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Radka Minarechová began working for The Slovak Spectator in July 2011, after graduating from the journalism department of Comenius University in Bratislava. She covers political news, as well as occasional economic stories, and writes for our special publications.She is also responsible for the information tables that appear in the special publications. Before she joined The Slovak Spectator team, Ms. Minarechová contributed to the Career & Employment Guide and Spectacular Slovakia.

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Earth-friendly approach can bring business success

The state should approach this sector more systematically, the representatives of the sector opine.16. Nov 2020, at 6:30

UPDATED: 25. Nov 2020, at 18:01

How to travel to and from Slovakia during COVID-19

Check out which border crossings are open, and how bus, train and air transport works.15. Nov 2020, at 19:34

The airport in Bratislava reopened.

Highways do not solve every regional traffic problem

The previous management of the Transport Ministry failed to remedy many deficiencies. Observers hope the current one will fare better.5. Oct 2020, at 6:30

The 30-kilometre stretch of the long-awaited Bratislava ring road was recently opened.

FAQ: What foreigners ask before relocating to Slovakia?

Finding a new home in Slovakia.3. Oct 2020, at 12:40

Covid affected the distribution of foreign press in Slovakia

The largest distributor terminated its activities before the summer.10. Sep 2020, at 17:23

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Fulbright Program remains with people long after they return home

Lýdia Tobiášová, executive director of the Fulbright Commission in Slovakia, talks about her experience with the programme and how it can enrich one’s life.27. Aug 2020, at 7:00

Fulbright Program brings together people from various backgrounds.

German business in Slovakia goes beyond automotive

German investors also have a significant presence in the energy and food-making sector, among others.21. Jul 2020, at 12:45

More than 600 companies in Slovakia have German shareholders

Leading HR professional: We need to be more human than resources

Tatiana Orglerová from Knauf Insulation describes what she sees in HR and how she helped build the community in Slovakia.16. Jul 2020, at 6:35

Tatiana Orglerová

More job offers with home office, gender gap remains wide. How labour market has been developing

These were the trends of the Slovak labour market in the past year.1. Jul 2020, at 6:30

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No dress code and innovative recruitment. How HR can inspire others

New award is aimed at appreciating innovative solutions.29. Jun 2020, at 14:38

HR Inspiration winners from Poštová Banka.

Social innovations are unknown territory for most

The results of the recent Focus poll for the Pontis Foundation were impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.25. Jun 2020, at 23:42

One of recent social innovations supported by the Pontis Foundation: the Budúcnosť Inak (Future Differently) project.
UPDATED: 21. May 2020, at 11:02

How the state helps people and businesses during the coronacrisis

Several measures have been adopted to mitigate the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak.14. May 2020, at 17:00

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The man who saved a national airline before turning 30

Martin Sedlacký recently received the Goodwill Envoy award for spreading the good name of Slovakia abroad.4. May 2020, at 6:30

Martin Sedlacký (r) feels very honoured and glad that people in Slovakia know about the activities of expats abroad.
Spectator Anniversary

An unexpected ad saved the paper that now celebrates 25 years

Four founders of The Slovak Spectator recall the early days of the newspaper.24. Apr 2020, at 7:00

The first issue of The Slovak Spectator.

Slump in ads and newsstand sales. Coronavirus impacts media business in Slovakia

Some went out of business, some are reducing salaries. Will the media need state help to keep going?23. Apr 2020, at 17:53

People like being smart. In banking and insurance too

What comes after mobile phone and smart watch payments? Banks have more solutions in the pipeline.23. Mar 2020, at 15:13

New payment methods are popular in Slovakia.

Slovakia still among most corrupt EU countries

Slovakia struggles with lack of trust in institutions and weak protection of whistleblowers.5. Mar 2020, at 7:00

Štefan Ílleš, former mayor of the village of Hodejov, remains the highest-ranked politician sentenced for corruption in the years 2014-2017.

Where did Matovič get all his votes from?

Authenticity may have been key, experts say.1. Mar 2020, at 13:17

The representatives of parties that will sit in the parliament. L-r: Veronika Remišová (Za Ľudí), Richard Sulík (SaS), Martin Beluský (ĽSNS), Boris Kollár (Sme Rodina), Juraj Blanár (Smer), and Igor Matovič (OĽaNO).

Election 2020: Igor Matovič marks an historic victory over Smer

The result is a debacle for the ruling coalition, liberals from PS/Spolu left out in the cold.29. Feb 2020, at 23:38

Igor Matovič, leader of OĽaNO

Slovak election to test Orbán’s clout among ethnic Hungarians

Slovakia’s ethnic Hungarian minority has a reputation for political moderation. As an election looms and Viktor Orbán ramps up his influence from across the border, is that about to change?12. Feb 2020, at 8:00