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Viktor Orbán and Eduard Heger with the "updated" scarf.
Some jokes are more in good taste than others. 28. Nov 2022, at 15:07
Resignation notices filed by hundreds of doctors in late September.
A mass exodus of doctors once seemed unlikely, but ten days before their resignations take effect, uncertainty reigns. 21. Nov 2022, at 14:25
Bringing down the Iron Curtain in Devin near Bratislava, December 1989.
The language of its memories is velvety, but our non-violent revolution required real effort. 14. Nov 2022, at 14:16
Archbishop Ján Orosch, walking in front of Bratislava Archbishop Stanislav Zvolenský.
Slovakia’s Catholics are experiencing the aftershocks of Tepláreň. 7. Nov 2022, at 14:17
Joint municipal and regional elections in Slovakia, October 29, 2022.
After a litany of national crises, voters backed the local incumbents. 31. Oct 2022, at 12:13
Illustrative stock photo
Foreigners living in Slovakia have a rare chance to influence the direction of their town, and the country, this coming weekend. 24. Oct 2022, at 14:27
March in support of LGBT+ community in Bratislava on Friday, October 14, 2022.
LGBT+ people in Slovakia are horrified, but not surprised. 17. Oct 2022, at 14:52
Dušan Dědeček runs from journalists in front of the courthouse. The judge decided he would be prosecuted at large.
The case shows once again just how little people trust the courts in Slovakia. 10. Oct 2022, at 14:34
Igor Matovič in parliament
When criticised, smear your critics. 3. Oct 2022, at 14:51
Economy Minister Karel Hirman (right) and PM Eduard Heger in parliament.
Government says ‘don’t panic’, but people in Slovakia have no idea how much they will pay for electricity and gas this winter. 26. Sep 2022, at 13:55
Sme Rodina leader Boris Kollár (left), OĽaNO leader Igor Matovič (right) and PM Eduard Heger of OĽaNO in parliament on September 14, 2022
Now minus one coalition party, Heger discovers that ruling the country without a parliamentary majority will take work. 19. Sep 2022, at 13:47
Richard Sulik (left) and his fellow SaS ministers have filed resignations as ministers of the cabinet of Eduard Heger (right).
But who exactly will be responsible for the performance of the new ministers? 12. Sep 2022, at 13:49
Igor Matovič (OĽaNO)
Without politics, there is no predictability and no accountability. 5. Sep 2022, at 13:14
Tanks in Bratislava
54 years on, Slovaks know all too well what happens when you do not fight back against occupiers. 22. Aug 2022, at 8:21
Eduard Heger (left) and Igor Matovič (right).
Nobody seems to know what will happen to the government come September – except Igor Matovič, of course. 15. Aug 2022, at 14:47
Igor Matovič
With coalition crunch-time approaching, Matovič turns to his “proven” tactic. 8. Aug 2022, at 14:22
Viktor Orban
Hungary is isolated in its stance towards Russia, but for how long? 1. Aug 2022, at 15:09
Public acknowledgement improves, but legal recognition lags far behind. 25. Jul 2022, at 14:48
PM Eduard Heger with SaS leader Richard Sulík (right) and OĽaNO leader Igor Matovič (left) announce the arrival of Volvo.
Heger and Sulík have identified the “main” problem in the coalition, but they differ over what it is. 18. Jul 2022, at 14:29
Members of the SaS party during press conference announcing that they no longer accept the coalition deal.
The village of record-breaking temperatures, Slovak scientist of the year on disgust, and other must read stories from last week. 11. Jul 2022, at 12:55
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