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Corruption & scandals

Police raid Bašternák premises

The raid was linked to the residential complex Bonaparte, where PM Fico also rents a flat. Compiled by Spectator staff ,14. Feb 2017, at 13:48

A police car standing in front of the residential complex on Tupého Street.

Car of local councilor burnt out

Lukáš Ranik believes it was arson because he uncovered corruption. Compiled by Spectator staff ,7. Feb 2017, at 6:41

Richard Sulík, leader of SaS

Top constitutional lawyers call for scrapping amnesties

Former Constitutional Court judges, constitutional lawyers and academics say parliament should pass a constitutional law to abolish Mečiar’s amnesties. Compiled by Spectator staff ,30. Jan 2017, at 14:27

Judge Juraj Babjak

Ex-PM Radičová returned the award from NGO

Unlike incumbent public officials, the former prime minister returned an award she received from an NGO that made a provoking declaration on migration and migrants. Compiled by Spectator staff ,30. Jan 2017, at 13:57

Former prime minister Iveta Radičová

Regional Court confirmed the rights of Paška brothers were violated

As the right to a defence of the Paška brothers – relatives of the former speaker of parliament for Smer – was allegedly violated, the criminal case goes back to district prosecutor. Compiled by Spectator staff ,25. Jan 2017, at 23:49

The violence ensued near a pizza restaurant in Košice.

Slovakia stagnates in fight against corruption

Slovakia should focus on the exercise of power rather than changing laws says report. Compiled by Spectator staff ,25. Jan 2017, at 13:57

Businessman Bašternák explains origin of property

The businessman involved in scandals concerning potential VAT fraud, who has close ties to top Slovak politicians, is being checked by the Prosecutor’s Office. Compiled by Spectator staff ,23. Jan 2017, at 14:01

People protested at the Snem party congress December 10, holding a banner with businessman Ladislav Bašternák and Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák.

Heart surgeon sentenced for bribery, allowed to work again

Renowned heart surgeon Viliam Fischer who was handed a suspended sentence, a fine and a work ban for accepting a bribe will be allowed to practice again. Compiled by Spectator staff ,18. Jan 2017, at 23:36

Heart surgeon Viliam Fischer

Fico: OECD will conduct audit of anti-corruption legislation in Slovakia

The audit is designed to determine whether anti-corruption legislation is effective and standard, and whether it could pose an obstacle to economic growth. Compiled by Spectator staff ,16. Jan 2017, at 23:01

PM Robert Fico

Final verdict announced in land fund scandal

The case that cost the then-agriculture minister his post and helped topple the coalition cabinet of Smer, HZDS and SNS, saw the final verdict – but the defendant will not go to prison. Compiled by Spectator staff ,11. Jan 2017, at 23:29

Branislav Bríza

Kaliňák: Corruption in top politics cannot be prosecuted; it does not exist

Kaliňák says his words were taken out of context, but that Slovakia has improved regarding corruption in recent years. Compiled by Spectator staff ,9. Jan 2017, at 13:19

Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák at the press conference on January 4, 2017.

Foreign Ministry refuses to show presidency documents

Transparency International Slovensko accuses the ministry of “arrogant tactics of violating the law”. Compiled by Spectator staff ,3. Jan 2017, at 13:33

Foreign Minister Minister Lajčák

Prosecution linked to the Bašternák case launched

The constructor of the Bonaparte residential complex faces suspicions of not paying taxes. Compiled by Spectator staff ,21. Dec 2016, at 13:46

The Bonaparte residential house

Police close ferry investigation

The investigators have not found any machinations in the competition won by the company owned by shell firms. Compiled by Spectator staff ,20. Dec 2016, at 21:54

The new ferry over the Danube River

Lajčák still failing to provide answers to key questions about Evka

MPs reviewing the case requested documents concerning how Evka was selected and who its competitors were. They were left disappointed. Michaela Terenzani ,20. Dec 2016, at 12:57

Miroslav Lajčák

Investigator Gajdoš accused two ex-managers

Investigator Marek Gajdoš, who retires disappointed with the conditions and approach of Slovak police, made a move on his last day in office. Compiled by Spectator staff ,19. Dec 2016, at 13:42

Marek Gajdoš

Charge against Matovič for claims about Fico’s account dropped

Leader of the opposition OľaNO-NOVA movement was charged with libel, as he accused Prime Minister Robert Fico of having a secret account in Belize but the charge has been dropped. Compiled by Spectator staff ,14. Dec 2016, at 14:43

OĽaNO-NOVA’s Igor Matovič enjoys the limelight.

Lajčák’s numbers are not accurate

The recent scandal surrounding the events organised by the Foreign Ministry and connected with the Slovak presidency of the Council of European Union gets ever more and more protracted and unclear, with FAM… Compiled by Spectator staff ,5. Dec 2016, at 13:50

L-R MPs František Šebej and Miroslav Beblavý inform on the inspeciton at the foreign ministry.

Blog: I Am Because We Are

Today, Slovaks have a lot more power than they had at any other point in history. Perhaps the time has come to look at corruption differently and stop seeing it as something we are passive victims of?Zuzana Palovic & Gabriela Bereghazyova28. Nov 2016, at 14:00

New law should motivate people to report corruption.

Fico “prostitutes” outburst prompts concerns

Media professionals condemn prime minister’s statements. Michaela Terenzani ,24. Nov 2016, at 11:17

PM Robert Fico (l) and Foreign Affairs Minister Miroslav Lajčák

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