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Accommodation only for adventurous souls

The most eastern point of Slovakia is worth seeing

(Source: Michaela Zdražilová, TASR)
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A new shelter hut and hotel for insects was established in a relaxation zone in Nová Sedlica village in eastern Slovakia, which is part of the Poloniny national park.

The structure is located in the locality of Poľana on the way to Medová Baba. From the main road it is about 700 metres from the last house in the village, on the right side over the river, said Vasiľ Dinič, the mayor of Nová Sedlica.

The shelter hut measures 3x4.5 metres. There is no furniture inside and more than 10 people can sleep in it. A campfire ring, benches and a table are located outside the structure and a small lake is nearby.

Tourists used the locality to sleep even before the shelter hut was constructed there. When new wooden bus stops replaced the old ones six years ago, the village moved the old tin one to Poľana. It served as a shelter for visitors during the bad weather.

Tourists may use four other shelter huts located in Poloniny on the tourist route, which is about 50 kilometres long. It leads from Osadné to Kremenec, which is where the Slovak, Polish and Ukrainian borders meet.

The shelter huts are located in the saddle under Čierťaž, with two others in the villages of Runina and Zboj, and one in Ruské Sedlo. Poloniny is great for stargazers since there is a locality with the darkest night sky in Slovakia. Visitors usually look for spectacular nature and unique wooden architecture from the 17th and 18th centuries.

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