The block of flats in Prešov will be torn down

The police have brought charges against three people so far.

The block of flats on Mukačevská Street is in ruins.The block of flats on Mukačevská Street is in ruins. (Source: HaZZ Prešov via SITA)

At least three top floors of the block of flats on Mukačevská Street in Prešov will have to be torn down. The building, damaged by a gas explosion on December 6, will be checked by construction experts, who will determine how to proceed with the demolition.

It remains unclear when and to what extent the building will be demolished, the Korzár regional daily reported.

The statics experts recommend demolishing the top four floors, adding they could be dangerous since the panels may gradually fall down. The owners of the flats agreed at a meeting on December 8 that the building should be demolished, Korzár wrote.

Firefighters: Rules were breached

The police brought charges of general endangerment against three people. They also proposed that the prosecutor’s office prosecute them in custody, the TASR newswire reported.

Although the reasons for the explosion and subsequent fire are still being investigated, it is possible the main cause was the gas reconstruction, said head of the regional fire brigade in Prešov, Ján Goliaš.

Some suggest the pipeline was damaged, which caused the gas to rise to the upper parts of the building, where it subsequently cumulated.

“I’ll be frank: the firefighters disagreed with the reconstruction of the whole block of flats,” Goliaš said, as quoted by Korzár. “We disagreed with the works in 2017, when several rules were breached. This may have caused the stairs to collapse, which complicated the evacuation.”

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In his opinion, the building is doomed to be demolished.

New papers for free

In the meantime, people have collected nearly €0.5 million to help those affected by the gas explosion.

More than €411,000 was collected via the TV JOJ Foundation, where people could also send text messages. Another €51,000 was sent via the official account set up by the town of Prešov.

In addition, the town will receive €1 million from the government, while Košice Region will allocate €100,000 and Prešov Region €50,000, the Denník N daily reported.

The police will help people as well. They informed that those living on 7 Mukačevská Street will be able to get their personal documents for free and as fast as possible, TASR reported.

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