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Foreigners: Top 10 events in BratislavaVideo

Tips for the top 10 events in the capital between November 24 and December 3, plus regular services in different languages, training, temporary exhibitions and highlights of the year.21. Nov 2017, at 20:38

Christmas Markets Bratislava

Pieniny National Park celebrates a special anniversaryVideo

The smallest national park in Slovakia was officially opened in 1967.21. Nov 2017, at 13:56

Traditional rafting on the Dunajec river is a tourist attraction in Pieniny National Park.

Fifty Shades of Grey: Slovakia's Olympic outfits will not stray from tradition

The official outfit for Slovak athletes at the Pyongyang Olympic Games has been presented; the Slovak Olympic Committee (SOV) is not satisfied.21. Nov 2017, at 13:43

Olympic outfit of Slovak athletes

Experts green-light road construction under the Danube River

Villages in the Žitný Ostrov area may find a transportation solution in a new road under the feed channel.21. Nov 2017, at 13:29

The ferry in Vojka, at Gabčíkovo hydro-power plant could be replaced by an undergound tunnel.

PSA will produce electric motors in Trnava

The French carmaker re-evaluated original plans and announced it will produce electric motors in its Slovak plant.21. Nov 2017, at 13:21

PSA Peugeot Citroën plant in Trnava

Košice governor candidate contested the election result

Incumbent Košice Mayor Richard Raši claims that not all votes for him have been counted.21. Nov 2017, at 13:15

Richard Raši casting his vote in the regional elections.

Bratislava will get new routes to London and Tbilisi

The new routes will be launched next year21. Nov 2017, at 6:51

Unemployment rate in Slovakia went down in October

Labour market experts call for more attention to be paid to lack of qualified labour21. Nov 2017, at 6:42

Vacancies are estimated at more than 100,000.

EMA will go to Amsterdam, not Bratislava

The Slovak capital finished fourth in first round of vote for the seat of the prestigious European Medicines Agency21. Nov 2017, at 6:27

EMA will move from London due to Brexit. It will go to Amsterdam.

Probe into Foreign Ministry scandal shows Slovakia in bad light

Former Foreign Ministry employee Zuzana Hlávková decried allegedly shady purchases at the Foreign Affairs Ministry one year ago21. Nov 2017, at 6:10

The ceremonial launch of the Slovak presidency's logo.

112 Slovak trucks detained in Belgium due to suspicion of driver exploitation

The Association of Road Transport Operators of the Slovak Republic claim a shell company via which a Belgian entrepreneur hires drivers from eastern Europe is behind the case21. Nov 2017, at 6:01

Illustratory stock photo

Underground resistance fighter and political prisoner awarded

The prizes awarded to Czech and Slovaks whose lives were impacted by totalitarian regimes and non-democracy were given at a ceremony in the Prague National Theatre.20. Nov 2017, at 14:04

Head of Post Bellum Sandra Polovková

The Dolina Čergova micro-region invests in religious tourism

Slovak-Polish cooperation will lead to a micro-museum with dozens of wooden church replicas.20. Nov 2017, at 13:55

Basilica Minor in Ľutina

People fight for vanishing national park forests

The My Sme Les (We Are Wood) initiative was signed by more than 25,000 people20. Nov 2017, at 13:48

Massive logging in Slovakia, illustrative stock photo

Crucial rail terminal needed for car industry will not be built

State company revokes promise of container terminal near Nitra, much needed by car maker Jaguar Land Rover.20. Nov 2017, at 13:43

New Jaguars will have to be transported in a different way.

The day that changed the Tatra mountains for goodPhoto

The windstorm damaged 12,000 hectares of woods on November 19, 2004.20. Nov 2017, at 13:35

Tatras after the 2004 calamity

Archaeologists theorize found body is shamanPhoto

Researching under the transport infrastructure for future Jaguar Land Rover reveals new archaeological secrets.20. Nov 2017, at 8:52

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