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A wolf in nature.
Muránska Planina Park crossed by five wolf packs. Marcela Ballová25. Mar 2023, at 9:08
Visualisation of the tower on Devínska Kobyla
Looking for free activities in Bratislava next week? Visit a public music concert or go for a walk to the observatory Devínska Kobyla. 23. Mar 2023, at 11:05
Men sit on the largest sledge in the world.
Over six metres long and can carry 60 people. and 1 more23. Mar 2023, at 8:14
A new tourist shelter named after Slovak literature character Jozef Mak will soon start serving long-distance hikers in the Small Carpathians.
Four to six tourists can spend the night in the attic of the two-story building. 22. Mar 2023, at 7:04
The Pohronie Castle Route copies the ingenious signalling network once formed by castles and other places with watchtowers, signaling towers and bells.
Just choose a castle, find out the time and place of group departure. 21. Mar 2023, at 7:53
The Gyrocopter Calidus is equipped to fly, and to drive on public roads.
The 'driving plane' is licensed to use public roads. 20. Mar 2023, at 7:20
National Park Muránska Planina is a great place to start with hiking.
Design without borders heads to Bratislava, enjoy concerts and a podcast about mental health in Slovakia. 17. Mar 2023, at 9:55
The original project attracts visitors from different corners of the country. Marcela Ballová17. Mar 2023, at 6:55
The Umelka exhibition space.
Searching for Bratislava activities on a budget? Visit a design exhibition or take a trip through Malý Slavín. 16. Mar 2023, at 15:00
Samba the lion is a new inhabitant of the Bratislava zoo.
This 11-year-old lion replaces male who died one year ago. 16. Mar 2023, at 8:00
An approximate plan of where the zipline should lead.
Zipline should appear in a popular resort. Marcela Ballová14. Mar 2023, at 8:45
Tomáš Gašperák and his family.
For Tomáš Gašperák, preparing a cup of coffee is an art. Marcela Ballová13. Mar 2023, at 7:50
Looking for something budget-conscious to do in Bratislava? Explore the early beginnings of video games in Slovakia, or set out on a hike in the Small Carpathians. 10. Mar 2023, at 14:53
New trail aims to promote the natural heritage of the Slovak-Czech border region. Pavol Stolárik9. Mar 2023, at 8:45
The visualisaion of the Green Fiesta Bridge project in Trenčín.
The town in western Slovakia has been named the European Capital of Culture in 2026. Maroš Buchel7. Mar 2023, at 8:00
Šomoška Castle.
New attractions should open near stone sea and stone waterfall. Branislav Caban3. Mar 2023, at 8:42
Skiers in Tatranská Lomnica on February 23, 2023.
Writer Ben Rawlence on skiing holidays in Tatranská Lomnica. 2. Mar 2023, at 18:12
There used to be a dinopark in Bratislava Zoo.
In particular, conservationists from Low Tatras National Park have important comments. Ľubica Stančíková1. Mar 2023, at 8:00
Illustrative stock photo
The tower will be located within a marked tourist route. 28. Feb 2023, at 8:00
The ongoing restoration of the stables at Holič castle, in western Slovakia.
A virtual exhibition will be created on the site, in the castle's former stables. Kristýna Peštová27. Feb 2023, at 9:00
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