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Circuit at Children's Historic Railway is isolated. 6. Jul 2022, at 11:42
Trees growing for three years. 5. Jul 2022, at 7:30
Village unknown to many, but a good point to start trips. 2. Jul 2022, at 10:00
The Zemplínska Šírava water dam in eastern Slovakia is one of the largest dams in the country.
Take a dip in regularly checked lakes and reservoirs. 2. Jul 2022, at 7:03
The village of Topoľa, one of many in Poloniny.
Villages in the east are dying out. 30. Jun 2022, at 15:31
The area covers some 3.5 hectares with about 76,000 plants. 29. Jun 2022, at 12:04
The Slovak Museum of Maps is situated in Kynceľová, near Banská Bystrica.
The museum outside Banská Bystrica takes people on a history and geography tour, providing them with interactive stops at the same time. 27. Jun 2022, at 11:12
The location of Trstená provides a glorious view of the mountains, perfect for an easy bike, walking a stations of the cross path, or snacking on locally produced Orava potato chips. 27. Jun 2022, at 0:04
A huge scale model of Banská Štiavnica.
Meet Ukrainian cinematographer Leonid Burlaka through a screen, explore Slovak science, or hop on historical trams. 24. Jun 2022, at 15:02
A view of Nitra from one of the seven hills that the city is built on.
They will be open for visitors as of July. 22. Jun 2022, at 12:51
One of the exhibits is a muzzle for cows. 21. Jun 2022, at 11:58
Rokoš is like a stranger, a hidden gem, waiting to be discovered. Gabriela Psotková and 1 more20. Jun 2022, at 12:00
Two historic trams are now travelling between popular stations. 20. Jun 2022, at 11:39
The tourist area is accessible to hikers and cyclists and there is a barbecue site. 19. Jun 2022, at 6:58
Hiking trails open in mid-June. 15. Jun 2022, at 11:30
Zelený Anton steam locomotive
The pre-war steam locomotive, which will come out just once this year, is the only one of its kind still running. Radovan Vojenčák14. Jun 2022, at 11:27
Tourists will soon feast their eyes on flower carpets of violet lavender, yellow mustard and red poppy. Pavol Stolárik11. Jun 2022, at 7:16
Yvon and Sabine van der Laan moved to Modrý Kameň in late 2018, opening their Holidayfarm Natural Slovakia to guests soon after.
As the Covid pandemic eases, Yvon and Sabine van der Laan are hoping for a good summer season. 8. Jun 2022, at 18:35
Yet strict rules apply. 8. Jun 2022, at 18:06
The fortification walls of a declined church in Prietrž, Trnava Region.
Though the church in Prietrž is no longer standing, visitors can see its well-preserved fortification walls. 7. Jun 2022, at 12:04
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