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Towards the end of his life, Johan Sebastian Bach wrote down the history of his family, which began with a musically gifted baker from Prešporok.
Veit Bach also loved music, often playing a cithara at work. 25. feb25. Feb 2021, at 8:33
The former night cluc Messalina
The building may house toilets or be used for the sale of refreshments. 19. feb19. Feb 2021, at 18:23
Umelka Gallery
The venue witnessed onset of the 1989’s Velvet Revolution. 19. feb19. Feb 2021, at 15:19
Kukurica tower waits for reconstruction.
The one-time highest residential tower in the capital will serve administrative and accommodation purposes. 12. feb12. Feb 2021, at 16:29
Hygienist does not recommend opening schools. 11. feb11. Feb 2021, at 17:31
A view of Bratislava up from the National Bank of Slovakia high-rise building.
Ten years ago, some Bratislavans did not participate fearing lack of anonymity. 8. feb8. Feb 2021, at 18:43
New facility for Félix teh bear is the top priority for the new director of Zoo Bratislava, Júlia Hanuliaková.
Welfare of animals is top priority, insists director. 8. feb8. Feb 2021, at 17:42
UPDATED: 7. Feb 2020, at 18:49

Schools in Bratislava will remain closed

Illustrative stock photo
Other cities and districts have decided not to open, too. 7. feb7. Feb 2021, at 15:57
Diana Mašlejová and Zuzana Godárová, from left, launched the book about Princess Stéphanie of Belgium in Štefánka café on Hodžovo Square.
Habsburg royal gave up title for love and moved to Bratislava manor house. 28. jan28. Jan 2021, at 17:01
Animals in captivity need enrichment to support their natural curiosity and stimulate their senses. 26. jan26. Jan 2021, at 17:19
The tourist board of the capital invested in the revitalisation of popular tourist spots visited by locals. 26. jan26. Jan 2021, at 11:47
Bratislava public transport company will offer 50 vehicles for testing. 21. jan21. Jan 2021, at 18:38
The capacity of the local quarantine town has been doubled. 21. jan21. Jan 2021, at 11:40
The winning design of renewed Grössling bathhouse by OPPS Architettura
The historical Grössling complex to acquire new functions. 19. jan19. Jan 2021, at 13:38
Bratislava's Old Town on a snowy night in January 2021.
Former Fulbright scholar reminisces about his first introduction to the Slovak capital and shows how much it has changed in one decade. 14. jan14. Jan 2021, at 14:22
Check out our gallery. 13. jan13. Jan 2021, at 11:50
This place, part of Ovsištské Lúky (Ovsište Meadows) in Petržalka, is still Bratislava.
Walks along the Danube bank offer a feeling of being far from the city rush. 12. jan12. Jan 2021, at 14:32
If one judges architecture by whether people want to call it home, then Petržalka doesn't work. 12. jan12. Jan 2021, at 1:53
Nationwide coronavirus testing in Bratislava, October 31, 2020.
Testing needs to be simple and accessible until most people get the jab, Mayor Vallo says. 8. jan8. Jan 2021, at 17:11