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PM Igor Matovič and Health Minister Marek Krajčí
Also this week: The coalition loses an MP, Sputnik creates new splits in the coalition, and some good news about the economy. 22. feb22. Feb 2021, at 14:13
Vaccination of teachers under 55 using the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine in Žilina.
Government cites the new variants spreading in Europe as the reason. Hospitals still under strain, vaccination of teachers finally underway. 15. feb15. Feb 2021, at 11:58
French President Emmanuel Macron holds an umbrella as Slovakia's PM Igor Matovič speaks to the media before a working lunch at the Elysee Palace on February 3, 2021 in Paris.
Also this week: the floating Sputnik, Lipšic heads the office he founded, and employees can bid farewell to meal vouchers if they want to. 8. feb8. Feb 2021, at 13:09
Organised crime charges fly high during an eventful week for the police and judiciary. 1. feb1. Feb 2021, at 12:42
Gábor Grendel (OĽaNO), Juraj Šeliga (Za Ľudí), and SaS MPs Marian Viskupič and Jana Bittó Cigániková.
The second-largest testing scheme of the whole population is underway in Slovakia. Government says they ordered enough vaccines. Layoffs of transnationals in Bratislava. 25. jan25. Jan 2021, at 13:05
The government spent the week deciding about nationwide testing. Lockdown is starting to show in infection numbers, experts say. 18. jan18. Jan 2021, at 12:48
Matovič government ministers waiting to enter the Presidential Palace on March 21, when the cabinet was officially appointed.
The strain first found in southern England now complicates the already complicated epidemic situation in Slovakia. Sme Rodina minister gives an unconvincing explanation. 11. jan11. Jan 2021, at 12:15
Vaccination rollout in Slovakia.
Some hospitals are on their last legs. A prominent suicide puts the government's future at stake. 4. jan4. Jan 2021, at 13:43
Economy Minister Richard Sulík
PM calls economy minister an idiot and demands his resignation. He and several ministers test positive one day later. Former economy minister of Pellegrini's cabinet is in hot water. 21. dec21. Dec 2020, at 13:04
A closed terrace in Bratislava.
Mitigation rules for Christmas holidays not enough, government's advisors call for a lockdown. State budget, pension changes, judiciary reform, and new GP takes office. 14. dec14. Dec 2020, at 12:15
New general prosecutor elected, thorough cleaning expected. Prominent arrests continue in December. 7. dec7. Dec 2020, at 12:46
PM Igor Matovič (l) and Speaker of Parliament Boris Kollár
Unjustified privileges overshadow some good news of the coalition's work. Halloween testing will not be repeated during advent time. 30. nov30. Nov 2020, at 13:01
Education is a question of rights. So is protesting against the government, but at what costs? Slovakia welcomes hefty investment that comes with a warning sign. 23. nov23. Nov 2020, at 13:46
Cinemas, theatres, and churches can open as of Monday, November 16, but they are only allowed to let in 50 percent of their capacity of guests.
Slovakia reports improved COVID numbers, government has eased measures. Coronavirus situation remains grim but macroeconomic stats and football provide some good news. 16. nov16. Nov 2020, at 13:39
Last Week in Slovakia

Testing eases tensions. Or does it?

PM Igor Matovič presents the results of the first round of the nationwide testing.
Former police leadership ends up behind bars. Prime minister offers a questionable interpretation of results. Do not confuse Slovakia and Slovenia on Twitter as Biden wins. 9. nov9. Nov 2020, at 12:52
The testing in Bratislava on October 31, 2020.
After initial concerns, everyone who wanted to could get tested in Slovakia over the past weekend. It is too early to say if the mass testing is a success story and will help the country avoid a lockdown. 2. nov2. Nov 2020, at 8:23
Waiting for the results of COVID tests during the pilot phase of the nationwide testing in the town of Nižná in Orava, northern Slovakia.
High turnout in testing in four northern districts, decision awaited on extending the project to the nation. Prison for a prominent prosecutor and parliament's speaker injured. 26. okt26. Oct 2020, at 12:24
PM Igor Matovič shows the antigen testing kit that should be used in the nationwide testing project in Slovakia.
Nationwide testing is less utopian than the blackout but it is driven by the same ambition. 19. okt19. Oct 2020, at 11:45
Masks will be compulsory out in the streets. The government hopes to contain the rising second wave of the coronavirus pandemic with its latest measures.
The government tightened up measures again, coalition leaders clashed over them. Foreign policy keeps going strong as Belarussian freedom fighter visits. 12. okt12. Oct 2020, at 12:23
Health Minister Marek Krajčí (right) says he is only staying as minister because he feels the trust of PM Matovič (left) and the public.
Ruling the country is all about containing the pandemic once again. Health minister says he no longer feels fully up to the task. 5. okt5. Oct 2020, at 12:34