More than €1.4 million collected for people from building explosion in Prešov

The building will be gradually dismantled, one person from the 12th floor still missing.

(Source: HaZZ Prešov via SITA)

More than €1.4 million was sent to the official account the city of Prešov opened for donations for people affected by the explosion of the block of flats on Mukačevská Street.

The Government's Office sent another million to the city account. The Košice and Prešov self-governing regions decided to help with €100,000 and €50,000 respectively.

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Mayor Andrea Turčanová said that they first want to help those who were affected the most, but also people who had their windows broken or cars damaged.

“For six months we want to pay them €300 to allow them to pay rent for whatever flat they live,” the mayor said, as quoted by the TASR newswire.

Dismantling the block

The exact number of those who suffered material damages is not clear yet.

The top four of five floors of the block will be dismantled. They will use special technology – pliers – that will gradually cut off the flows. This method of demolition was approved also because a woman from the 12th floor is still missing and her remains could be found when dismantling the building.

Beforehand, a protective layer of macadam will be scattered around to protect roads and infrastructure. It should be about two metres high. The work starts on December 10.

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