New lookout tower above Levoča should open in the spring

The only hitch? It's not quite finished yet.

The lookout tower at Javorina, near Levoča, pictured while under construction. The lookout tower at Javorina, near Levoča, pictured while under construction. (Source:

A new lookout tower at the top of the Javorina hilltop above Levoča, a town in eastern Slovakia which boasts spectacular mediaeval architecture, should open in the next few weeks – even if it's not yet completely finished.

There is a lack of funds for its completion, the SITA news agency writes.

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Sixth floor? Not for now

Five floors of the structure are finished, including its reinforced concrete skeleton, and the building has the necessary approvals, explained Ernest Rusnák, the Statutory Officer of the Levoča Tourism Association, which is behind the project.

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However, a planned sixth floor and the roof remain to be installed.

"We'll probably clean it up after the weather warms up, as there's still snow there now. We will then open it up to the public. In the meantime, we will be looking for money to complete the tower. But there will be no problem with the opening: it's functional and all safety requirements have been fulfilled," said Rusnák.

The tower will offer panoramic views even from the fifth floor, which is at a height of 25 metres.

More money for completion

So far, about €170,000 has been spent on construction.

The association has financed individual stages from several sources.

Money was obtained from within the cross-border cooperation programme Interreg V-A Poland-Slovakia, from the Prešov Self-Governing Region, and from the Investment Ministry.

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The association also covered some of the costs from its own resources.

Approximately €70,000 will be needed to finish the sixth floor and the roof.

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Completion delayed by rising prices

The Javorina (Marčulina) hill on which the tower is built, at an altitude of 1,250 metres, offers views of Levoča, the Hornádska Basin, the High and Low Tatras, the Volovské Vrchy hills, the Branisko massif, Bachureň and Spišská Magura.

According to the original plans, the tower was due to be completed last year, but the rising prices of construction materials prolonged the work.

When completed, it will be 35.75 metres high.

The association is building it on municipal land, which it acquired for use from the municipality for 20 years for a symbolic fee.

After 20 years, the building will become the property of the town of Levoča.

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