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Červený Kameň
The inventory of impossible extravagance is endless at Červený Kameň. 19. Oct 2021, at 16:23
Another forest sauna should be built in Harichovce, eastern Slovakia, next year.
Slovakia has a handful of forest saunas. A new one will be built in Harichovce. 18. Oct 2021, at 11:45
Lafranconi Bridge in Bratislava has been renamed to Lanfranconi Bridge.
After public transport stops, road signs have now been renamed. 14. Oct 2021, at 11:54
The MiG-21 jet fighter became part of the new Tri Duby recreation park next to the railway station in Sliač, central Slovakia. It was transported here from the local air base.
Passengers who travel to Banská Bystrica by train will spot a Soviet fighter next to the Sliač railway station. 13. Oct 2021, at 11:38
Ostrá Malenica
Discover the unknown beauty of the Strážovské vrchy mountains. Gabriela Psotková and 1 more11. Oct 2021, at 12:00
Foreign visitors of other than neighbouring countries were more of an exception. 6. Oct 2021, at 11:48
Named after Žilina priest and mayor Tomáš Ružička, the house was designed by architect Michal Maximilián Scheer in 1931. People from socially disadvantaged backgrounds lived here until 1990, when nuns moved in.
Tombs and prehistoric items have also been found during an archaeological survey next to Ružička's House in Žilina. 4. Oct 2021, at 11:24
The Pustý Hrad castle ruins are located above the town of Zvolen, central Slovakia.
Archaeologists gathered at Pustý Hrad the past summer for the 13th time. 29. Sep 2021, at 12:06
Trenčianske Teplice and its surroundings
Visit one of the oldest and most beautiful spas in Slovakia and discover the surrounding Strážovské vrchy mountains. Gabriela Psotková and 1 more27. Sep 2021, at 0:00
A flock of macaws has become a new attraction in Banská Bystrica.
A petting zoo with macaws has opened in Banská Bystrica. 22. Sep 2021, at 11:19
Very old lanterns on Rudnay Square in Bratislava were made in the early 1900s.
Following their restoration, the lanterns have been lit up again. 20. Sep 2021, at 11:20
Pustý Hrad was once one of the most important settlements of Hungarian kings and in the Zvolen County.
A new archaeological sandpit has opened at Pustý Hrad, near Zvolen, and people can dig out something they can keep as a souvenir. 16. Sep 2021, at 11:35
Žilina is home to the 2020 most beautiful park in Slovakia.
Nineteen works entered in the Garden, Park and Detail of 2020 contest. 14. Sep 2021, at 17:22
The Bench of Love has been installed in the Kysucké Nové Mesto town, northern Slovakia.
A bench of love in the Kysuce region has a box where people can leave their confession letters. Some may appear in a local paper. 12. Sep 2021, at 9:30
Several cycling routes run across the higher parts of the High Tatras, but most of them are quite demanding. The routes in Tichá Dolina and Kôprová Dolina are suitable for less skilled cyclists.
In August, the Tatras National Park counted tourists, cyclists and dogs in the largest Slovak mountains. 11. Sep 2021, at 9:30
A large "Hnúšťa" sign is installed in the central Slovak town of Hnúšťa.
Another Spectacular Slovakia weekly roundup packed with new stories and Bratislava events is ready. 10. Sep 2021, at 11:05
Aerial view of Bratislava from May 2021.
What did Bratislava look like shortly after the Soviet invasion? 10. Sep 2021, at 9:35
Svätý Jur
The town of Svätý Jur is surrounded by vast vineyards. 9. Sep 2021, at 1:40
courtesy of abeland
Abeland features a chalet, a tea house and a church all constructed from timber. 7. Sep 2021, at 0:50
Veterný vrch
Visit one of the oldest spas in Slovakia or enjoy amazing panoramic views. Gabriela Psotková and 1 more6. Sep 2021, at 12:00
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