News digest: Great Resignation wave is not over

Criticised public lightning in Bratislava, three good news stories from Slovakia, and a town that has failed to erase its huge debt.

Good evening. Here is the Tuesday, May 30 edition of Today in Slovakia - the main news of the day in less than five minutes.

Largest firms that help search for jobs or employees

The ranking of HR companies in Slovakia is topped by the company INDEX NOSLUŠ, which is strong in the field of personnel leasing.

The Slovak Spectator has also compiled separate rankings for employment agencies and executive search firms.

More stories from The Slovak Spectator website

  • Food: Pulled strudel is more than just a dessert. See how a Slovak babička prepares strudel, which is a recipe about connection.
  • News: Bratislavans do not like the new city lightning, nor does a Czech expert.
  • Travel: More than 2,000 people created a live chain in central Slovakia. Have a look.
  • Culture: Three good news stories from Slovakia for this week include a kind-hearted farmer.
  • Advertorial: Changes to two Slovak laws may lead to an increased number of Blue Card applicants in Slovakia.

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Failed 'adventurous' plans have kept Bratislava borough in forced administration for years

However, even forced administration is not helping the municipality get rid of its debts, currently amounting to almost €12 million. Can a new bill save Devín?


Slovakia to celebrate parks and gardens

A number of gardens and parks will reopen to visitors across Slovakia during the weekend, from June 2 to 4.

In Bratislava, 18 gardens are involved in the free event. In the Bratislava Region, gardens will also reopen in Stupava and Červený Kameň.

In other news

  • After two months of improvement, the economic sentiment in Slovakia deteriorated slightly again in May, the Statistics Office said. Optimism from the previous month was preserved only by entrepreneurs in services.
  • The Ukrainian restaurant group !FЕST Holding will open its first bar in the centre of Bratislava. It will be called Piana Vyshnia (Drunken Sour Cherry). (Index)
  • Slovaks are most concerned about rising prices (82 percent), the state of the Slovak health care (81 percent) and the current political situation (79 percent), the latest poll "How Are You, Slovakia" shows. Fears of the war conflict in Ukraine fell to 66.1 percent.

WEATHER FOR WEDNESDAY: Clear skies. The highest daytime temperature will hike to 28°C. Light breeze. (SHMÚ)

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