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Regularly updated information on travelling in Slovakia, including tips on the newest attractions and the traditional must-see sights. More information about travel in Slovakia can be found in our Spectacular Slovakia travel guide.

Cyprus Airways will introduce new flights from Slovakia

There will be new routes from Bratislava and Košice.Compiled by Spectator staff, 19. Sep 2019, at 22:22

Tourists reflected in the sea at sunset at Makronissos beach in the southeast resort of Ayia Napa on the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

First via ferrata in Liptov region has been opened

Various levels of difficulty suit beginners as well as experienced climbers.Compiled by Spectator staff, 18. Sep 2019, at 13:25


The magic of the present: Gaderská dolina

The valley in Veľká Fatra is home to amazing flora and fauna.Gabriela Psotková, Valéria Polovková16. Sep 2019, at 12:00

Blatnica Castle

Not just a home for bats

Two extraordinary caves near Banská Bystrica are freely accessibleCompiled by Spectator staff, 14. Sep 2019, at 9:30

Spectacular Slovakia Podcast

Gemer: The poorest but spectacular region remains undiscovered

Explore the region with US graduate Hannah Falchuk. She spent one year in Revúca, one of the region's centres.Peter Dlhopolec, 12. Sep 2019, at 14:13

Cyclists ride through the Great Plain (Veľká lúka) in the Muránska planina national park, central Slovakia. Tourists can rent an e-bike in the village of Muráň, which lies in the national park.

Visit castle ruins near Strečno

About an hour hike with a spectacular view.Compiled by Spectator staff, 11. Sep 2019, at 13:59


The riskiest selfie location in Slovakia. Do you know where it is?

An easy hike takes tourists to a place where people risk the most for a photo.Compiled by Spectator staff, 10. Sep 2019, at 13:44


Slovak Plitvice lake is more attractive for tourists now

There is a plan to connect the entire periphery of the former quarry with the tourist path.Compiled by Spectator staff, 9. Sep 2019, at 13:29


Cycling on railways, a new attraction in Horehronie

Two pedal draisines on the railway between Hronec and Čierny Balog.Compiled by Spectator staff, 7. Sep 2019, at 10:20


People usually drive through but it is worth stopping by

Many interesting sights await visitors in Vernárska Tiesňava mountain pass.Compiled by Spectator staff, 5. Sep 2019, at 14:08


Veľká Fatra Mountains: Slovak treasure

What gems does the mountain range hide?Gabriela Psotková, Valéria Polovková3. Sep 2019, at 11:30


Park in shape of Slovakia has highway and tunnels, too

Interesting attraction lures tourists to Červená Voda.Compiled by Spectator staff, 2. Sep 2019, at 13:43


Cycling lovers can use 800 kilometres of cycling routes at Liptov

Some cycling trips are also organised and with a guide.Compiled by Spectator staff, 1. Sep 2019, at 9:35

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Košice and Tokaj will be connected by non-scheduled train for cyclists in September

Some winemakers prepared special degustation sets, one of the wineries will commute special shuttle service from the train station.Compiled by Spectator staff, 30. Aug 2019, at 9:30

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Wildlife viewing: birds, bats, bears, and other animal

Slovaks are discovering the beauty of watching animals in their natural habitat.Peter Dlhopolec, 27. Aug 2019, at 14:48

Devínske jazero and Východoslovenská nížina are some of the most popular spots for birdwatching.

Sensational path for bare-foot walking accessible in Dudince

Stimulates nerve-endings in feet.Compiled by Spectator staff, 27. Aug 2019, at 14:09

Spa town Piešťany and Vienna to be connected with a bus line

The Piešťany Spa Express is not just for spa guests; anyone can buy a ticket.Compiled by Spectator staff, 26. Aug 2019, at 13:10


Magical autumn in the High Tatras

Autumn is the perfect season to explore the Tatras, regardless of your age or physical condition.26. Aug 2019, at 6:00