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An Easter lamb cake is placed in a wooden basket.
Spectacular Slovakia listeners will lick their fingers at Easter. 9. Apr 2020, at 7:00
Christmas wafers are a must on the Slovak Christmas table.
Opekance, bobáľky and pupáčky are the same thing. But what is it? 24. Dec 2019, at 14:00
A man sells carps from a fountain in Poprad on December 22, 2014.
Slovaks put some cash, or even their credit cards, under their plates. 23. Dec 2019, at 14:00
Festival in Východná
What are the best places to see Slovak folklore? 23. May 2019, at 10:07
It always strikes me how much time it took to survive, says Naomi Hužovičová. 11. Apr 2019, at 7:00
The ruins of the Tematín Castle near Piešťany are a good destination for a hike with kids.
Slovakia is a good place for easy hiking with kids. 28. Feb 2019, at 7:51
Naomi Hužovičová talks about her favourite topic - food. 23. Jan 2019, at 17:27
Girl with arms full of flowers, Mikuláš Galanda, 1938
New Year's resolutions are often about healthy habits - but the right reason for trying to keep them makes all the difference, especially for our kids. 7. Jan 2019, at 19:15
Canadian hiker shares her tips for hikes in Slovakia, including some that you probably have not heard of yet. Tomáš Rybár7. Nov 2018, at 18:23
Canadian food blogger living in Slovakia introduces traditional Slovak cuisine in a new light. Tomáš Rybár25. Oct 2018, at 14:50
Canadian blogger takes you around Smolenice, a small town with a fairy-tale castle but also a lesser-known Iron Age settlement. Tomáš Rybár3. Oct 2018, at 20:18
Beneficiaries of the Le Slavia race take part in the run.
Small town races bring out the dedicated amateur as well the the weekend jogger and when they put their love of running to good, everybody benefits. 25. Jun 2016, at 8:40
Sad Slovak hockey players after losing to Belarus.
After the initial excitement of winning two games in the 2016 World Championships, the losses caused my friend to exclaim, “That’s it! I’m not watching hockey anymore! It’s embarrassing to lose so much!!” 14. May 2016, at 7:50
Folklore ensemble (FS) Lysec showed traditions and habits in the Museum of Slovak Village (SNM) on Sunday before Easter.
Although I normally am the first to embrace and celebrate traditions, my first Easter in Slovakia was rather a shock. 28. Mar 2016, at 3:10
Foreigner in Slovakia

Blog: It's your turn

The election left many people disappointed in some way or other and despairing for the future. It's time to stop waiting on other people and ask what you've done to make Slovakia a better place. 15. Mar 2016, at 13:10
People in Bratislava welcome 2016.
Around this time of year, people start debating whether resolutions made in the new year are valuable. Whatever your opinion, the change in the calendar is an opportunity (among many) to reflect on the last year and… 6. Jan 2016, at 15:49
Foreigner in Slovakia

Blog: On Christians and Pharisees

Illustration photo.
Taking in refugees from the Middle East certainly has legitmate concerns of security, financing, and integration. But fear mongering creates an atmosphere where rational discussion and problem solving are left… 11. Dec 2015, at 8:35
Foreigner in Slovakia

Blog: My favourite Slovak tradition

Cemeteries are not usually considered places of beauty. But on November 1 and 2 in Slovakia, graveyards are beautiful - and full of the mystery of the nether world. 10. Nov 2015, at 8:45
The success of cyclist Peter Sagan has made the sport more popular in Slovakia.
I tend to be rather skeptical of professional athletes, considering them overpaid and over valued. But here are some reasons that Sagan seems like a genuinely good guy. 7. Oct 2015, at 7:05
Illustrative stock photo
When faced with the attitude towards refugees in Slovakia, one Canadian tries to understand where that attitude is coming from. 8. Sep 2015, at 6:00