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Blog: Exploring 20th century military sites in Bratislava

It seems to be the fate of military sites and objects in Bratislava that none of them were ever used for the purposes they were built for - cavernas from WWI, bunkers from WWII, nuclear shelters or the anti-aircraft…Peter Chrenka24. Feb 2017, at 13:10

One nuclear shelter with a capacity for several hundred people now serves as a music club with suitable name Subclub (formerly U-club).
Nice Driveway!

In praise of concrete

It was once notorious for its drab tower blocks and urban crime, but Petržalka now epitomises modern Slovakia.James Thomson24. Feb 2017, at 8:35

Petržalka is the epitome of communist-era architecture.

In shallow waters, experts are expendable

Mihál says that it is Sulík, the man whom his political opponents mocked for having a calculator for a brain, who “is pulling the party out of liberal waters and towards somewhere completely different”. Michaela Terenzani ,23. Feb 2017, at 17:35

Richard Sulík is a man of slang.

Our exit from the EU will not weaken our links

The UK has no intention of undermining the stability of the EU, nor do we want to become more distant to our European neighbours, including those here in Slovakia, the ambassador writes.Andy Garth22. Feb 2017, at 12:00

Flags displayed on a tourist stall, backdropped by the Houses of Parliament and Elizabeth Tower containing the bell know as Big Ben, in London.

Without passion for truth we will enter a dark era

Fake news opens the door to power for populists and fascists. Beata Balogová ,16. Feb 2017, at 12:53

Who is the real populist?

There are two essential elements to defining a populist. In other words, true populists meet both criteria. Benjamin Cunningham ,13. Feb 2017, at 13:55

Far-right leader and candidate for next spring presidential elections Marine le Pen from France (r), and Dutch populist anti-Islam lawmaker Geert Wilders (l) stand together after their speeches during a meeting of European Nationalists in Koblenz, Germany, on January 21, 2017.
The Other Slovakia

Blog: A potter from Potters' Street

Igor Macák has been practicing his trade for almost three decades. While, many of his colleagues gave up the trade long ago, others moved into creating a more commercial type of ceramic for interior design.Anca Dragu10. Feb 2017, at 14:55

This is not the monster you are looking for

Slovaks should know better than to trifle with religious freedoms, given their history of totalitarian regimes that have divided citizens into ‘worse’ and ‘better’ categories based on their religious beliefs. Michaela Terenzani ,9. Feb 2017, at 17:08

Dubovcová spoke out even when they refused to listen

Slovakia needs someone who will not bend the definition of human rights depending on whom Robert Fico or Richard Sulík want to please. Beata Balogová ,2. Feb 2017, at 15:34

Less than dozen MPs were listening to Obudswoman

How to defeat populism?

The recipe for defeating the emotionally driven, but empty, populism now trending in Europe is the same as it has always been: Offer a better idea, actually believe it is better, and then take the time to explain to… Benjamin Cunningham ,30. Jan 2017, at 6:30

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte

Never again; and not this time either

Holocaust anniversary assumes troubling relevance at this moment of political upheaval.Tom Nicholson27. Jan 2017, at 18:53

Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in Poland draws visitors from across the world
Nice Driveway!

Much to celebrate?

Religious upheaval, violent revolution or the power of peaceful protest? Take your pick: 2017 offers the opportunity to remember them all.James Thomson27. Jan 2017, at 7:55

One step forward, two steps back

Roma patrols were one of the few examples that brought actual results for the minority and the majority. But at some point the project was allowed to drown during the change in governments. Michaela Terenzani ,26. Jan 2017, at 13:18

For shame, Mr Gašpar

Police president's signature on uncivilized petition signals new low for nation's leadership Tom Nicholson ,24. Jan 2017, at 15:56

Police President Tibor Gašpar

Blog: Bratislava goes post-industrial

The nickname 'Manchester' was sometimes used to describe Bratislava by the late 19th and early 20th century because of its rapidly booming industry.Juro Sikora24. Jan 2017, at 15:45

Stein brewery

Looking back at the Obama presidency

In spite of accomplishments, many challenges remain.Adam Sterling16. Jan 2017, at 6:30

Leaving US President Barack Obama
The Other Slovakia

Blog: How/where are you, doctor?

Not only higher salaries motivate doctors to move abroad. Many are pushed away by the mentality in the Slovak healthcare where being an active and progressive doctor is not always welcome.Anca Dragu13. Jan 2017, at 9:00

No corruption, no problem

The interior minister says there is no corruption in the highest places in Slovakia. How could citizens not feel offended by his words? Michaela Terenzani ,12. Jan 2017, at 16:20

You cannot prosecute corruption if it does not exist, says Minister Kaliňák.

2017: Kaliňák loses his job but keeps his 1990-style haircut

It would be a shame to start the New Year with an entirely negative outlook, so here are some positive predictions. Benjamin Cunningham ,1. Jan 2017, at 16:01

Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák

How to find out what worries us?

To see what worries Americans the most, look at how they interpret images from Europe, and vice versa. Benjamin Cunningham ,27. Dec 2016, at 15:49

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