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Radka Minarechová began working for The Slovak Spectator in July 2011, after graduating from the journalism department of Comenius University in Bratislava. She covers political news, as well as occasional economic stories, and writes for our special publications.She is also responsible for the information tables that appear in the special publications. Before she joined The Slovak Spectator team, Ms. Minarechová contributed to the Career & Employment Guide and Spectacular Slovakia.

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More than 10,000 volunteers went on dates with their citiesPhoto

Cleaning castles and painting fences. This is how people participated in the biggest volunteering event in central Europe.11. Jun 2018, at 21:18

Zvolen's park Lanice

We need action, teachers’ representatives say

The Education Ministry has introduced the basic points of long-awaited reform, but critics are pointing to empty promises and the postponement of solutions.6. Jun 2018, at 14:51

Education Minister Martina Lubyová

What is Lucia Žitňanská’s legacy?

The former justice minister has adopted several crucial measures, praised by experts.29. May 2018, at 6:30

Lucia Žitňanská was praised for her job at the ministry.

Justice Minister Gál wants more efficient courts and registers

Observers expect Gábor Gál to continue with changes launched by his predecessor.29. May 2018, at 6:30

Justice Minister Gábor Gál

How artificial intelligence penetrates our lives

Automation, chatbots and virtual assistants are only a few examples of how companies implement AI solutions.23. May 2018, at 16:41

Health care is one of the areas already using artificial intelligence.

How will the new EU budget impact Slovakia?

The country will have to prepare for the changes proposed in the new EU budget. Its focus on subsidised areas is part of it.10. May 2018, at 17:12

Illustrative stock photo

Slovak schools fight for IT students

But the problem might be that there will not be enough teachers to prepare the next generation of IT experts.9. May 2018, at 11:45

How do we inspire more young people to study IT?

Educating the future IT generation

The role of the state is not enough. Companies also try to increase the interest of young people in technical studies.9. May 2018, at 11:45

Illustrative stock photo

Hungarian activist: Don’t let politicians call protest organisers “Soros people”

If you want to achieve a change, some kind of formal body to work on the agenda on a daily basis is necessary, says Hungarian activist Márton Gulyás.2. May 2018, at 10:31

Márton Gulyás at the Face to Face conference organised by PDCS organisation.

Women in IT should not be taboo

Girls still have too few idols who have achieved success in the IT sector.26. Apr 2018, at 7:00

Girls are lured to study IT.

Young Slovaks struggle with verifying information

The average scores of people completing IT-related tasks are dropping. But the reasons may differ.24. Apr 2018, at 23:39

Illustrative stock photo

EP calls for thorough investigation of Kuciak’s murder

It has raised an alarm about the potential infiltration of organised crime in the Slovak economy and politics at all levels.19. Apr 2018, at 21:13

European Parliament, illustrative stock photo

Istanbul ratification still nowhere in sight

The international document preventing violence against women was one of the reasons why a former justice minister left the government.19. Apr 2018, at 11:22

Foodstuff in the EU will have to be the same

The European Commission has introduced rules to tackle the criticised dual quality of products in its member states. But is it really a pressing topic?18. Apr 2018, at 14:54

Illustrative stock photo

Hungarian MEP: Without the protests, nothing would have changed

EP delegation member Benedek Jávor was frightened when Robert Fico, then still prime minister, started making allegations concerning George Soros in their conversation.17. Apr 2018, at 11:58

MEP Benedek Jávor

What is happening with the public-service broadcaster?

The RTVS management’s criticism of the #allforJan badges is just the tip of the iceberg, showing a divide between journalists and their managers. Here are some basics to understand what’s going on.12. Apr 2018, at 13:55

Jaroslav Rezník

New health minister: I'm a doctor first of all

While some praise the fact that the Health Ministry was taken over by an insider, others question Andrea Kalavská’s professionality and morality.11. Apr 2018, at 12:01

Andrea Kalavská

Thinking ecologically becomes trendy

Companies start taking more environment-friendly approach, but many are still not taking full advantage of it.29. Mar 2018, at 6:30

Most of Slovakia’s waste still ends up in landfills. Some initiatives want to change it.

Slovakia struggles with the segregation of Roma and disabled children

Segregation deprives Roma and disabled children of the chance to interact with their peers, while majority children miss the opportunity to learn about diversity, the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human…22. Mar 2018, at 22:47

NGOs see the ruling as confirmation of onging segregation.

What’s new at the Foreigners’ Police in Bratislava?Photo

The Slovak Spectator visited the new premises of the Foreigners’ Police department in the Vajnory district, which opened on March 19.20. Mar 2018, at 16:37

Foreigners Police building in Bratislava.

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