Parking on pavements will be banned, Bratislava prepares for new rules

Parking on pavements outside marked parking lots will be prohibited as of October 1.

Such parking will be prohibited as of October 1.Such parking will be prohibited as of October 1. (Source: SME - Marko Erd)

Bratislava is readying a ban on pavement parking outside designated parking spaces. As of October 1, it will no longer be enough for drivers to leave a 1.5-metre gap on a pavement for pedestrians, the parking space will have to be marked as official. Otherwise the drivers will face a fine. The effectiveness of the new legislation, which originally came into force on March 1, 2022, was postponed for a year and a half to give municipalities time to prepare.

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Bratislava has identified pavements where parking spaces can be marked to allow legal parking without restricting pedestrian passing even after the amendment takes effect. It intends to leave such a solution in place at least until the PAAS city-wide parking policy is introduced in the given area.

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“Legalised parking is proposed only where the width of the pavement allows,” said Peter Bubla, Bratislava spokesperson as cited by the TASR newswire, adding that the city along with the boroughs is continuously working on expanding the PAAS regulated parking zones.

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The city has identified all the streets under its administration and evaluated where it will be possible to legalise parking, including pavements adjacent to the roads under its administration. For this purpose, the city worked out basic criteria, such as the width of the pavements, proximity to institutions such as primary schools or hospitals, the number of residents in a given zone or traffic risks. In the zones where the PAAS city-wide parking policy has been already installed or is being prepared, the city considers the parking problem to be solved.

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Plans to legalise pavement parking along local roads managed by the city are also being communicated by the city with the individual boroughs.

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“In case of a borough's interest, we consult and modify the list,” said Bubla, specifying that third and fourth category local roads and adjacent pavements are managed by the boroughs. “Thus, the proposal for parking on the associated pavements adjacent to these roads is dealt with by the respective administrator, in this case the borough.”

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