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Over 82,000 foreigners can vote on October 29, but not all of them will be heading to the ballot box. 19. Oct 2022, at 18:57
Salma Al Henami with her friend Paulína.
Al Henami loves both of her homelands, even if most Slovaks are not accepting of her Muslim community. 18. Oct 2022, at 6:58
Czech police officer controls a truck at the border with Slovakia in Stary Hrozenkov, Czech Republic.
Peter Devínsky on why migration routes now go through Slovakia. Daniela Hajčáková4. Oct 2022, at 11:45
Inna Melnyk (third from left), and her colleagues V. Kyshkarova (Voznesensk, Mykolaiv region), O. Porodko (Lviv), N. Chechitko (Bucha, Kyiv Region), H. Yankovych (Uzhgorod), and O. Semeshko (Kherson).
Inna Melnyk came to Slovakia in 2016, and is researching ways to tackle pollution. 30. Sep 2022, at 15:45
Festival event highlights opportunity ahead of elections next month. 29. Sep 2022, at 14:39
Illustrative photo, elections.
Foreigners with permanent residence can vote. 29. Sep 2022, at 11:37
Illustrative photo, employees.
Three out of ten Slovakia's foreigners work in Bratislava. 26. Sep 2022, at 16:37
Ukrainian people march in Bratislava on Ukrainian Independence Day on August 24, 2022.
In the early stages of the war, Slovaks expressed unprecedented solidarity with Ukrainian refugees. 15. Sep 2022, at 11:21
American philosopher Jon Stewart.
Jon Stewart is a globally recognised, award-winning thinker and writer. 5. Sep 2022, at 11:14
Croatian linguist Siniša Habijanec.
Siniša Habijanec on why Slovak is “exotic”. 30. Aug 2022, at 11:36
Once we know ourselves, with the help of foreigners, we can pull back the curtain of culture to reveal our shared humanity.
Listen to seven foreigners speak about their first impressions and struggles over the first year in Slovakia. Jeremy Hill30. Aug 2022, at 7:31
Anastasiia Steputa.
In her professional work, Anastasiia Stepura focuses on nanomaterials. 21. Aug 2022, at 18:13
Teenagers skateboard in Sásová, Banská Bystrica, on June 7, 2021.
In his debut book, ‘Moon over Sasova’, Christopher Shaffer writes about his teaching stint in Banská Bystrica in the first months of independent Slovakia. 9. Aug 2022, at 7:01
Jeremy Hill and Annel Bautista explore the topic of reinvention through the story of one Mexican entrepreneur in the latest episode of the Na Slovensku Aj Po Anglicky podcast.
Chef Brian Navarro brings the heat to Bratislava with his new Mexican restaurant, Mezcalli. 28. Jun 2022, at 7:33
Israeli artist Menachem Edelman-Landau who lives in Banská Štiavnica.
Painter Menachem Edelman-Landau had to alter his travel plans after an unexpected event turned his life upside down. 20. Jun 2022, at 18:00
Just as the expression of homesickness is individual, so are the triggers of these feelings. Sometimes it is the smell of a pizza or the oppressive winters in Slovakia that provoke this sadness.
Jeremy Hill discusses homesickness with four foreigners. 12. May 2022, at 11:01
The need for more high-skilled workers is particularly acute in Slovakia's health care, IT, and manufacturing sectors.
Jobs should be offered to Ukrainians at refugee centres, says expert. 5. May 2022, at 7:25
The new assistance centre opened in downtown Bratislava.
The centre will be open 24/7 and provide complete assistance to refugees. 28. Mar 2022, at 17:53
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Labour Ministry expects vacancies to grow in coming months. 24. Mar 2022, at 16:55
Foreigners' Police in Bratislava
Agenda that can be addressed at the departments is limited, police promises they will expand it. 22. Mar 2022, at 17:18
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