People can see what scared their ancestors at special exhibition

The original project attracts visitors from different corners of the country.

(Source: Marcela Ballová)

A barefoot woman in a torn skirt who suffocated people or danced them to death, a blood-sucking Mora, a powerful ruler of the forest, the stealing of children from careless mothers or a man turning into a werewolf.

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In central Slovakia, people were once afraid of various beings that could make their lives miserable, or deprive them of it.

Some of them "live" in the old City House in Brezno.

Attractive project

The experiential attraction, which arose from ancient superstitions, consists of a room with thirteen figures, furnished with more than 120 collection items from the ethnological fund of the Horehronie Museum.

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People once believed these superstitions. Unfortunate events and sudden deaths were considered to be the work of a witch, Poludnica, Mora, Runa, Svetlonos, a werewolf; they also feared a water goblin.

"Mysterious beings existed in the past in people's imaginations as a possible part of their lives. They occurred under certain circumstances, at a certain time and place. Whoever could tried to avoid them, or did everything to prevent an attack, because it could end very badly. Specific events have been preserved for us through collected and written narratives," states the museum about the non-traditional exhibition, of considerable public interest for over a year.

Visitors to the Horehronie Museum will also learn why people used to draw a circle around their bed with chalk, why the butter churn was tied to the leg of the table, why they used to put onions and garlic on their threshold, the purpose of scattered poppies and crossed brooms, or nails hammered into logs.

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They will also see the feared creatures that once kept people awake. Several figures are installed in the room.

An original experience

You can sign up for the unusual experience on the BBSK website.

The region supported its establishment with a sum of €10,700. The Art Support Fund also contributed €7,000 from public sources.

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