The promissory notes trial continues

Rusko’s ex-wife confirms the existence of the promissory notes, but claims she has never seen them.

Pavol RuskoPavol Rusko(Source: TASR)

The trial concerning allegedly forged promissory notes worth nearly €70 million continued on October 17.

While one of the accused, Marian Kočner, was present at the previous proceedings held in September, this time he was absent, the Sme daily reported.

Rusková has not seen the promissory notes

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One of the witnesses on the stand was the ex-wife of Pavol Rusko, another defendant in the case.

Viera Rusková confirmed that she knew about the promissory notes, which she considered “extortion money” demanded by Kočner. She claims she recommended that Rusko, her ex-husband, sign the promissory notes to be done with the affair.

However, she admitted that she has never actually seen any of the promissory notes.

She later got entangled in her testimony and provided only vague answers, Sme wrote.

Other witness did not know about the notes

Another witness was Jozef Dučák Sr., who stands accused in the Technopol Service case. Ex-journalist turned spy Peter Tóth, said in his testimony that Dučák provided Kočner with old paper, pen and toner to forge the promissory notes.

Dučák, however, rejected the claims. Sme noted in its report that his testimony seemed incomprehensible.

Dučák said, among other things, that Kočner had asked him about how the age of the ink could be determined, but did not tell him why he was asking, Sme reported.

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The third witness heard on October 17, Ján Kováčik, who was the co-owner of private broadcaster TV Markíza, said he did not know about the existence of the promissory notes.

He denied the statements made by Rusková, Sme wrote. He then said that Rusko told him about some personal debts, but did not say how much he owes and to whom.

Threema texts submitted

During the trial, prosecutor Ján Šanta handed in a complete backup of the texts Kočner sent via the Threema app. They were found on his phone, which was given to the police by Tóth.

The court has not decided yet whether and when it will read the texts, Sme wrote.

The defence teams have already said they would oppose the reading.

The trial will continue on October 28.

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