Google Street View cars are back on Slovak roads

Street View also features natural beauties of Slovakia.

Google Street View car.Google Street View car. (Source: Google)

Slovaks will see Google Street View cars driving on Slovak roads during the spring and summer months. Google regularly updates panoramic images for its Google Maps service. Google Street View cars will visit many towns in Slovakia, including Levoča, Snina, Humenné and Skalica.

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"The basic mission of Google is to bring accurate, useful, and above all, up-to-date information to users. Of course, this also applies to the Street View service on Google Maps. Based on the analysis and its subsequent evaluation, Google identifies areas that should be updated. In general, this mainly concerns roads and streets within cities and municipalities, intercity or speedways," says Iva Fialová, Google's communications manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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In Slovakia, streets and roads will be photographed in many cities and towns throughout the country in the updating of Street View images. The Street View service was launched in Slovakia in the fall of 2012, when Google managed to photograph almost all of it. Street View images have been updated several times since then. The new scanning captures the infrastructure development in cities and towns as well as outside them, and allows users to better orient themselves in different destinations.

Cultural and historical monuments such as Spiš Castle, Bratislava Castle, Saint Elizabeth's Cathedral and Orava Castle are popular locations on Slovak Street View. Street View also features natural beauties such as Štrbské Pleso, Popradské Pleso, Cave Domica and Ochtinská Aragonite Cave, as well as national parks like Slovak Paradise National Park and Pieniny National Park.

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All collected images are processed with a special technology that blurs people's faces and car license plates so that they cannot be identified, protecting their privacy. Street View offers additional image blurring (person, car, house, etc.), which can be requested by pressing the "Report a problem" button in the lower righthand corner of any image.

The Street View service has reached all continents and provides a street view in more than 100 countries. Users can find panoramic images from extremely attractive or inaccessible places, such as the Amazon, Antarctica, the Grand Canyon, Venice, Burj Khalifa or the International Space Station. It is available on desktop and mobile devices, as well as Google Earth.

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