Is the state aware of the Orwellian dimensions of the surveillance of journalists?

Our paranoias have come to life. Surveillance of journalists is unacceptable in a democracy.Beata Balogová, 24. Apr 2019, at 22:56

Murdered journalist Ján Kuciak was surveiled, too.

The story of the man who embodied new journalism in Slovakia

Images from the history of the Sme daily: Karol Ježík, the first editor-in-chief.Alexej Fulmek, 24. Apr 2019, at 16:29

Alexej Fulmek, with the picture of Karol Jezik in the background.
Nice driveway! An occasional column on life in Slovakia

Reinventing the wheel

Bratislava’s current bike sharing scheme is something of a curate’s egg: good in parts.James Thomson, 24. Apr 2019, at 14:06

Yellow bikes are popular in Bratislava
AmCham blog

Blog: Bringing top business minds and students together

Martin Kardoš of CSI Leasing introduces the Mentor Network Program aimed at pairing young talents with experienced mentors from the business world.AmCham team18. Apr 2019, at 12:20

Martin Kardoš, Managing Director CEE at CSI Leasing, at one of the Mentor Network Program events.

Blog: What about parking slots for “brains”?

Will the state of biomedical research trigger reactions at least half as passionate as Bratislava's parking policy?Anca Dragu, 17. Apr 2019, at 17:52

Illustrative stock photo

There is no reason to apologise for our NATO membership

Slovakia has been part of the alliance for 15 years this April.Ivan Korčok11. Apr 2019, at 18:58

NATO headquarters in Brussels

Ancient drama has returned to Slovak politics

Grassroots citizens’ movements, the ruling powers as well as competing political parties and figures all clash in the struggle for the interpretation of Kuciak.Zuzana Kepplová10. Apr 2019, at 18:33

November 16, 2018 protest in Bratislava

Smer could still break free from Fico. Or could it?

While his predecessor is ready for a war to defend his vision of Slovakia, Pellegrini says it is time to talk about change.Michaela Terenzani, 10. Apr 2019, at 12:41

Departing Finance Minister Peter Kažimír (l) and PM Peter Pellegrini (r)

A letter to my daughter for the future

I hope that 20 years from now you will find all this ridiculous.Michaela Terenzani, 3. Apr 2019, at 16:19

Send that blasted Brexit off to history

Congratulations to the responsible citizens for expressing their will. Keep up the pressure!Anton Popovič2. Apr 2019, at 17:32

Pani Prezidentka

Zuzana Čaputová’s election victory shows people have had enough of yelling, but there is hard work ahead for her.Michaela Terenzani, 31. Mar 2019, at 9:47

Zuzana Čaputová is the first woman to be elected president of Slovakia.

Blog: I never go to the Foreigners’ Police without doing a solid prayer

Mazvi from Zimbabwe considers Slovakia her second home now.Emanuele Terenzani30. Mar 2019, at 6:20


Don’t worry, be happy

How happiness influences politics.Benjamin Cunningham, 29. Mar 2019, at 17:09

Slovakia shouldn’t treat voters living abroad like foreigners

People who are not allowed to vote in their homeland will be more likely to renounce it.Zuzana Kepplová28. Mar 2019, at 14:10

Let’s continue talking about murder, not Fico’s media tyranny

This piece has been shortlisted for the European Press Prize 2019.Beata Balogová, 27. Mar 2019, at 17:25

Robert Fico

It seems the next president was decided in the first round

Zuzana Čaputová is on course for victory.Michaela Terenzani, 27. Mar 2019, at 16:07

China is shopping in southern Europe

News this week should trigger serious concern that the EU is on the verge of full disintegration. But not the news you think.Benjamin Cunningham, 24. Mar 2019, at 13:15

The European Central Bank acted mid-week, surprising some analysts.

What Slovakia could teach Britain

As the Brexit process lumbers on, the British seem disinclined to take heed of anyone’s views. But Slovakia could offer some advice – and even solace.James Thomson, 23. Mar 2019, at 17:10

British PM Theresa May greets her Slovak counterpart Peter Pellegrini.

Velvet Revolution: Few expected a smooth and non-violent transfer of power in the country

Images from the history of the Sme daily: The RevolutionAlexej Fulmek, 21. Mar 2019, at 10:29

SNP Square during the Velvet Revolution.

Blog: Open those windows, please

It can bring about some real changes.Anca Dragu, 20. Mar 2019, at 16:59

Supreme Court judge Štefan Harabin.