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The change is part of the amendment to the Penal Code presented by the justice minister. 2. Dec 2021, at 11:39
Constitutional Court President Ivan Fiačan
The Constitutional Court also ruled that ordinances do not have to be published in the Collection of Laws. 2. Dec 2021, at 11:28
Lockdown reduces mobility and new cases, but not hospitalisations. Cabinet approves €500 vouchers for seniors. 1. Dec 2021, at 18:20
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Check out the differences between various passes issued in relation to Covid-19. 1. Dec 2021, at 17:34
Some schools in Slovakia have been closed.
Only kindergartens and grades one through four will remain open. 1. Dec 2021, at 17:29
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The Sme daily prepares answers to questions on mandatory vaccination in Slovakia. 1. Dec 2021, at 12:30
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Parking on pavements will be not permitted unless traffic signs allow it. 1. Dec 2021, at 11:41
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Mobility slightly decreases. 1. Dec 2021, at 11:25
Problems with regional buses in Bratislava persist. Meteorologists issue warnings against snow for Tuesday and Wednesday. 30. Nov 2021, at 18:05
Scrapping the contract would cause another transport outage. 30. Nov 2021, at 18:01
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Schools in 11 districts have switched to remote learning so far. 30. Nov 2021, at 17:20
Finance Minister Igor Matovič presented his latest idea to boost vaccination rate and help businesses hit by the pandemic.
The vouchers should be given to old people who decide to get vaccinated, to be subsequently spent on goods and services. 30. Nov 2021, at 11:50
Miroslava Sotáková
Miroslava Sotáková works for Google and is bringing up three kids in New York. Kristína Sojáková30. Nov 2021, at 8:41
New regime starts for companies and after-school activities. The Largest in Law ranking is out. 29. Nov 2021, at 18:07
The public's interest in vaccination started dropping after a short increase in the first half of November.
Interest in the first shot was on the rise in the past weeks. 29. Nov 2021, at 17:11
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All flights to and from seven African countries have been cancelled until at least mid-December. 29. Nov 2021, at 17:00
Eight parties would get into parliament. See the combinations for potential coalitions. 29. Nov 2021, at 11:43
Vaccine saves lives. Thank you for being responsible.
About 4,800 people have received monoclonal antibodies in Slovakia. To compare, there were more than 2.4 million vaccinated people as of Monday. 29. Nov 2021, at 11:38
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Ministry expects the delivery of children vaccines by Pfizer/BionTech by the end of 2021. 29. Nov 2021, at 11:26
Slovakia's Public Health Authority is working on new border rules. 27. Nov 2021, at 18:51
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