Judges allegedly linked to Kočner have been suspended

Two judges left upon their own request, while one has to follow the decision of the disciplinary senate.

Marian KočnerMarian Kočner (Source: TASR)

Former president of the Bratislava III District Court David Lindtner submitted a request to suspend his function as a judge on October 25.

He explained his step with society's current perception of the situation and opinion on the moral integrity of judges, the TASR newswire.

Lindtner resigned from his post earlier in October, following the published suspicions that he had communicated with Marian Kočner via the encrypted messaging app Threema.

The Justice Ministry appreciates Lindtner’s step and considers it an attempt to return trustworthiness to the judiciary, as reported by TASR.

He is not the only judge whose performance in the function has been suspended in connection to Kočner. While the disciplinary senate decided on this step in the case of Bratislava I District Court Vladimír Sklenka, whose mobile phone was seized by the police in August, Judge Miriam Repáková asked for suspension of her function upon her own request.

Repáková follows suit

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Repáková, who works for the Bratislava I District Court, is the second judge to voluntarily ask for her performance in the function to be suspended. She is rumoured to have issued an unlawful verdict in the case of Technopol Service in Kočner’s favour.

The communication sent via the Threema app suggests that she recommended Kočner on how to proceed in the case and what to write in a letter to the court.

It is possible she will have her function suspended until the investigation into the communication is finished, the Sme daily reported.

Justice Minister Gábor Gál (Most-Híd) had proposed a disciplinary motion against Repáková even before the communication sent via the Threema app was published. Her only punishment would be a deduction from her salary, however.

Court’s operation impacted

Meanwhile, the disciplinary senate decided to suspend the performance of another Bratislava I District Court judge, Vladimír Sklenka, on October 25.

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He is one of the judges suspected of communicating with Kočner, whose mobile phones were seized by the police in August, TASR reported.

The disciplinary senate held a closed session and decided on a motion submitted by the Judicial Council chair, Lenka Praženková, on October 24. She proposed that Sklenka be removed from his office and his performance as a judge be suspended, TASR wrote.

Sklenka can still appeal against the decision, the SITA newswire reported.

The recent developments will significantly impact the work of the Bratislava I District Court’s business department. Now only one of six bankruptcy sections and two of six court departments will deal with the concurrence of data in the business register or complaints on the listings in this register, Sme wrote.

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