Largest companies that help search for jobs or employees

More than just well-known names placed on the list of the 10 largest HR companies in Slovakia.

10 Largest HR companies10 Largest HR companies

The ranking of HR companies in Slovakia is topped by the company ManpowerGroup, which is strong in the field of recruiting as well as personnel leasing. In this article you can find detailed information about HR companies; however, a separate ranking for employment agencies and executive search firms is also available.


1. ManpowerGroup
3. Manuvia
4. Grafton*
5. ADECCO Slovakia
6. Lugera & Maklér
7. TRANSFER International Staff
8. Maxin’s Group

Manuvia had the most permanent employees in 2020 and based on data provided by FinStat, had the highest average sales revenues in the past three years (2017-2019). INDEX NOSLUŠ had the highest average net profit over the same period.

This ranking does not include executive search firms because they use different methods for placements.

The ten largest recruitment agencies filled 3,600 positions for companies in 2020. Compared to 2019, this is a 46-percent drop. ManpowerGroup reported the highest number (2,972 placements, most of which were allocated for industry and IT). Grafton had the highest number in the white-collar category (332 placements) and its numbers include data from the Work Service Group.

In 2020, the ten largest temporary employment agencies leased 23,227 employees with a 30-percent drop compared to 2019. INDEX NOSLUŠ, which leased 6,086 people, was number one.

“We have been preparing labour market analyses as part of our annual Career and Employment Guide for 22 years now,” said Ján Pallo, publisher of The Slovak Spectator. “This year, we worked more with methodology, so we were able to obtain from the largest players on Slovak market comparable data.”

The ranking was created thanks to the cooperation between The Slovak Spectator and the company FinStat. Five criteria were used to evaluate which agencies were the largest.

The ranking does not include employment agencies for direct searches of experts or managers (executive search firms) because they use different methods for placements.

When creating the ranking, the following factors of varying weights were considered:

  1. the average number of permanent employees in 2020 - leased employees not included (45% weight)
  2. the total number of placements in 2020 (leased positions not included) while white collars have a value double that of blue collars (27% weight)
  3. number of leased employees in 2020 - only permanent employees (10% weight)
  4. average sales revenue between the years 2017-2019 (13% weight)
  5. average net profit between the years 2017-2019 (5% weight).

More details can be found in the Career and Employment Guide 2020 yearbook published by The Slovak Spectator. It contains the results of the analysis and complete rankings, as well as other interesting information about the labour market.

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