi Lichtenfeld finally has a memorial plaque in the Slovak capital.13. Jul 2018, at 16:41

Unveiling of the commemorative plaque: curator Michal Vaněk, Yaron Lichtenstein, BKIS director Vladimír Grežo and Museum of Jewish Culture's director Pavol Mešťan, from left.

Zero Euro banknotes with Slovak motifs generate unexpected demand

Souvenir banknotes have become a collectors’ phenomenon in Slovakia.12. Jul 2018, at 12:49

The souvenir banknote with the SNP Monument in the background.

Bratislava in an authentic manner

Travel agency shows traces of communism as well as how the city is changing now.29. Jun 2018, at 11:20

Chinese tourist Charlie (left) with Braňo Chrenka at the former Iron Curtain.

Challenges of taxing digital platforms

The European Union is working on new legislation addressing taxation in a sharing economy.29. Jun 2018, at 9:09

Slovakia is pioneering the taxation of digital platforms

Uber, Airbnb and booking.com are obliged to pay taxes in Slovakia, but they do not do so.22. Jun 2018, at 18:03

Digital platforms are obliged to pay taxes in Slovakia.

The interior of St Martin’s Dome looked different during coronations

Pressburg replaced the occupied coronation town of Székesfehérvár.21. Jun 2018, at 6:12

Coronation of Leopold II in St Martin's Dome redesigned in the baroque style.

Coronations return to BratislavaPhoto

This year Bratislava will recall the coronation of Leopold II, the younger son of Maria Theresa.21. Jun 2018, at 6:05

Bratislava will again enjoy re-enactment of coronation ceremony

Revitalised industrial building offers work, entertainment and housing

Mlynica is an excellent example of successful conversion of unused industrial building.15. Jun 2018, at 15:25


What are the reasons behind low wages in Slovakia?

The average wage costs per Slovak employee accounts for only 44 percent of the EU average.15. Jun 2018, at 8:29

Collector Eugen Bárkány did not distinguish between high and low art

The Jewish Community Museum pays a tribute to its initiator.10. Jun 2018, at 8:30

Eugen Bárkány painting in old Bratislava.

Insurers and the Finance Ministry are haggling over insurance tax

While insurance companies claim that the new tax will increase insurance prices, the Finance Ministry does not see any reason for it.8. Jun 2018, at 0:22

Despite natural disasters Slovakia has been experiencing, insurance penetration of only around 3 percent.