This year's June was the hottest in Slovakia's history

Tropical days and tropical nights, an unusual occurrence, were also recorded in northern Slovakia.

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Weeks of extremely high temperatures have made June the hottest month not only in 2019 but also the hottest June in the history of Slovakia, the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute (SHMÚ) stated on its website.

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People in Slovakia experienced two strong heatwaves during the month.

“Because of this, we recorded an extremely high number of tropical days this June,” SHMÚ climatologists Pavel Paško and Jozef Pecho said.

Tropical Slovakia

People in some towns, including Dudince and Podhájska (both in Nitra Region), experienced temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius most of the time. Dudince had 16 tropical days, while Podhájska had 18.

All days in June were hot in Hurbanovo and Žihárec (both in the south of Nitra Region), Sliač (Banská Bystrica Region), and Topoľčany (Nitra Region).

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Climatologists also recorded a high number of tropical nights in June. Moreover, these were experienced by people in northern parts of Slovakia, which was intriguing for most climatologists.

Temperatures were also high on Lomnický Štít peak. They climbed to 17.5 Celsius degrees on June 26, which was the highest recorded temperature at this time of year since 1951.

May vs June

“The average monthly temperature in June recorded at all weather stations was the highest in history,” SHMÚ climatologists claimed, as quoted by TASR.

In Oravská Lesná (Žilina Region), the average temperature was 18.8 Celsius degrees, which is 0.6 Celsius degrees higher than it was in August 1992.

The difference between the average temperature when comparing May and June was 10 degrees Celsius, which is almost four times the long-term climate difference between the given months, climatologists said.

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