Paradise for skiers and climbers

Once you have seen Staré Hory and its environs, you may never want to leave.

(Source: TASR)
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Staré Hory is a village in the Banská Bystrica region known chiefly for its mining industry, forests and and its part in the uprising. It is located in the area of the Veľká Fatra and the Low Tatras national parks.

As mayor Marián Gajdoš said, the village and its environs have proved very attractive. People are eager to settle or actively spend their free time there no matter the season.

“The biggest draw is the nature and the countryside. Wild animals can often be spotted but they are not dangerous. They are shy and there has never been a case where someone was attacked here. There are cycling routes connecting Špania Dolina, Staré Hory and Donovaly,” the mayor said, as quoted by the TASR newswire.

He used to come here as a tourist and to ski but he loved it so much that he has been living here for 16 years. He is originally from eastern Slovakia.

Paradise for climbers

Surrounding the village is a paradise for climbers. There are unique climbing rocks, the most visited is Jelenec. This is a wide limestone area with about 200 climbing routes suitable for both experienced climbers and beginners.

This locality is also well-known abroad and it has potential for sports climbing. Šturec is the favourite climbing rock and there should be Ferrata in the future.

“Piles of snow attract skiers in the winter. For cross-country skiers, there are beautiful routes connecting Staré Hory and Špania Dolina and Donovaly,” he said, as quoted by TASR. About 20 to 30 avalanches fall near Staré Hory every year.

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