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The Szilágyi Pavilion in Hrebienok.
The pavilion's original relief disappeared after the war. Now a discovery in Hungary is helping to replace it. 22. Sep 2023, at 14:33
Resumed grazing on Devínska Kobyla
Looking for Bratislava activities on a budget? Visit The Good Market on Panenská Street or set out on a hike to the northern slopes of Devínská Kobyla. 21. Sep 2023, at 9:55
A view from the Stropkov church tower.
Glass ceiling gives view into tower's 20-metre spire. 21. Sep 2023, at 7:00
Renovated domes and terraces of the lookout tower in the Duklas Pass, eastern Slovakia.
The tower near the Slovak-Polish border will turn 50 next year. 20. Sep 2023, at 6:00
Suchá Belá gorge.
Unlike some other spots in the national park, these gorges are without the crowds. 19. Sep 2023, at 7:00
You can lie down by the Lúčky Waterfall, but also cool your feet.
Visitors can lie down and cool their feet by the waterfall thanks to new benches. Romana Vicianová16. Sep 2023, at 7:35
Slovak art historian and curator Nina Gažovičová.
Are you looking for free activities in the city? Go to a guided tour at Soga or set out on a hiking tip. 14. Sep 2023, at 11:27
A man does a handstand on Lomnický Peak.
The controversial act sparked a heated debate. Elena Danková13. Sep 2023, at 20:01
Five houses were named after the varieties of wine.
The houses are built on four-metre-high steel columns and connected by rope bridges. They also have a central terrace. 12. Sep 2023, at 7:00
A yellow-marked trail that leads from Hrčava, Czechia, to the triple point (Trojmedzie/Trojmedzí/Trójstyk).
Explore a place with three different names – Trojmedzie, Trojmezí, Trójstyk – where three nations regularly meet. 11. Sep 2023, at 11:59
Daniel Raiskin and the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra.
Are you looking for free activities in the city? Get a taste of the Slovak Philharmonic or a trip to the mediaeval castle. 7. Sep 2023, at 11:37
Štrbské Pleso is a popular destination in the High Tatras.
Video shows tourists bathing in protected area. 6. Sep 2023, at 7:00
Sights from the Skok waterfall are worth the two hour hike.
An easy day-trip in the High Tatras. 2. Sep 2023, at 6:05
Kuszmann’s Bazaar in Tatranská Lomnica.
The first shop in Tatranská Lomnica opened in this old hotel more than 100 years ago. 1. Sep 2023, at 11:00
The Deep Breath performance.
Set out on a hike to Červený Kameň through caves, peaks, and rocky ridges, or enjoy the weekend at a festival of folk culture and crafts. 31. Aug 2023, at 10:39
The Môťová water reservoir in Zvolen also goes by the name "Sekierska Priehrada".
The local water reservoir used to be a popular bathing spot among local people. 30. Aug 2023, at 6:11
Slanec Castle.
Thousands of people have signed a petition calling for better funding of castle restoration initiatives. 29. Aug 2023, at 9:18
A hiker climbs a ladder at the Misové Waterfalls in the Suchá Belá gorge in Slovak Paradise National Park, eastern Slovakia.
Parts of the national park can get very busy in the summer – but alternatives are at hand. 25. Aug 2023, at 13:52
The ruins of the Biely Kameň castle near Svätý Jur.
Set out on a hike to Biely Kameň Castle or visit chamber concerts in the Botanical Garden. 24. Aug 2023, at 11:21
"We see great potential for the development of tourism in Ipeľ rafting."
In Bušince, tourists can visit a small museum devoted to a famous aircraft designer and raft on Slovakia's third longest river. Marcela Ballová22. Aug 2023, at 18:36
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