“Waiting room” for vaccination has been opened

But some people are still reporting problems.

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The state has launched the long-awaited “waiting room” for vaccination in order to prevent “competition” for free vaccination slots. Originally, the system was supposed to be launched on Monday, March 15.

After filling in the form, the user will receive confirmation of their registration and will be notified as soon as the slot is open.

The terms will be distributed based on the applicant’s age. Currently, the system is open for people older than 60 years, medical and social workers, and people helping in medical facilities and mobile testing sites including police officers, soldiers and firefighters.

The website is in the Slovak language only.

Still, some problems occurred shortly after its launch. The website did not work for several people, who only managed to register after a few attempts.

How to register

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The registration has four stages.

First, people pick the vaccination group available and type in their name, address, birth number, health insurer, phone number and email.

Then, people choose the place of vaccination. They can pick more than one place.

Next, they will either be offered the free spot (currently, there are not any, the state plans to add new ones later this week) or choose an option that puts them on the waiting list.

Finally, they will confirm the registration and receive a PIN code for potential cancellation or change of registration. The PIN code is later sent to the person's email and as a text message.

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