Mečiar is back, joining an existing party

If he will lead the slate remains unknown for now.

Vladimír MečiarVladimír Mečiar (Source: Sme)

Former PM Vladimír Mečiar has announced his return to the politics via party Slovenská Liga (Slovak League).

It is the renamed New Parliament party, formerly led by Jozef Behýl, unsuccessful presidential candidate from 2014.

The Sme daily reported that the former Mečiar colleague from the now obsolete Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (HZDS), Tibor Cabaj, is one of the party officials. Cabaj told Sme, that Mečiar may run as a candidate in the 2020 elections.

To stop society from breaking down

Mečiar, now 77 years old, announced his return to the politics in the summer, first in an interview for the tabloid daily Plus Jeden Deň.

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"There is no party that is able to say Slovakia first," Mečiar said in the interview when asked about his reasons for a new party.

In the press release sent by former MP of HZDS Eva Zelenayová, Mečiar wrote that “the time of the state's establishment was a time of patriotism, now it is being defamed”.

“I do care and that’s why I have decided to enter politics with the Slovenská Liga movement,” he said, as quoted by Sme. “We will do everything to stop the breakdown of society and return dignity to its life.”

Mečiar bid his farewell to Slovaks in 1998, when he was ousted through a joint effort of the then centre-right opposition. His now-obsolete Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (HZDS) was, however, part of a coalition with Smer and SNS between 2006-2010. Since then, he has been in retirement.

Offer has been extended

Cabaj did not confirm whether Mečiar would be party leader in the election.

“He did not say no. But neither has he said yes. I expect for him to give his stance within in a short time,” Cabaj told TASR.

He added that the party addressed the request for Vladimír Mečiar sometime ago.

“We asked, and he has to decide,” Cabaj said.

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