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Welcome of Slovak apostolic administrator to be broadcast online

Liturgy takes place in Parma, Ohio.20. Jul 2017, at 22:37

Milan Lach

Minister Richter apologises to journalist, indicating a failure in communication

The social worker who visited the journalist of the Denník N daily did not follow the prescribed manual, which might have resulted in confusion and a misinterpretation of the entire situation, said the minister.20. Jul 2017, at 22:05

Ján Richter

Lúčky folklorists will build a raft this weekend

A three-day event beginning on July 21 will demonstrate the practices and skills of the village’s raftsmen - and rafts woman.20. Jul 2017, at 14:10

Rafting on the Váh river, illustrative stock photo

Doctors have not reached agreement with Dôvera

Outpatient doctors are insisting on more funding for surgeries20. Jul 2017, at 13:50

Illustrative stock photo

Analysis: Slovakia lacks competitive tourism

Neither Slovakia nor the Czech Republic are countries in which tourism could be viewed as the bedrock of their economies, an analysis by UniCredit Bank finds.20. Jul 2017, at 13:28

Štrbské pleso

Prosecutor has charged former MP with unlawful killing

Former opposition MP Daniel Lipšic had stepped down after fatal pedestrian crash.20. Jul 2017, at 13:14

Daniel Lipšic in parliament.

Lomnický Štít Observatory opens to public

Visitors can see modern solar exploration devices as well as a cosmic ray detector.19. Jul 2017, at 21:03

The observatory at the Lomnický Štít peak

Slovaks contributed €465 million to green electricity producers in 2016

This year the support from consumers will be even higher.19. Jul 2017, at 20:51

Those harnessing the sun for generation of electricity received the most.

Ministry inspects selected wells in Vrakuňa

The recently acknowledged contamination of land and underground waters by waste from a former chemical plant has initiated analyses of selected private wells in the area.19. Jul 2017, at 20:42

Protest in Vrakuňa

Prosecutor renews lawsuit against Paška brothers

The nephews of the former parliamentary speaker were freed by the courts which insisted new evidence must be found.19. Jul 2017, at 20:34

Illustrative stock photo

Businesses want schools to be more eager about dual education

Prepared amendment should motivate vocational schools to collaborate more.19. Jul 2017, at 13:35

Pupils should learn directly in firms.

Rapid Life insurance company has gone bankrupt

Clients are expected to receive nothing.19. Jul 2017, at 13:34

Hundred-tonne rock fell on the road near StrečnoPhoto

The busy road will remain closed at least until the end of July.19. Jul 2017, at 13:30

Some 100 tonnes of hard rock collapsed and fell on the road under the Strečno Castle, near Zilina.

Historical train will bring tourists to Dobšinská Ice Cave

The last Saturday of July will offer a treat for railway enthusiasts in Košice Region.19. Jul 2017, at 13:18

Old tram to be turned into centre of culture

It will host concerts, discussions, screenings, the reading of books and more.19. Jul 2017, at 6:51

The old tram is turning into centre of culture.

Peter Sagan: The jury is wrong

Slovak cyclist Peter Sagan complains about impersonal behavior of jury.19. Jul 2017, at 6:36

Peter Sagan

Slovak children are lagging behind in British schools

Some Polish children at British schools have better results than the British.19. Jul 2017, at 6:28

Illustrative stock photo

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