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Being young is harder than it used to be

The failure of older generations to sympathise with youth means politics are primarily a contest of who can hand out more gifts to old people. Benjamin Cunningham ,23. Feb 2018, at 15:08

Young Slovaks have problems finding proper jobs.

Blog: Foreigners, get involved

What about making our voices heard? And not only in itsy-bitsy interviews about traditional cuisine and the High Tatras.Anca Dragu23. Feb 2018, at 8:10

Regional election 2017

Two anniversaries, one enduring relationship

Countless Slovaks and Americans continue to cultivate and renew the strong bonds of friendship between the US and Slovakia through cooperation in the business, technological, cultural, and educational spheres.Adam Sterling22. Feb 2018, at 13:51

Iwo Jima Memorial

Who will take Kuzmina as a neighbour?

In Slovakia, immigrants mostly provoke negative feelings. Not when it comes to the biathlon. Michaela Terenzani ,21. Feb 2018, at 8:41

Anastasiya Kuzmina thanks her fans after silver victory on February 12.
AmCham blog

Blog: Government Affairs in Slovakia – how did this profession develop and what is its future?

It is encouraging that more and more companies based in Slovakia are starting to realize that it is also possible to shape EU policies from a small country like Slovakia and use the services of government affairs…Patrik Zoltvány20. Feb 2018, at 12:30

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Will Kiska run for president?

Media reports suggest that Andrej Kiska will not run again. How does the situation look one year ahead of presidential election?Jakub Filo16. Feb 2018, at 0:12

President Andrej Kiska

Silence about hundreds of killed Russian mercenaries

What actually happened and why are both Moscow and Washington silent about the events?Juraj Mesík15. Feb 2018, at 12:54

Back to Slovakia

Blog: For the love of knowledge

When we find “it” for ourselves by putting our hands on the information and looking deep inside, knowledge allows us to make our own decisions.Andrea Sadloňová14. Feb 2018, at 12:00

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Nicholson: The truth about Slovakia

I leave knowing that I have seen the best of what Slovaks can be. Tom Nicholson ,13. Feb 2018, at 8:35

Tom Nicholson
The Accidental Hotelier

Blog: I’m obsessed with review scores!

What confuses me to no end is that guests will come, have a great time, write that “everything was wonderful, just like home,” and then give us a score of 8.5 out of 10.Thom Kolton12. Feb 2018, at 13:58

The penzión may be elegant, but the key to success is good customer service.

Brain power, not muscle

Flexible working conditions and availability of highly qualified domestic and foreign experts will determine how competitive Slovakia’s BSC industry is in the future.Peter Rusiňák5. Feb 2018, at 6:30


Why do Czechs have a Slovak for prime minister?

When things get serious, Slovaks protest, organise and exercise power at the ballot box. Czechs go skiing. Benjamin Cunningham ,3. Feb 2018, at 8:55

L-R: President Zemand and PM Babiš form the fate of the Czech Republic but impact also that of Slovakia.

To Help and Protect – but whom?

Recent reports from Dunajská Streda suggest that territories assigned to the departments in the regions have only displaced the problem of the long waiting times. Michaela Terenzani ,1. Feb 2018, at 12:00

The foreigners’ police department in Petržalka

Will Czechs be sorry?

Czechs have handed their country to Zeman and Babiš. The Czech train is now dashing along the road to who-knows-where.Petr Šabata29. Jan 2018, at 21:07

Miloš Zeman

We need to speak up about the success of BSCs

The sector has the potential for further growth. For instance, the consequences of the United Kingdom’s departure from the EU will occur in the near future.Rastislav Chovanec29. Jan 2018, at 13:00

Business service centres are expanding outside the capital as well.

What is wrong with Davos?

What do you say we cancel next year’s WEF conference, save the money and redirect it somewhere else? Benjamin Cunningham ,27. Jan 2018, at 8:30

Member of Swiss special police forces stand on the roof of a hotel next to the Congress Centre during the opening day of the the WEF meeting in Davos.

Putting the ‘public’ into public-service broadcasting

RTVS should not be withdrawing support for investigative journalism. Michaela Terenzani ,24. Jan 2018, at 17:11

RTVS building in Mlynská Dolina
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Blog: Helping others helps your company too

Tatiana Čaplová, Program Coordinator for CSR at the Pontis Foundation, offers a very interesting look behind the scenes of the most successful CSR event in Slovakia - Naše Mesto (Our City).Tatiana Čaplová23. Jan 2018, at 12:30


Blog: Are flying cars coming to the skies?

At least 19 companies, including a Slovak one, are currently developing flying car planes, but there are still many issues that must be worked out.John Hawthorne21. Jan 2018, at 11:45


What kind of expectations do some Slovaks have for world leaders?

Among EU member states, opinions of the United States declined in all but two — Poland (which makes some sense) and Slovakia (which does not). Benjamin Cunningham ,19. Jan 2018, at 20:45

Donald Trump

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