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Záruby and Ostrý Kameň.
Come and enjoy the weekend of open parks and gardens or go on a hike with foreigners to Ostrý Kameň and Záruby. 1. Jun 2023, at 10:16
It is possible that one of the rotundas will reveal a secret during the restoration. Branislav Caban1. Jun 2023, at 8:00
The living chain copied the city walls. 30. May 2023, at 8:00
Despite its peculiar name, the lake is highly rated by locals for its healing mineral water.
The natural pool requires regular care. Romana Vicianová29. May 2023, at 7:10
Cycle through the streets of Bratislava this Friday or visit a photo exhibition of Korean nature and culture. 25. May 2023, at 10:47
The splendid view from the Jelenia Hora hill with ruins of the Plavecký castle in the distance.
The hike up to Jelenia Hora hill in the Small Carpathians is one of the shorter and less demanding ones. 24. May 2023, at 20:45
Located next to the Tiesňava educational trail. Nikola Marhefková24. May 2023, at 7:32
The surroundings of the church were full of pits with rainwater. Ľubica Stančíková23. May 2023, at 7:00
A new ecological centre in Bratislava.
In addition, a new ecological centre has opened in the Kamzík area. 19. May 2023, at 7:10
Searching for Bratislava activities on a budget? Join a group of foreigners on their trip to Malé Karpaty or enjoy a piano concert. 18. May 2023, at 10:50
Suchá Belá Valley
Municipality hopes to buy shuttle bus. 18. May 2023, at 7:00
Visitors to the Domica Cave on May 16, 2023.
The Styx river is dependent on rain. 16. May 2023, at 18:55
The hanging bridge over river Latorica connects villages of Ptrukša and Boťany.
Bridge was built during socialism. Katarína Gécziová15. May 2023, at 9:00
Getting ready for the start of the beekeping season.
Visitors will learn about the life of bees and children can try some beekeeping activities. 15. May 2023, at 7:00
Milan Bardún (Milan Bez Mapy) and James Thomson at Spectator College discussion.
The idea of travelling while on an Erasmus exchange led to something much bigger for this young man – a passion for exploring the world and sharing it with other people. 12. May 2023, at 18:10
The ruins of the Biely Kameň castle near Svätý Jur.
One day it was an idea; three days later they started hiking. Zuzana Rusnáková and 1 more12. May 2023, at 16:52
Peep into galleries and museums when the lights are out.
Prepare for a weekend packed with museums, galleries and all the events connected to them. Get ready with us for May 12-14. 12. May 2023, at 8:43
Suchá Belá gorge.
It will operate from May to October. 12. May 2023, at 6:29
View from Vysoká
Head to Vysoká Peak this weekend or enjoy the Night of Museums and Galleries in an open-air gallery. 11. May 2023, at 10:51
Brdárka boasts unparalleled bloom. Marcela Ballová11. May 2023, at 8:00
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