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Jana Liptáková has been with The Slovak Spectator since 2004. After three years of serving as a part-time contributor and freelancer for the culture section, Ms. Liptáková joined The Slovak Spectator full-time as a culture writer and photographer in April 2007. Before joining the Spectator, Ms. Liptáková worked with the TASR newswire and later Slovakia’s first private newswire, SITA, for more than 15 years. Ms. Liptakova covers culture and business and she is the newspaper’s photographer.Ms Liptáková graduated with a Masters of Sciences degree (awarded for extended study) from the Technical University in Trnava, majoring in materials science and technology.

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Amazon returns centre in Sereď already in operationPhoto

The centre is the largest and one of Amazon’s most technologically advanced ones16. Nov 2017, at 7:59

Amazon returns centre in Sereď

The story of iconic hand-cream goes on

Indulona was used as shoe polish or for frying, till today used as ointment for people suffering from skin problems13. Nov 2017, at 7:24

Indulona hand cream is one of products that survived the change in regime in 1989 and has remained popular in Slovakia.

Unfair practices or a market advantage?

Slovak companies see lower local wages to be one of a few competitive advantages.13. Nov 2017, at 6:30

The number of workers sent from Slovakia to other EU countries is increasing.

Bus station Mlynské Nivy is gradually disappearingPhoto

Lots of material will be reused10. Nov 2017, at 8:18

Demolition of the Mlynské Nivy bus station.

Gabčíkovo turns 25

The hydropower plant on the Danube remains controversial3. Nov 2017, at 11:02

The hydropower plant Gabčíkovo

Walking in the sky in BratislavaPhoto

Those courageous enough can try walking a narrow window board around the SNP bridge's UFO restaurant at a height of 82 metres2. Nov 2017, at 11:17

Walking outside the UFO restaurant 82 metres above the ground.

Mikulášsky cemetery is an oasis of peacePhoto

People still come to lit candles for their deceased at the cemetery31. Oct 2017, at 15:00

Mikulášsky cemetery

Fascinated by Glass’ hypnotic musicVideo

Pianist Fero Király, either alone or as a member of Cluster Ensemble, brings Glass minimal music to Slovakia27. Oct 2017, at 12:24

Fero Király playing works by Phillip Glass in Valaská Belá during the festival Kinobus.

Social package becoming more concrete

The slogan for the €250 million package is better remuneration for performed work26. Oct 2017, at 17:08

Robert Fico speaking at the Smer conference in Nitra.

Never-ending story of Bratislava main station goes onPhoto

Future function of the former Filiálka train station remains open26. Oct 2017, at 8:39

The main railway station in Bratislava

Richter: Revision on posted workers is a compromise

Slovakia voted for rule reform on posted workers25. Oct 2017, at 17:17

Refurbishment of Trnavské Mýto has startedPhoto

The facelift of the underpass crossing should be completed by summer. Fate of nearby Istropolis still not known18. Oct 2017, at 17:51

Reconstruction of Trnavské Mýto underpass started.

Bratislavské Rožky is more than a tasty pastryPhoto

The civic association named after a local specialty does the utmost for Bratislava citizens to like their city13. Oct 2017, at 15:01

Ján Vyhnánek, left, with Sándor Papp at the grave of Georg Lauda, one of the most known bakers of Bratislava rolls.

Budgetary deficit decreasing, but too slowly

The government sent the draft general government budget with a balanced budget for 2020 to parliament12. Oct 2017, at 17:17

Finance Minister Peter Kažimír

Measures from social package are not specified yet

The package should bring about the 13th and 14th salary, an increase in bonuses for night and weekend work and more12. Oct 2017, at 16:48

Bakers criticise the proposed increase of night work surcharges.

Bureaucracy crushes small and medium companies

Small businessmen spend about one month per year on red tape. This costs them €1,651.10. Oct 2017, at 15:14

Jaguar Land Rover closer to production launch in late 2018

The fourth carmaker in Slovakia has started a massive labour campaign; new workers do not need automotive experiences5. Oct 2017, at 16:05

Alexander Wortberg, operations director of JLR Slovakia in front of the poester with the model Land Rover Discovery.

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