Most voters consider a coalition with Kotleba or Harabin unacceptable

The poll shows that the coalition would be acceptable mostly for Smer voters, however.

Marian Kotleba (l) and Štefan Harabin (r)Marian Kotleba (l) and Štefan Harabin (r)(Source: Sme)

A majority of Slovaks do not support the coalition featuring far-right People’s Party – Our Slovakia (ĽSNS).

This stems from a poll carried out by the Focus agency for the private broadcaster TV Markíza between October 15 and 22 on 1,021 respondents.

The coalition with ĽSNS would be unacceptable for 67 percent of respondents, while 27 percent would accept it. Nearly 6 percent could not answer the question.

The highest support of such a coalition can be found among the voters of the Smer party. Nearly 34 percent of them said it would be acceptable. On the other hand, more than 61 percent of Smer voters consider such a coalition unacceptable.

For the voters of the opposition coalition of Progressive Slovakia (PS) and Spolu (Together), the coalition is unacceptable for nearly 80 percent of respondents.

Vlasť unacceptable too

The respondents provided similar answers when asked about the potential coalition with the Vlasť (Homeland) party of Štefan Harabin. More than 70 percent of them consider it unacceptable, while more than 24 percent have a different opinion. More than 5 percent of voters could not answer the question.

Over 50 percent of ĽSNS voters could imagine such a coalition. It would also be acceptable for 40 percent of Smer voters, 29 percent of Slovak National Party (SNS) voters, 26 percent of the voters of Sme Rodina of Boris Kollár, and 21 percent of Most-Híd voters.

On the other hand, more than 90 percent of the voters of Za Ľudí (For the People) party of Andrej Kiska said they could not imagine such a coalition. The share is even higher in the case of Freedom and Solidarity (SaS): more than 95 percent.

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