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Regularly updated information on travelling in Slovakia, including tips on the newest attractions and the traditional must-see sights. More information about travel in Slovakia can be found in our travel guides Spectacular Slovakia.

Magical meadow in Kysuce region
An Instagrammable place where you will learn something new. 17. Aug 2022, at 19:15
Košice region planning brighter future for spa. Jana Ogurčáková and 1 more17. Aug 2022, at 11:33
First test rides have been successful. Marcela Ballová16. Aug 2022, at 11:43
August 12 is World Elephant Day. In the picture, you can see Maja and Gula in the zoo in Bojnice.
Are you ready for a weekend ride? 12. Aug 2022, at 9:41
The route opened recently and offers perfect views of Kráľova hoľa. Marcela Ballová10. Aug 2022, at 16:34
The valley of Bielovodská dolina in the High Tatras.
Two-year-old record still unbroken. 9. Aug 2022, at 10:54
Visitors to top attraction can choose between two tours of its history. 6. Aug 2022, at 6:55
An open-air display on Hviezdoslavovo Square in Bratislava celebrates Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee and 70 years of service to the people of the Commnonwealth.
Cheers to the weekend. 5. Aug 2022, at 11:17
Volkswagen auto plant
You can take a ride alone or with an instructor through sand and water to hills of varying gradients. 5. Aug 2022, at 7:00
Opening planned for next week to mark Assumption Day. 4. Aug 2022, at 17:22
A novelty built for cyclists and canoeists, a rest point. 4. Aug 2022, at 11:01
The Serényi's cistern, a technical monument in the Plešivecká plateau.
There are also caves, abysses and other formations on the plain. Jana Ogurčkáková1. Aug 2022, at 13:31
Eventually the cycling route should connect national parks. Lenka Haniková1. Aug 2022, at 13:05
Considerable interest in stays inside fully equipped period tents, built in historical areas. Marcela Ballová30. Jul 2022, at 6:00
Umbrellas are installed up in the air and above the main road in Trstené pri Hornáde near Košice.
Get your own bucket list before you start exploring the Košice Region. 29. Jul 2022, at 10:18
Ease your hiking muscles in a spa after a two-hour hike with incredible views and a walk through time. 27. Jul 2022, at 8:29
Only several hundred of this breed in Slovakia. Ľubica Stančíková23. Jul 2022, at 8:59
Morské oko in the Vihorlat Mountains, eastern Slovakia.
Shows the endless cycle of nature. 21. Jul 2022, at 11:43
Volunteers built park in Žehra in 20 days 20. Jul 2022, at 11:59
In Prešov, it starts in the Solivar district and cyclists are directed through Dulova Ves and Kokošovce to the Sigord recreation area. 19. Jul 2022, at 18:12
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