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Sputnik V should be used in Slovakia only after registration, respondents in a recent survey opined. 7. apr7. Apr 2021, at 11:51
President Zuzana Čaputová
The president explains her steps and considerations in the recent coalition crisis. 7. apr7. Apr 2021, at 6:00
Vaccination in Trenčín
Former PM published the most sexist status. Most of the prices in Bratislava public transport will be more expensive. 6. apr6. Apr 2021, at 18:05
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Some types of tickets will be scrapped, others will be more expensive. 6. apr6. Apr 2021, at 17:56
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The change came after a doctor said that three quarters of people vaccinated on Easter were under eligible age. 6. apr6. Apr 2021, at 17:52
But it did not confirm inhumane treatment. 6. apr6. Apr 2021, at 12:21
Alexander Ballek (left)
The census is not over yet. 6. apr6. Apr 2021, at 12:04
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The number of hospitalised Covid patients dropped in the last days of March, but the situation after Easter will be crucial. 6. apr6. Apr 2021, at 11:49
Speaker of Parliament Boris Kollár (Sme Rodina)
Psychologists, social workers and others condemn a recent parliamentary vote on a proposed change to the constitution to curb human rights. 5. apr5. Apr 2021, at 19:24
NCZI has planned an outage for a few hours on Easter Sunday. 4. apr4. Apr 2021, at 11:54
First Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine to be administered in Slovakia.
Slovakia benefits from the new redistribution. We will remember it when others turn to us asking for solidarity, foreign affairs minister commented. 3. apr3. Apr 2021, at 9:29
A family celebrates Easter in Košice.
For some Easter means just four days holiday, for others it is the biggest religious festival of the year. 2. apr2. Apr 2021, at 13:02
Zuzana Števulová
People should not fear their residence status will be an issue at the vaccination centre, human rights lawyer says. 1. apr1. Apr 2021, at 20:33
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Promised supply of Russian vaccines for March has not arrived in Slovakia. 1. apr1. Apr 2021, at 19:25
A calculator will provide an estimation of when it will be your turn for vaccination. Journey by train between Bratislava and Prague will take longer. 1. apr1. Apr 2021, at 18:08
Covid-19 department in Bratislava
About 7 percent of respondents in the recent poll say they know a person who died of the virus. 1. apr1. Apr 2021, at 12:01
Igor Matovic
Finance is a powerful department in the government. 1. apr1. Apr 2021, at 11:00
The Heger cabinet
Most of the ministers of the Igor Matovič cabinet will continue under Eduard Heger. 1. apr1. Apr 2021, at 10:18
President Zuzana Čaputová appointed Eduard Heger the new prime minister on April 1.
The labour minister has yet to be appointed, Sme Rodina is reconsidering the nomination. 1. apr1. Apr 2021, at 10:10
Constitutional Court President Ivan Fiačan informs about the verdict on national emergency.
President will appoint the new cabinet tomorrow. Last chance to get counted in the online census. Slovakia defeated Russia in the World Cup qualifier. 31. mar31. Mar 2021, at 17:27