News digest: The neverending story of an unfinished Bratislava Hospital

Zvolen to have a school inspired by one in Florida, rock band Billy Talent returns, and why it was better to be considered a prostitute than lesbian.

Good evening. Here is the Monday, June 5 edition of Today in Slovakia - the main news of the day in less than five minutes.

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No Recovery Plan money for Rázsochy Hospital

The construction of Rázsochy hospital in Bratislava will not be financed from the Recovery Plan.

According to Health Minister Michal Palkovič, the decision was made because various project milestones cannot be met in the time allotted. Moreover, the current project documentation has serious flaws. Instead, the state will cover the construction of a new hospital in the capital.

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The Health Ministry has a plan B to ensure that money from the Recovery Plan is not lost.

Read more about Rázsochy Hospital and the situation surrounding it:

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Better to be a prostitute than a lesbian

Kamila, a Czech woman born in 1948, had to seize every opportunity to hide her true sexual orientation, including participating in a competition called 'The Right Girl'. Really, how could anyone who wished for that be a lesbian?

Even before the communist regime came to power, homosexual women found ways to be with their loved ones, frequently unnoticed due to ignorant views of female sexuality.


Canadian punks back in Bratislava

An Ontario-based punk rock band returns to Bratislava after six years, this time with the new album Crisis of Faith. In addition to the popular band, a trio of support acts from various punk subgenres will perform as well.

For more information and tickets click here (in English).

In other news

  • Had an election taken place in late May, it would have been won by the opposition Smer party of Robert Fico with 18 percent of the votes, ahead of the extra-parliamentary Hlas chaired by Peter Pellegrini (17.4 percent), and another non-parliamentary party, Progressive Slovakia (12.5 percent), according to a survey carried out by Focus agency for private TV Markíza.
  • Slovakia could follow Hungary and become a problem child for the European Union, pointed out Slovak President Zuzana Čaputová in an interview for the weekly Politico. She is concerned about the spreading of disinformation in Slovakia, and the upcoming autumn parliamentary election possibly undermining the support Slovakia is providing to Ukraine.
  • Public Defender of Rights, Róbert Dobrovodský, has begun an unannounced inspection of the Police Restraint Department for Foreigners in Sečovce. In April, foreigners complained to the public defender, including the disproportionate use of restrictive and coercive force, the inability to contact close people abroad, or not being allowed to contact his office by letter.
  • Current migration flows should not lead to the reintroduction checks at the Czech-Slovak border, said Czech Ambassador to Slovakia Rudolf Jindrák on Monday.
  • The city of Prague has contributed almost €164,745 towards restoring buildings destroyed by the March fire in the historic town of Banská Štiavnica, Banská Bystrica Region. "The management of the city of Prague contacted the Banská Štiavnica Mayor immediately after the fire and offered help," added the municipality.
  • Salary growth failed to make up for high inflation, and real monthly salaries decreased by 4.9 percent year on year. Following the almost 8 percent recorded at the end of last year, this was the second highest drop in real salaries seen over the past 22 years, the Statistics Office reported on Monday.
  • The Environment Ministry will distribute €317 million from the recovery plan among three companies. The money will go to U.S. Steel Košice, and building materials producers Danucem Slovensko and Wienerberger Slovenské Tehelne.

The current state of the dilapidated Forgáč Mansion near the village of Kokava nad Rimavicou, central Slovakia.


Level 1 storm warning for entire Slovakia. Cloudy, rain and storms. Daily temperatures 17 °C to 23 °C. (SHMÚ)

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