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Finders continued to search with a metal detector but did not manage to find more objects. 21. jan21. Jan 2021, at 11:42
This guardian carries a torch that creates lightning. 20. jan20. Jan 2021, at 11:20
Javor is a lovely spot to explore during the winter
There are many ways to spend your time during the pandemic, hiking is one of them. 19. jan19. Jan 2021, at 10:57
Smolenice Castle
Wander around a romantic castle, visit the highest peak in the Small Carpathians and taste the "drink of Gods". 18. jan18. Jan 2021, at 11:55
Popular tourist destination in eastern Slovakia. 16. jan16. Jan 2021, at 10:05
Valley located in the eastern part of Slovak Karst. 13. jan13. Jan 2021, at 11:54
If one judges architecture by whether people want to call it home, then Petržalka doesn't work. 12. jan12. Jan 2021, at 1:53
Illustrative stock photo from Baranec
Photos have been divided into four main categories: water, mountain resorts, valleys and peaks, towns and their cultural monuments. 11. jan11. Jan 2021, at 11:55
The route is about three kilometres long. 8. jan8. Jan 2021, at 17:44
There is a 2.5-kilometre-long educational path starting at the bus stop in Bystré Vrátka. 7. jan7. Jan 2021, at 18:00
If offers to visitors’ tours of ancient Roman stone-sculptural monuments that originated in Slovak area. 7. jan7. Jan 2021, at 11:47
The Communist-era architecture of Petržalka isn't so bad. It is, at least, more attractive than the American strip mall. 5. jan5. Jan 2021, at 6:01
Discover the highest located settlement in the Low Tatras. 4. jan4. Jan 2021, at 11:55
In 2020, NASA opted to publish on its website several pictures from Slovakia. A photo from the Poloniny National Park, taken by Tomáš Slovinský, appeared on the website in April. A few months later, in August, Petr Horálek’s photo of the Perseid meteor shower was chosen. It was not the first time NASA picked a Horálek photo. In January of this year, it had chosen his picture of a meteor shower, above, taken in Oravská Lesná.
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A popular place for sports enthusiasts. 28. dec28. Dec 2020, at 15:26
Measuring the wolf's traces
Participants from abroad not expected to arrive due to the pandemic. 26. dec26. Dec 2020, at 8:05
People are still recommended to get tested before they leave home for skiing or a winter vacation. 22. dec22. Dec 2020, at 17:11
Piešťany Spa
An American traveller visits the Piešťany spa for an unexpected wellness experience. 22. dec22. Dec 2020, at 2:01
Branč Castle
The castle is a must for history lovers. 21. dec21. Dec 2020, at 12:00