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Bratislava Zoo offers Christmas dates with animals.
Bratislava Zoo offers Christmas dates with animals. 2. Dec 2021, at 11:51
The winemaking town has a rather unusual main square. 1. Dec 2021, at 12:00
People swim in the Zázrivka stream in Lúčivná.
The Orava water dam is not the only place to jump into during wintertime. Jaroslava Kavuliaková29. Nov 2021, at 11:51
Veľký Rozsutec is a peak located in the Malá Fatra mountain range.
See the Malá and Veľká Fatra mountain ranges and villages in the Turiec region as captured by photographer Miroslav Čillo. 25. Nov 2021, at 11:55
The ice cathedral can be found on Hrebienok.
Currently, only those vaccinated against Covid or those who have recovered from the disease can see the cathedral made of ice. 23. Nov 2021, at 11:50
Konské hlavy
Visit a mountain in the Small Carpathians with the amazing views. Gabriela Psotková and 1 more22. Nov 2021, at 12:00
A deck chair below the Skalka viewing platform outside Banská Bystrica. A few metres away from the deck chair, hikers can find a spot named after the Titanic.
It is a wine weekend in the Bratislava Region, and we are on the hunt for young talented essayists. Could you be one of them? 19. Nov 2021, at 8:55
The new five-kilometre-long track is part of the SNP Heroes' Trail, which stretches from the Dukliansky priesmyk pass in the east of Slovakia to Devín Castle.
The quickest way to reach the path is from the Horáreň Krasňany area. 18. Nov 2021, at 17:05
A 70-year-old common beech in Starý Smokovec  has become Slovakia's most beautiful tree of 2021.
The winning beech grows in front of the mountain rescue service in Starý Smokovec. 16. Nov 2021, at 11:28
"The Solitary Figure Skater", a display celebrating the Olympic champion Ondrej Nepela, runs in the Slovak Technical Museum in Košice until February 2022.
Though the Slovak National Museum is best-known, only 4 percent of Slovaks visited it this past summer. 11. Nov 2021, at 11:45
Poludnica offers amazing panoramic views of the High and Low Tatras. Gabriela Psotková and 1 more8. Nov 2021, at 12:00
The European pond turtle lives in the Tajba National Nature Reserve in the village of Streda nad Bodrogom, Košice Region, eastern Slovakia.
While water resources managers are pumping water into an oxbow in eastern Slovakia, a permanent solution still remains on paper. 6. Nov 2021, at 9:30
Dried-up Skalnaté Pleso
The situation was caused by dry weather in the mountains. 4. Nov 2021, at 14:41
The interior of the St. Anthony of Padua Church in Košice, the longest church in Slovakia.
The old crypt is normally open from November 1-8, but visitors should check the Covid rules valid for Košice before visiting. Milan Kolcun3. Nov 2021, at 16:44
Twelve mountain huts are open in the High Tatras all year long.
Hikers, who should follow Covid updates for the High Tatras region, can now download a map of open hiking trails. 2. Nov 2021, at 11:29
First 60 Prague benches were installed in Bratislava at the end of 2020.
A thousand retro benches will be installed around Bratislava. 28. Oct 2021, at 11:03
Ferrata route to Martinské Hole, illustrative stock photo
Mountain rescue service has an app that can save lives. 27. Oct 2021, at 13:06
Dobrá Voda castle
Discover the ancient castle ruins breathing with history. Gabriela Psotková and 1 more25. Oct 2021, at 12:00
Divers in one of the Slovak mountain lakes during this year's clean-up.
Divers clean up mountain lakes in Slovakia every year. 23. Oct 2021, at 9:15
About 100 to 110 Tatra chamois live in the NAPANT national park, central Slovakia, but only two are white.
Two white chamois have been observed in the national park, but their colour exposes them to danger. 21. Oct 2021, at 12:01
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