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News on corruption in Slovakia

Blog: Corruption - there is a way but it takes two

Reflections from a Brit living in Slovakia.Alan Gillman16. Apr 2018, at 18:08

Gang boss Okoličány is at large. European warrant might take weeks

The gang boss who got a life sentence on April 11 is at large, possibly abroad. Compiled by Spectator staff ,13. Apr 2018, at 6:44

Róbert Okoličány back in 2010.

Slovak protest organisers send open letter to the EP

They are calling on the European Parliament to send an investigative team to look into the double murder, to check on the steps of the new Slovak government and approve the investigation of the abuse of EU funds in… Compiled by Spectator staff ,12. Apr 2018, at 13:39

Protests following the mruder of Ján Kuciak and Martina Kušnírová were hedl aorund Slovakia - and also abroad (e.g. in Paris, March 9)

Businessman Bašternák faces seven to 12 years in prison

District court now handles the charge filed by the Special Prosecutor’s Office, involving criminal offence of tax- and insurance premium evasion. Compiled by Spectator staff ,12. Apr 2018, at 13:30

The disputed Five Star Residence

Comenius University accepted plagiaristic works from Germans

German media reported on suspicions of plagiarism and the difficulty of stripping people of Slovak degrees. Roman Cuprik ,11. Apr 2018, at 22:37

Comenius University in Bratislava

Minister Drucker’s wife ends her businesses

After political attacks by the opposition and media pressure, Interior Minister Tomáš Drucker (ex-health minister) announced on April 11 that his wife would end all her business activities. Compiled by Spectator staff ,11. Apr 2018, at 14:11

Interior Minister Tomáš Drucker, during the April 11 cabinet session.

How an unknown collaborator with Široký took control over EU-funds

At the beginning of his career, Ľubomír Jahnátek was more of a figure of fun but later he was connected to scandal. Roman Cuprik ,5. Apr 2018, at 9:48

Ľubomír Jahnátek
UPDATED: Wed, Apr 4. 15:30

RTVS editors feel pressure, mistrust their superiors

News reporters from RTVS published an open letter to the head of the public service TV and Radio, Jaroslav Rezník, worried about his decisions. Compiled by Spectator staff ,4. Apr 2018, at 13:55

RTVS building in Mlynská Dolina

Prosecutor orders NAKA to launch investigation into farm subsidy fraud

Agricultural state offices last week initiated a motion opening the investigation of a vast fraud, in which more and more facts about the blatant misuse of EU funds have been surfacing. Compiled by Spectator staff ,4. Apr 2018, at 13:46

The abandoned airport near Trhovište

New PM Pellegrini's earnings and expenses do not match

Dennik N looked at Pellegrini’s income since 2005 and questions his purchase of a luxury apartment on the Danube embankment. Compiled by Spectator staff ,3. Apr 2018, at 13:36

Peter Pellegrini

Jankovská: I never took a bribe, we have not been to the villa of Bžán

Allegations that State Secretary Monika Jankovská took a bribe as a judge first appeared five years ago, and not even the basic facts match.Adam Valček, Peter Kováč29. Mar 2018, at 17:17

Monika Jankovská

Prosecutor brings lawsuit against fraud suspect Bašternák

The case concerns the VAT refund amounting to nearly €2 million. Compiled by Spectator staff ,29. Mar 2018, at 12:51

Daniel Lipšic, the poster next to him shows tycoon Bašternák.

Businessman Bašternák is suing SaS MP Jozef Rajtár

The tycoon and “landlord” of ex-prime minister Robert Fico has filed a criminal complaint against the MP for calling him a thief. Compiled by Spectator staff ,28. Mar 2018, at 13:13

SaS MP Jozef Rajtár

Two witnesses talk about the corruption of a judge and state secretary

The bar at the centre of the alleged bribery scandal now belongs to the wife of the head of the anti-corruption police unit.Martina Raábová27. Mar 2018, at 15:55

Justice Ministry State Secretary Monika Jankovska

Cocaine hidden in fruit

Suspected ‘Ndrangheta member, Vadala, may have used farms to cover drug trafficking.By Adam Valček, Daniel Hoťka14. Mar 2018, at 21:10

Police checks in Calabria, illutsrative stock photo

MP of Smer party has power-plants near Italian-run farmstead

The power plant and the farm share the same access road. Long-time Prešov regional governor claims he does not know owner Diego Roda who was investigated by police in 45 cases.By Adam Valček, Martina Raábová14. Mar 2018, at 10:33

P. Chudík (L) with Prime Minister Robert Fico announces his candidacy for Prešov governor, June 2017.

MPs agree to hold no-confidence vote against Fico

Prime minister will face a no-confidence vote in parliament, on March 19 morning. If he is toppled, the whole cabinet will be dissolved. Compiled by Spectator staff ,13. Mar 2018, at 14:25

Leaders of the three coalition parties: Robert Fico, Andrej Danko, Béla Bugár (l-r).

Prosecutor’s office starts prosecuting ex-minister Kaliňák for sabotage

The General Prosecutor’s Office has 30 days to decide whether it will charge Kaliňák based on the criminal complaint of special prosecutor Vasiľ Špirko. Compiled by Spectator staff ,13. Mar 2018, at 13:56

Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák

Kaliňák sees accusations of corruption against him as a witch hunt

Interior Minister denies all accusations against him, but some reports suggest he will step down on Monday. Compiled by Spectator staff ,9. Mar 2018, at 1:36

Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák

Prosecutor accuses the interior minister of corruption scheme

Special Prosecutor Vasil Špirko blows the whistle on Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák and former finance minister, Ján Počiatek, filing a criminal complaint. Top police officers face criminal complaints, too. Michaela Terenzani ,8. Mar 2018, at 15:44

Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák

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