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Peter Kažimír
Central bank governor Kažimír shows no signs of resigning, despite corruption charges. 18. Oct 2021, at 14:27
Covid department in Galanta hospital
Most analysts have abandoned their most optimistic scenarios for the Delta variant in Slovakia. 11. Oct 2021, at 12:09
President Zuzana Čaputová delivers her second annual address to parliament on September 28, 2021.
Attempts to court dialogue with opposition leaders are spurned. 4. Oct 2021, at 14:34
Most Slovak believe that “we” should also include foreigners, although they are quick to point out that efforts to integrate should be undertaken mainly by the foreigners themselves.
Bratislava’s mayor is right that integration is a two-way street, but even the capital still has some way to go to see foreigners as residents rather than just visitors. 27. Sep 2021, at 14:26
Pope Francis and President Zuzana Čaputová at the airport.
It was nice while it lasted. Which wasn’t long. 20. Sep 2021, at 14:40
Pope Francis visits Slovakia for the first time.
The ongoing papal visit is expected to dominate the news, but last week brought some changes on the Slovak political scene. 13. Sep 2021, at 14:04
Vladimír Pčolinský leaves Leopoldov prison with his lawyer Ondrej Urban.
The shock move by the General Prosecutor’s Office raised many legitimate questions. It then blocked some journalists from asking them at a press conference. 6. Sep 2021, at 14:20
Lottery for the vaccinated airs on the public-service RTVS.
Matovič’s lottery shows – again – what happens when anti-system politicians are allowed to rule the country. 30. Aug 2021, at 13:19
Kids return to schools on September 2 in Slovakia.
Education Ministry promises there’ll be no widespread school closures this year, but there are still many unknowns. 23. Aug 2021, at 14:47
Restaurant terraces in Bratislava
New colours and measures, starting today, are supposed to guide the country through the expected next wave of the pandemic. What could possibly go wrong? 16. Aug 2021, at 14:07
Peter Pellegrini (left) and Robert Fico (right)
Summer suspense as police continue uncovering corruption schemes, while epidemiologists prepare for the Delta episode of the pandemic to unfold. 9. Aug 2021, at 14:26
The anti-vax louts do not represent the hesitant any more than hooligans represent all football fans. 2. Aug 2021, at 15:02
Sme Rodina leader Boris Kollár (right) and Health Minister Vladimír Lengvarský (OĽaNO nominee).
MPs pass a law with mild advantages for the vaccinated, but vaccination will be required to see the Pope live. 26. Jul 2021, at 12:14
Only the biggest ones leave like this. If only it didn't hurt the rest of us so badly. Slovakia remembers deceased actor Milan Lasica. and 1 more19. Jul 2021, at 13:05
Police patrols returned to the border crossings, but not everybody is happy.
MPs will try to amend the Constitution, while the state decided to reopen smaller crossings after the protests. and 1 more12. Jul 2021, at 12:55
EU Digital Covid Certificate is the document the vaccinated will need when crossing borders in the EU.
Slovak authorities accelerate their vaccination efforts in various ways, but not all coalition partners are onboard. 5. Jul 2021, at 14:05
Authorities worry about the low vaccine uptake in Slovakia as new information about the new variant adds to concerns. 28. Jun 2021, at 14:21
Marian Kočner in Supreme Court during the appellate proceeding in the Kuciak murder trial.
Slovakia breathes a collective sigh of relief as Kočner is stripped of his not-guilty verdict – for now. 21. Jun 2021, at 14:22
Jan Herak
Ján Herák faces a series of serious sexual abuse allegations, while a similar case hits a rising star of Czech politics. 14. Jun 2021, at 14:03
July 2020 protest against changes to abortions.
Instead of the human consequences of the pandemic, or high-level corruption, MPs will be asked to debate abortion yet again. 7. Jun 2021, at 14:29
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