Compiled by Spectator staff

Compiled by Spectator staff

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Biathlete Kuzmina dominated in women's 10 km pursuit

She did not make any mistake at the shooting range.23. Mar 2019, at 16:19

Anastasia Kuzmina

Krakovany wedding expo shows what a traditional Slovak bride looked like

There was also a demonstration of a wedding day ritual.23. Mar 2019, at 9:30


Fico threatens media again

The chairman of the strongest ruling party launched another series of attacks against the media.21. Mar 2019, at 23:28

Robert Fico

First witnesses heard in the case of Henry Acorda's death

The attacker, Juraj Hossu, remains in prison.21. Mar 2019, at 23:21

Juraj Hossu stays in prison.

Following his communication with Zsuzsová, Vanek resigns from his post as prosecutor

Zsuzsová has been charged in connection with the murder of journalist Ján Kuciak.21. Mar 2019, at 23:05

René Vanek

Kuzmina bids farewell to her career with a victory in sprint

Anastasia Kuzmina won the March 21 sprint, while another Slovak biathlete, Paulína Fialková, placed third.21. Mar 2019, at 22:58

Anastasia Kuzmina and her third globe

Volunteers clean Turniansky Castle for 16th time

The castle is located 40 kilometres away from Košice.21. Mar 2019, at 13:43


Čaputová leads in the poll before the run-off

She is supported mostly by young people and respondents with a university education.21. Mar 2019, at 13:41

Second round runner-ups Zuzana Čaputová and Maroš Šefčovič

Rossignol to move part of its production from France to Slovakia

The Slovak branch in Gajary is producing frames and frame parts for high-class bicycles.21. Mar 2019, at 13:40

Illustrative stock photo

War veteran Milan Píka has died

He served in the British Royal Air Force during WWII.21. Mar 2019, at 13:37

Milan Píka

Will Bratislava’s iconic music club in the bunker close down?

Subclub, previously the U.Club, is expected to close due to new borough development.21. Mar 2019, at 11:12

Subclub now

Only one-third of companies in Slovakia described as innovative

Environmental innovation will be needed more than ever in the years to come.20. Mar 2019, at 22:19

President Kiska testified in the case of Fico's intimidation

Smer head Robert Fico wants to testify as well.20. Mar 2019, at 22:11

President Andrej Kiska

Fico: I did not speak with Vadala on the phone

A legal team has been created to monitor the behaviour of journalists, Fico also said during his press conference.20. Mar 2019, at 22:05

Smer head Robert Fico.

Nature created an unusual formation near the Poprad River

A protected natural monument.20. Mar 2019, at 14:43


Who may take the post of US Ambassador to Slovakia?

Current US Ambassador to Slovakia Adam Sterling has served in Slovakia since 2016.20. Mar 2019, at 14:41

Bridget Brink to be the next US ambassador to the Slovak Republic.

Prepare for the shutdown of Slovak Wikipedia

Wikipedia's decision comes a few days before the vote on a new EU Copyright Directive.20. Mar 2019, at 14:40

Slovak Wikipedia shuts down on March 21,2019 to protest the new EU Copyright Directive.

Reopened Prievidza airport expected to attract tourists and investors

Company Brose Prievidza invested millions into modernisation of the airport.20. Mar 2019, at 14:35

Two aircraft from Germany landed during the reopening of Prievidza Airport.

Foreigners: Top 10 events in Bratislava

Tips for the top 10 events in the capital between March 22 and March 31, plus regular services in different languages, training, temporary exhibitions and highlights of the year.20. Mar 2019, at 10:41

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Hamšík voted the best Slovak football player of 2018

The Slovak midfielder won the title eight times in the last 10 years.19. Mar 2019, at 22:09

Slovak midfielder Marek Hamšík was named Slovakia's Football Player of the Year.