Slovakia's turbulent market of recruiters

The consolidation on the market of recruitment agencies continued in 2020.

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The pandemic changed the landscape of the job market, yet the consolidation on the market of recruitment agencies continued in 2020.

It started in February 2020, when the investment agreement between Gi Group (better known under the brand Grafton in Slovakia) and the Work Service company was signed. The fusion was concluded in early 2021. Data concerning the merger can be found in the rankings under the Grafton brand. These two companies ranked fourth and ninth respectively in the ranking of HR firms published in 2020.

The ranking is compiled by The Slovak Spectator and published every year in its Career and Employment Guide publication.


“The pandemic has had a deep impact on our attitude towards work, planning and the management of people,” said Zuzana Rumiz, country manager at ManpowerGroup Slovensko, the biggest HR company in Slovakia which also ranked first in the the recruitment agencies category.

This ranking is based on the total number of placements in 2020 (leased
positions not included), while white collars have a value double that of blue collars.

In 2020, ManpowerGroup provided work to 1,235 candidates, most of whom were employed in industry and IT. The 10 largest recruitment agencies found jobs for 3,600 candidates, while 1,722 were office jobs.

“The crisis sped up the advent of the new future of work, which will leave more room for flexibility, diversity, and greater work-life balance,” Rumiz added.

Temporary employment agencies

Manuvia, third in the overall ranking, had the biggest number of employees securing services in human resources, but its average value dropped from 200 employees in 2019 to 125 staff members in 2020. It has thus come close to the Index Nosluš company with 122 employees, the second in number of employees. Despite the uncertainty on the labour market it has managed to keep a large number of employees, and once the most critical time was over, it was ready for an increase in orders.

“The pandemic-linked limitations have brought the need to digitise processes,” said Darina Mokráňová, executive director at Index Nosluš. Even though her employees switched to home office, they needed to ensure that job interviews and contracting job candidates would run at 100 percent.

“One year on, we see that these steps significantly contributed to the specialisation of employees on positions strategic to searching for candidates for our clients,” said Mokráňová.

Index Nosluš is the strongest among temporary employment agencies, taking first place in the latest ranking in this category. This ranking was created based on two factors, to which we gave different weights: 1) the number of leased employees in 2020 (66% weight); 2) the number of employees active in personnel leasing in 2020 (34% weight).

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In 2020, Index Nosluš had 6,086 people working for it through personnel leasing. It also ranked first in the number of people active in personnel leasing, with 117 employees.

To compare, the 10 largest temporary employment agencies provided work for 23,227 people in 2020.

Job offers

In the initial months of the pandemic in 2020, there was a significant freeze in job offers. The number on in
the first half of the year reached 91,369, the lowest value in the past six years. Overall, the website

published 190,070 job positions last year, of which 27 percent were advertised by recruitment agencies. The 10 agencies with the highest number advertised 33,030 vacancies altogether.

“The number for the whole year did not exceed 200,000. The last time something like that happened was in 2014, when the website reported approximately 160,000 job offers,” wrote on its website.

Data from the last year suggests that agencies have not had an easy year. All the important players on the market provided detailed information to The Slovak Spectator.

“We have once again confirmed that open and well- timed corporate communication and subsequent feedback are of the utmost importance,” Rumiz said.

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