Mobile testing sites not opened as planned

The Health Ministry has promised to keep updating the list.

The mobile testing site in BratislavaThe mobile testing site in Bratislava (Source: TASR)

Not all mobile testing sites for free antigen tests have been opened in Slovakia's green districts.

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PM Igor Matovič (OĽaNO) has promised on several occasions that the mobile testing sites would be functional in all 25 districts plus the cities of Bratislava and Košice, where the second round of the mass testing did not take place, on November 9.

However, they have been opened in 11 district capitals by noon.

The Health Ministry, which was in charge of opening the testing sites, has announced that although they have found providers of this service in every district, there is one serious problem.

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“The current legislation does not allow the Health Ministry or its organisations to sign an agreement with the providers at the testing sites,” Health Minister Marek Krajčí (OĽaNO) said, as quoted by the TASR newswire, adding the ministry will try to find a solution this week.

Matovič has, meanwhile, criticised Krajčí.

“The task has been fulfilled only partially, the deadline was missed,” he told the Denník N daily.

Where can you get tested?

The Health Ministry is gradually opening the mobile testing sites for antigen tests, and regularly updates the list which can be found at the ministry's website.

Here are selected testing sites in regional capitals


  • University Hospital in Bratislava (UNB) in Ružinov, Ružinovská 4810/6
    • 8:00-12:00 (two sites)
  • UNB in Petržalka, Antolská 11
    • 9:00-12:00
  • UNB in Podunajské Biskupice, Krajinská 91
    • 9:00-11:00
  • the National Institute of Children’s Diseases (NÚDCH) in Podunajské Biskupice, Krajinská 91
    • 9:00-11:00
  • NovaPharm, Trnavské Mýto, Šancova 110
    • Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00
  • Royal Medic Health Care, Babuškova 2
    • 12:30-21:00
  • RMHC1, Záporošská 12
    • 13:00-22:00


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  • regional Public Health Authority branch, Halenárska 23
    • Mon, Wed, Thu 8:00–11:00
  • AnalytX, A. Žarnova
    • Mon-Fri 12:00-16:00


  • Faculty hospital, Legionárska 28
    • 7:30-14:30
  • regional Public Health Authority branch, Nemocničná 4
    • 8:00-12:00


  • Faculty Hospital, Špitálska 6
    • 10:00-14:00


  • Faculty Hospital, V. Spanyola 47 A
    • 11:00-15:00
  • Slovak Red Cross, Moyzesova 38
    • Mon-Sat 09:00-13:00 and 13:30-17:30

Banská Bystrica

  • F. D. Roosevelt Hospital, Mičinská cesta 4160 (parking lot)
    • 8:00-16:00
  • Children's University Hospital, Námestie Ludvika Svobodu 4
    • 11:00-15:00
  • regional Public Health Authority branch, Cesta k nemocnici 1
    • Mon, Wed, Fri 9:00-12:00


  • Slovak Red Cross, Ipeľská 1
    • Mon-Sat 8:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00
  • regional Public Health Authority branch, Staničné námestie 5
    • 8:00-12:00
  • Children's Faculty Hospital, Trieda SNP 1
    • 11:00-15:00


  • J.A Reiman Hospital, entrance from Sládkovičova 5969
    • Mon, Wed, Fri 9:00-12:00
  • regional Public Health Authority branch, Jána Hollého 5
    • Mon, Thu, Fri 9:00-12:00 (last swab at 11:30)

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