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Bratislava Main Station
RailJet trains already connect Bratislava and Zürich. 2. máj2. May 2019, at 21:54
The alternative taxi service was forced to leave last March. 25. apr25. Apr 2019, at 13:34
New rules for taxi services have been in force since the beginning of April. 12. apr12. Apr 2019, at 3:25
The new bus station in Bratislava is under construction.
The city is changing the traffic markings on some stretches of the affected streets. 1. apr1. Apr 2019, at 22:55
RegioJet train
Meanwhile, additional carriages will make commuting more comfortable. 12. feb12. Feb 2019, at 21:50
RegioJet now operates in Slovakia.
Nearly four million people travelled with RegioJet on the Bratislava-Komárno route last year. 30. jan30. Jan 2019, at 13:29
Countdown in Bratislava
New Year’s Eve festivities include a run, fireworks, light-laser-music show and much more. 27. dec27. Dec 2018, at 14:49
Bratislava airport
The Transport Ministry expects that the rental will improve the condition of the airport and its competitiveness. 19. dec19. Dec 2018, at 13:15
Truck drivers in Slovakia earn less than those working in Germany or the Czech Republic.
Slovak hauliers can employ more than 2,500 new drivers now. 17. dec17. Dec 2018, at 6:30
The Danube River in Bratislava.
Commuting from Hamuliakovo to Bratislava by water should take 25 minutes. 13. dec13. Dec 2018, at 8:03
Railjet xpress
The train reaches Switzerland in 10 hours. 11. dec11. Dec 2018, at 13:32
Warehouses are starting to implement new technology.
People still play an important role in logistics. 10. dec10. Dec 2018, at 16:00
Illustrative stock photo
It will be followed by the launch of a new online system for purchasing train tickets in mid-November. 6. nov6. Nov 2018, at 23:24
Illustrative stock photo
The state railway company ZSSK will start the regular operation of two novelties in November. 23. okt23. Oct 2018, at 13:39
The new app will make travelling in Bratislava and its vicinity easier.
It is available in Slovak, English and German. 4. okt4. Oct 2018, at 16:55
The yellow trains will disappear from the main railway track.
The train is expected to help carry passengers to the capital during the morning rush hour. 3. okt3. Oct 2018, at 12:22
Western portal of the Višňové tunnel
Drivers wont be able to drive through it though until 2022. 18. sep18. Sep 2018, at 5:59
Slovakia has not changed the price of annual highway stickers since 2011. 11. sep11. Sep 2018, at 22:37
Transport Minister Árpád Érsek
The Transport Ministry is launching a campaign to reduce the number of cars on roads. 4. sep4. Sep 2018, at 22:16
Propeler how it looked like in January.
The iconic building awaits its future fate. 15. aug15. Aug 2018, at 6:07