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President Zuzana Čaputová speaking to the participants in the Globsec conference.
The GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum 2021 will focus on rebuilding the post-pandemic world. 14. Jun 2021, at 17:40
On-going works on the parking lot near the Toll House.
The theatre, water tower and parking lot on the other side of the Danube to be reconstructed. 11. Jun 2021, at 9:39
Marián Hlavačka
Sustainable construction means different things to different cities. 11. Jun 2021, at 7:00
Boating on the Small Danube
More than 20 different organisations have prepared a chain of events under the Solstice on the Danube. 3. Jun 2021, at 16:17
SNP Bridge during White Night
The New Bridge with a UFO at the top offers a unique view of the city from 85 meters high. 3. Jun 2021, at 7:00
The well marked as Studnička II. Lom (Medáreň) has potable water.
Many springs are deemed unpotable simply due to unsatisfactory pH levels. 28. May 2021, at 13:28
Czech violinist and singer Iva Bittová during the recording of the "Live At Tou" album.
Here are the stories from this week that you do not want to miss. 28. May 2021, at 11:16
Design Factory
Creative team behind the project are moving to Jarovce. 28. May 2021, at 10:20
The Grassalkovich Presidential Palace
It once served as a place where young children could spend their free time. 27. May 2021, at 7:00
River Park
River Park stands over the Danube and offers luxurious apartments and office spaces. 21. May 2021, at 9:51
A photo of father of Monika Sweighofer with his colleagues on the roof of the chocolate company Stollwerck (later Figaro).
Views of places that no longer exist, historical photos of a rowing or athletics club or from a cooking class at a girls’ school. 21. May 2021, at 9:25
The city beach has become a popular summer destination in Bratislava.
Residents and visitors of Bratislava can enjoy a seaside atmosphere on the Danube River until mid September. 14. May 2021, at 16:05
Installing of the beehive on the roof of Stará Tržnica in the very centre of Bratislava.
City bees make people more sensitive to their environment. 14. May 2021, at 5:38
Bratislava Castle
Bratislava Castle has undergone some changes but remains the capital's historical treasure. 13. May 2021, at 7:00
The nearly 400km long cycling trail was picked for a unique theme that cyclists can experience in three countries. 12. May 2021, at 11:19
Renovation is necessary, the management says. 12. May 2021, at 11:15
Ongoing construction of D1 highway between Hubová and Ivachnová (April 2, 2021)
It remains unclear when the cross-country highway through Slovakia will be finished. 11. May 2021, at 17:41
The Slovak National Museum building in Bratislava
Attractive tours, games and even theatre performances will be held across the country on May 15. 10. May 2021, at 18:12
Environmental activists call for traffic slow down in Bratislava.
Vehicles do not keep to the speed limit. Activists registered a car driving at a speed of 92 km/h in the city centre. 7. May 2021, at 15:13
The Bratislava underpass under Hodža Square will become the Underpass of 16 November 1989 Students.
John Selecky on an amazing search for his roots in Slovakia; lost tribute to Stalin taking on a modern twist. 7. May 2021, at 11:07