Čižnár: We are not procrastinating about Trnka

Trnka is involved in corruption allegations based on a recording between him and Kočner.

General Prosecutor Jaromír ČižnárGeneral Prosecutor Jaromír Čižnár (Source: Sme)

For nine months the public has known that the police found a recording of a conversation between former general prosecutor Dobroslav Trnka and Marian Kočner, who stands accused of several serious crimes.

The recording contains grave suspicions of corruption that Trnka might have been engaged in when dealing with serious cases, including the Gorilla scandal.

The case involving the investigation of the recording is being looked into by a branch of the National Criminal Agency in Košice.

“It is not that I don't want to, but I can't,” Trnka said to the Sme daily in early September when asked whether he has been heard in the case.

The request for Trnka being stripped of his confidentiality has been submitted by investigators and approved by General Prosecutor Jaromír Čižnár. Čižnár continues to deny politicians' claims that he is acting with delays, in this case, the TASR newswire wrote.

An incomplete request

The General Prosecutor's Office said the criminal prosecution in the case of abuse of power by the public official and accepting a bribe began in March. The confidentiality request came in on August 1.

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The request did not contain the necessary particulars, so the General Prosecutor's Office asked the investigators to supplement it.

"After three weeks, the investigator completed and delivered it to the General Prosecutor's Office," Jana Tökölyová, spokesperson for the Special Prosecutor's Office said, as quoted by TASR.

She added that the General Prosecutor approved the investigator's request on September 30 and delivered it to them on October 1. The General Prosecutor's Office claimed the decision could have been made earlier if the request had contained all the required materials.

At the same time, Tökölyová pointed out that the General Prosecutor's Office decided on three other confidentiality requests concerning Trnka, and Čižnár has so far complied with all the investigators' request.

Confidentiality issues

Issues with stripping people of confidentiality have appeared in the investigation of other serious cases in the past.

Sme points to the Gorilla case, when the Slovak Information Service (SIS) kept refusing to strip its agent of confidentiality, the alleged author of the Gorilla file Peter Holúbek.

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