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Housing and investment in Slovakia

Bratislava is experiencing a development boom in the former industrial zone.
Sustainability to play a key role in investors’ decisions. 15. Jun 2021, at 7:00
Marián Hlavačka
Sustainable construction means different things to different cities. 11. Jun 2021, at 7:00
Martin Neštepný
Smart solutions should be aimed at increasing the comfort of people working in offices. 8. Jun 2021, at 9:30
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Growth of prices in V4 countries was significantly slower. 7. Jun 2021, at 11:22
The Danube embankment is growing with new constructions.
The Slovak Spectator compiled rankings in the categories of office, residential, commercial and industrial real estate. 7. Jun 2021, at 7:15
The unused building on Lazaretská Street in Bratislava.
State properties could help solve the housing issue in Slovakia. Tomáš Vašuta24. May 2021, at 7:00
New construction in Demänovská valley.
Construction is governed by rules almost half a century old, Sme Rodina looking to make changes. Tomáš Vašuta18. May 2021, at 13:38
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Košice has seen the largest rise. 8. Apr 2021, at 18:21
Teh formet Prologis Park Nitra.
Online shopping leaves lower carbon footprint than in-store trips. 4. Mar 2021, at 18:23
The pandemic has not decreased interest in the purchase of real estate. 4. Mar 2021, at 18:04
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A criminal complaint has been submitted against him, though Marcel Slávik's activities have been declared legal before. Tomáš Vašuta30. Jan 2021, at 14:27
The apartment building in the Bratislava borough of Devínska Nová Ves is a good example of a successfully renovated apartment building.
Slovakia lags in the renovation of family houses and public buildings. 4. Jan 2021, at 8:30
Real-estate trade of the decade is ahead of finalisation. 3. Dec 2020, at 11:37
Interior of the warehouse in P3 park in Bruck an der Leitha.
Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, new tender for a highway toll system and the still incomplete cross-country highway are among the highlights of the latest Business Focus. 12. Oct 2020, at 11:20
People prefer their own housing rather than rentals.
There is a new trend in the real estate market in Slovakia. Tomáš Vašuta9. Oct 2020, at 17:39
Industrial and logistics premises have also been erected outside the most popular region of western Slovakia, like this one near Košice.
Online retail sales require more logistics space than brick-and-mortar stores. 8. Oct 2020, at 8:35
The location where the new science and technology campus should be located.
The new campus of the Eset software firm will be located in the premises of the former Military Hospital. 17. Sep 2020, at 17:09
The overall winner was the HB Reavis office in Twin City at Mlynské Nivy.
A real estate consultancy agency assessed offices in Slovakia for the fourth time. 15. Jul 2020, at 8:45
The office designed by IT company WebSupport won the Office as the DNA of the Company category.
The pandemic is bringing about fundamental changes in the way people work. 14. Jul 2020, at 8:40