Opposition pledges not to cooperate with Smer post election

Kiska’s party joined the non-aggression pact after peripeties.

Left to right: Andrej Kiska (Za Ľudí), Alojz Hlina (KDH), Michal Truban (PS), Miroslav Beblavý (Spolu)Left to right: Andrej Kiska (Za Ľudí), Alojz Hlina (KDH), Michal Truban (PS), Miroslav Beblavý (Spolu) (Source: SITA)

The non-parliamentary party Za Ľudí joined the non-aggression pact that was signed by the non-parliamentary party Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) and the coalition of Progressive Slovakia (PS) and Spolu back in summer.

As Za ľudí chairman Andrej Kiska said, there had been a clause added to the agreement that any cooperation with Smer, the Slovak National Party and extremists after the election was out of the question, the TASR newswire reported.

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SaS may join, too

Leader of PS/Spolu coalition Michal Truban said that with this agreement, the parties should show that they are able to communicate with one another. He believes that such cooperation would work.

There is also the possibility that Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) will join the pact. Truban said that they want to meet Richard Sulík out of the sight of cameras. SaS has already said that they are interested in joining the agreement.

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