What a wonderful world: Zádielska gorge!

The beautiful gorge can be found in the Slovak Karst National Park.

Zádielska tiesňavaZádielska tiesňava(Source: One2We)

Did you know that Slovakia has:

  • 9 national parks;
  • 15,000 km of marked hiking trails;
  • 12,000 km of marked cycling trails;
  • 1,600 mineral springs;
  • 6,000 caves.

And how many gorges are hidden in Slovakia?

The smallest gorge, Haluzická gorge is like a primaeval forest in miniature.

The narrowest gorge in Slovakia, Manínska gorge stands at the bottom, where the press of the stones is enormous.

The most extensive gorge, the Jánošík holes, are thundering and favoured by Leoš Mareš, a popular Czech moderator and singer.

The most visited gorge, Suchá Belá gorge, is magical.

The Kyseľ gorge is like a dauntless fighter.

But only one gorge is the deepest and most romantic:

The Zádielska gorge.


Let's take a road trip through the Slovak Karst National Park!

Let's be enchanted by the white beauty of the Ochtinská Aragonite cave, decorated with a unique form of an eccentric aragonite, a place from a Slovak fairy-tale, The Salt Prince.

Let's wander through a lowland reminiscent of a never-ending steppe or tundra with rounded hills on its edge looking from afar.

Let's find ourselves among the strong walls of Turniansky castle and maybe their magical powers will give us supernatural abilities to see the magical creatures which appear in the small hours of the night.

Suddenly we hear the roar of waterfalls.

Hájske waterfalls are located closed to the village of Háj.

There are ten of them.

The Emerald Waterfall has a height of 1.7m, the Big Waterfall, 7m.

Concert on a meadow stage and smell of strawberries

The Zádielska gorge is waiting for us. It is a beautiful gorge in the Slovak Karst National Park.

  • The gorge is 400m deep, 2km long and only 10m wide at its narrowest;
  • The gorge was formed by the activity of Blatnica stream;
  • It is a gorge with tall rocks, a burbling stream with small cascades, where you can hike in the forest uphill and through the underbrush to find yourself in front of panoramic and breath-taking views;
  • It is a gorge where the buzzing bees and musical crickets give a concert on a meadow stage;
  • The gorge smells of strawberries and raspberries;
  • It is a gorge where the rocks have formed a small maze;
  • At the end, let's climb the 105m tall pyramid-shaped rock, Sugar Cone, created by water activity. It is the highest pyramid-shaped rock in Slovakia.

On the top you will hear the voice of Louis Armstrong singing:

I see trees of green, red roses too

I see them bloom for me and you

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world!

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