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MEP from the far-right party will sit on the civil liberties committee. 18. Jul 2019, at 13:19
European Commissioner for Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič has served as the commissioner since 2009.
Slovakia's Commission Vice-President for the Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič is expected to occupy one of the top EC posts. 19. Jun 2019, at 21:40
European Parliament
The pre-election campaign did not have any educational dimension, the survey by Comenius University in Bratislava suggests. 11. Jun 2019, at 21:56
Peter Pollák
The best answer to rising extremism is to do something concrete. My party chose to support me for MEP, says Peter Pollák. 30. May 2019, at 12:46
The election committee also reported the case of an American citizen who wanted to vote in the EP elections. 27. May 2019, at 23:13
Slovakia did not favour ruling coalition parties in the EP election. 27. May 2019, at 12:26
President-elect Zuzana Caputova voted in the EP election in her hometown of Pezinok. Her former party, PS, won three mandates in the EP.
Turnout was higher than last year, more than 22 percent of voters cast their ballots. 26. May 2019, at 23:28
European Parliament elections 2019
Slovakia will mark several “firsts” in the next European Parliament. 26. May 2019, at 23:00
Historical group from the Rotenstein festival voted in Holic.
Take a look at how people voted for their MEPs around Slovakia. 25. May 2019, at 22:02
George Mayer, Marine Le Pen, and Boris Kollár in Bratislava.
The far right is flexing its muscles in this European election. 22. May 2019, at 14:10
Leonora of Denmark performs the song "Love Is Forever" during the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest grand final rehearsal in Tel Aviv, Israel, Friday, May 17, 2019.
Votes in the song contest say a lot about how closely attached people feel to the rest of Europe. 17. May 2019, at 15:55
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The nationals of Cyprus, Estonia and Malta did not register. 13. May 2019, at 21:47
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As EP elections are just around the corner, many are wondering who will show up to the polls. Oľga Gyarfašová13. May 2019, at 14:55
The poorly attended circus that is the European elections is about to come to town. Enjoy the show – but don’t expect too much of the performers. 12. May 2019, at 18:43
Leaders of some EU member states in Sibiu, Romania.
Why will so few Europeans vote in European elections? Because of meetings like the recent one in Sibiu. 10. May 2019, at 18:36
A man walks with an umbrella outside EU headquarters in Brussels.
In Slovakia, the remain vote would have it if there was a referendum on exiting the EU, sociologist opines. 9. May 2019, at 17:21
European institutions are more interested in elections themselves in Slovakia than candidates and political parties, political analyst says. 3. May 2019, at 8:41
European Parliament
The European Parliament election is nearing. Here is some basic information about the parties and their candidates. 2. May 2019, at 15:27
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The turnout was among the lowest in the EU in recent years. 25. Apr 2019, at 13:45
Food prices keep falling.
Slovakia’s Agriculture Ministry welcomed the change, calling it a victory. 18. Apr 2019, at 13:46
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