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Piešťany censored famous Czech artist

The criticism for moving paintings by Jiří Načeradský came from both Slovak and foreign art experts and collectors.23. Jan 2018, at 13:40

Jiří Načeradský in Žilina, 2013

Czechs take over Pepsi producer in Slovakia

The transaction still needs to be approved by anti-trust authorities.23. Jan 2018, at 13:34

Illustrative stock photo

Cross-country skiers have to pay for the tracks near Kremnica

The money will be used to maintain the tracks belonging among the best in Slovakia.23. Jan 2018, at 13:31

The Education Ministry to restore the analytical institute

The institute that is part of the Value for Money initiative was merged with another body at the beginning of the year.23. Jan 2018, at 13:28

Education Minister Martina Lubyová

Scientists sent open letter to PM and Minister of Education. These are their demands

More than 500 people have signed the open letter asking for higher quality science in Slovakia.22. Jan 2018, at 22:50

Illustrative stock photo

Embraco and trade unions clinch collective agreement

Wages should increase by 11 percent in 2018.22. Jan 2018, at 22:03

Embraco plant in Spišská Nová Ves

The unemployment rate continued its downward trend in December

The problem of unemployment in Slovakia is not the lack of jobs but the unsuitable structure for job seekers.22. Jan 2018, at 21:54

Shooting in Bratislava claims two lives; a child survivedPhoto

Police are investigating the case.22. Jan 2018, at 21:39

Newly launched Progressive Slovakia aims for 20 percent of the vote in the next election

Ivan Štefunko, one of founders of the recently registered political movement, is elected leader.22. Jan 2018, at 21:29

Newly elected leader of Progressive Slovakia, Ivan Štefunko

Admission to the national gallery will be free in 2018. Check what it preparesPhoto

The Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava celebrates 70th anniversary in 2018.22. Jan 2018, at 13:48

Ladislav Bielik: August 1968 (1968) SNG, Bratislava

Kiska: Only president can bestow awards

President Andrej Kiska turned to Constitutional Court over the law on state awards recently passed by the government.22. Jan 2018, at 13:37

President Andrej Kiska granting awards, January 1, 2018

Pohoda named the most environmentally-friendly festival in Europe

Slovak open-air music festival received a record seven nominations in the Netherlands.22. Jan 2018, at 13:29

Pohoda festival

At the Special Prosecutor’s Office, cases of racist attacks dominate

The most frequent crimes in extremism involved promoting groups that aim to suppress fundamental rights and freedoms.22. Jan 2018, at 13:14

Extremist marches are often in the media spotlight.

Flu is on the rise

In the third week of January, 6,184 patients were reported to have the flu or similar diseases.22. Jan 2018, at 13:07

Flu occurrence is on the rise, illustrative stock photo

Global warming is a myth, claims a hoax

According to recent hoaxes published online, snow in the Sahara disproves global warming and milk can block airways.22. Jan 2018, at 8:50

The snowfall in Sahara can be seen in this satellite picture.

Publication of 286 hand-painted maps belongs to Slovak records

Each map takes months of painstaking detailed work.21. Jan 2018, at 7:35

The biggest antiquarian bookshop from Leopoldov is stored in TrnavaPhoto

The new year could bring a new cultural centre in antiquarian bookshop.20. Jan 2018, at 7:30

Archive photo

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